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Disney will continue licensing games to other companies

Despite the backlash against the Battlefront reboot series, Disney will continue to have other companies publish games. Since the release of 2015's Star Wars Battlefront, things have not been loo...

Should EA Still Make Star Wars Games?

Should EA keep the 'Star Wars' licence? How did EA handle their last 'Star Wars' game and have they improved at all? A thorough deep dive into two of the biggest names in gaming. Introduction After th...

General Grievous comes to Star Wars Battlefront II next week

Finally another new hero is making their way to challenge the competition in Star Wars Battlefront II. Everyone's favourite Clone Wars era Kaleesh cyborg, General Grievous. This wonderful news is like...

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Battlefront 2 Showcases Upcoming Content

At this years E3, Electronic Arts announced that content relating to the Clone Wars would be arriving to Battlefront 2, which would include new characters, game modes and improved gameplay. With this,...

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Battlefront II New Update Sees Micro-transactions Return

The infamous progression system in Star Wars: Battlefront II is set to dramatically change later this month. Electronic Arts officially announced that an update will be hitting on March 21st, and will...

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Battlefront II Micro-Transactions Coming Back

Three months after its release, it is fair to say that Star Wars: Battlefront II is under performing. EA confirmed to the WSJ that Battlefront II sold 9 million copies during its launch. This is a wor...

Star Wars: Battlefront II Review (PS4)

Star Wars Battlefront II continues DICE’s mantra of allowing us to fulfill our Star Wars battle fantasies in a videogame. Drawing its fair share of disdain and controversy leading up to and well after...

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Is Battlefront 2 Selling Well After Its Great Controversy?

Star Wars: Battlefront 2, has without a doubt, been the hottest topic of controversy this year. It tops the No Man’s Sky scandal by a landslide and could well be the controversy of the decade in gamin...

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Battlefront 2 May Get Discount Near Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It's fair to say that excitement is running high for Star Wars fans as the release of Battlefront 2 rapidly approaches. With the official release being November 17th 2017, fans are eager to see if the...

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