Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where To Find Aionios’ Strongest Super Bosses

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a number of high level end-game bosses known as Aionios' Strongest. These are the games Super Bosses, a staple of JRPGs, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 doesn't hold back. Here is where to find all of the Super Bosses as well as some tips and tricks to help combat them.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Where To Find Aionios' Strongest Super BossesLike most other JRPGs, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a tough set of endgame challenges to tackle once you have beat the main story and reached max level. These are the super bosses – enemies who are way tougher than normal that will require a lot of planning and strategy to take down.

These are a staple of JRPGs and especially Xenoblade Chronicles games. Every game in the series has these bosses in them, with each offering a challenging set of encounters for your late-game parties.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is no different. Here’s where to find all the super bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and complete the ‘Aionios’ Strongest’ conversation topic.

This guide will contain spoilers for the post-game of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Do not read if you do not want to know this information.

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Aionios’ Strongest

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the group of super bosses are referred to by the title ‘Aionios’ Strongest’. You can find hints and titbits about these enemies scattered around the game. Thorbin in Colony Iota even name-drops four of them very early on. 

If you want to challenge all 5 super bosses, however, you will need a certain thing. 4 of the bosses can be found in the open world whenever you want, but the final and strongest enemy can only be found after completing a conversation topic. This Xenoblade Chronicles 3 topic is aptly named ‘Aionios’ Strongest’.

You can find the start of the topic in The City. It should be nearby the war room but if it is not there, walk around until you find two soldiers talking about the Cavity and the Great Sword. They will talk about some feathers they found on the peak and how they heard there is a great monster there. This will unlock part 1 of 5 of ‘Aionios’ Strongest’.

The other 4 pieces come from simply defeating the other 4 super bosses. Once all of them have been taken down, go to a rest spot and discuss the topic to make the final super boss spawn in.

The Dreaded Four

The Dreaded Four

Super Boss Advice in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you want to tackle Aionios’ Strongest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 there are a few things you will probably want to do first.

Team Composition

The first is figuring out your party and class set-up. You will most certainly want a good balance of Attackers, Healers and Defenders, probably with a focus on Attackers or Healers.

You will want a team capable of covering a lot of instant healing and a good amount of damage output. Bosses can and will deal massive damage to the entire group so moves like Group Heal alongside Regeneration effects will be more beneficial than Heal on Hit skills, simply because of how much healing they can output at once. You may also want to consider bringing a composition which can carry out one of the core combos (Break>Topple>Daze>Burst or Break>Topple>Launch>Smash). It is hard to get these combos off but it is possible, and very useful if you manage it.

A very powerful team set-up that is viable in every single super boss fight is to put everyone on their standard base classes except for Eunie and Taion: for Eunie stick on Full Metal Jaguar and Taion put on Medic Gunner. FMJ is one of the best pure damage classes, especially on Eunie, and Tactician is one of the weaker Healing classes whereas Medic Gunner is far stronger. This leaves you with: 

  • Noah: Swordfighter (Attacker)
  • Mio: Zephyr (Defender)
  • Eunie: Full Metal Jaguar (Attacker)
  • Taion: Medic Gunner (Healer)
  • Lanz: Heavy Guard (Defender)
  • Sena: Ogre (Attacker)

Pair these with a Healer Hero such as Fiona, Valdi or Nia and you will have a very powerful team capable of good damage and aggro control, while still being able to stay alive. This exact team carried me through all 5 super bosses. In the end, though, use whatever best gets you through the fights – you’re in for a tough haul no matter what.

A Super Gravestone

A Super Gravestone

Upgrade Your Blades

If you do plan on using any of the base classes, consider upgrading their Blades so that they can do the most damage possible. All 6 of the main classes can have their Blades upgraded by Mr Samon to have their base damage increased by a significant portion – this only applies if the original character is using that class, ergo Noah using Swordfighter.

You unlock this feature through the Uniting The Seven Nopon questline for Mr Samon. This quest is unlocked during Chapter 7 and asks you to find 6 other Nopon with Ultimate Hammers so that Mr Samon can use the surplus Origin Metal you find to boost your weapons capabilities. We have a guide showcasing how to complete this quest step-by-step. 

In any case, if you plan on using those original classes then you should most certainly upgrade those Blades – it’s very much in your best interest when facing off against the Aionios’ Strongest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


Recommended Accessories

While not the most important, there are a handful of accessories that may make things easier.

First and foremost there are the Legacy of the Seven accessories which are found in various special containers all over the Erythia Sea. These accessories are all massive upgrades to their normal counterparts and are worth finding and equipping. You can find all of these hiding around the Erythia Sea, but be warned that at least one requires you to venture into level 95-level 100 enemy territory so be prepared. 

Another two worth noting are the Nopon Strap and the Memory Locket. Both of these items can be obtained from the Nopon Sage for Nopon Coins and they are extremely valuable items. The former has a 10% chance to keep the charge of an Art once you use it – this is especially good for Attackers or Healers so that they can continue pumping out damage or heals at a consistent pace.

Memory Locket

Memory Locket

The latter is an accessory which allows a non-Healer to resurrect a fallen ally. While not the most immediately exciting, this is a very useful tool. If you are running a 2 Healer team (or even a 3 Healer team) there will be occasions where both are knocked out by sheer bad luck. If you don’t have a way to bring them back, then you can kiss that run goodbye. Giving this accessory to an Attacker who will likely still be alive even if the Healers are KO’d comes in clutch more often than you would think. Try and have at least one on during your Super Boss runs.

Aside from these just try to have accessories which properly complement your classes and playstyles. You will need the best of the best to face down Aionios’ Strongest so get hunting for those top-tier accessories.

Use Chain Attacks and Ouroboros Forms A Lot 

Finally, remember to use both your Chain Attacks and your Ouroboros forms whenever necessary. 

Chain Attacks work as a great way to chip away at the Super Bosses’ insurmountable health pools without putting yourself in danger. They’re also great if you need a quick heal, too, as you can just focus on using healing arts during the Chain Attack instead. You should be able to get around 3-6 Chain Attacks off per fight depending on how much damage you end up dealing and how long the fight drags on. Keep an eye on that Chain Attack gauge and use it when you need to.

Ouroboros forms are just as important. They securely give you a way to deal status combos, buffs, healing and damage without endangering yourself. It also gives you a great way to get out of a pinch if your health is low. If you’re confident, you can do a level 3 Interlink Chain Attack for even more damage potential, but the Ouroboros forms are a great way of getting in and out of the super bosses’ area without risking your life.

Keep all this in mind when facing Aionios’ Strongest and you’ll be grand.

Why Hello There

Why Hello There

The Location of Aionios’ Strongest Super Bosses

The names of the 5 super bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are:

  • Kilocorn Grandeps
  • Perilwing Ryuho
  • Dreadwyrm Nizoont
  • Levialord Empireo
  • Seraphic Ceratinia

These 5 make up Aionios’ Strongest monsters and almost all of them await you in some of the tougher spots in all the land.

Kilocorn Grandeps – Level 95

Kilocorn Grandeps is a gigantic Ardun that can be found stomping around the Rae-Bel Tableland area of the Fornis Region. You may have accidentally run into him during your travels through Fornis for the first time. Despite being the lowest level super boss at level 95, he is still very tough and should not be underestimated.

To reach him, teleport to the Saffronia Tree landmark. Look North and you will be overlooking a small field. Jump on down and you should see Grandeps milling around with a few groups of (much lower levelled) Armu. 

The main thing to watch out for with Kilocorn is that he is capable of dealing big party-wide damage with either his stomp attack or his Poison Breath attack, both of which can very easily take you out if you are not careful enough.

Perilwing Ryuho – Level 100

Perilwing Ryuho is a massive Vollghull with a distinctive white and orange feather style. Like Grandeps, you may have seen this one flying around while completing quests for Colony Gamma earlier in the game, especially Teach’s Hero Quest which takes you close by. Ryuho is a flat level 100, so higher than your max level party.

You’ll find Ryhou at Coolley Lake in the Full Aetia Region. If you are having trouble finding this area it’s because you need to enter from Upper Aetia instead. Go to where you are ambushed by Segiri in her Inhumanity Hero Quest and continue on the path straight down. The area will open up a bit and you will soon start descending some tree-looking structures. Ride these down and you will find yourself back in Full Aetia and at Coolley Lake.

The most irritating part of this fight is the camera. If you catch Ryuho in a bad spot, you will have to fight it while swimming. The game does not like this if the enemy is too big. You will likely end up in the water anyway because of Defenders taking and losing aggro, but try to start the fight on either the left, back middle or right of the island where there is enough solid ground. 

Dreadwyrm Nizoont – Level 105

Dreadwyrm Nizoont is just a straight-up Dragon, much like the one you previously fought in the main story outside Colony Lambda. Nizoont is level 105 and capable of really dealing your party some pain if you aren’t careful.

You can find Nizoont in Lower Maktha Wildwood in the Pentelas Region. Specifically, it can be found in the South-East portion of the map. To get here you have to travel through the Cavern of Oblivion, a tough late-game area crawling with high-level enemies. The actual area itself is pretty straightforward, but keep an eye out for the level 90 enemies hanging around (there is also a level 96 Unique Monster here too). At the end of the Cavern, you will find a familiar Nopon Trick Door – open it and your super boss prize awaits. 

Nizoont’s main pain point comes from its wide sweeping attacks that it can perform with its tail or its fire breath. Both of these can hit multiple targets and can leave you in very dire straits if you get unlucky. Another thing is that he can deal up to 20k damage in a single bite attack, instantly killing any Healer or Attacker. Make sure to keep monitoring your aggro to not get flattened. 

After you beat Nizoont, remember to check behind where it was sleeping for a sweet, nostalgic reward.

Levialord Empireo – Level 110

Cadensia Region: Aegis Sea (Erythia Sea)

Levialord Empireo is the last open-world super boss. This massive sea monster is a whopping level 110, asking a lot from you and your fellow Ouroboros team members.

To get to Empireo, you need to take a certain route. The super boss is cordoned off from the rest of the Erythia Sea in an area called The Aegis Sea by a series of rocks. Your Boundary will not fit through, meaning that you will have to swim your way up to the boss after reaching the blockage. The quickest way to get to the rocks is via the Hargan Port Camp rest site. 

Just like with Perilwing Ryuho, this fight will involve fighting in the water. There is a cliff face that you could potentially fight Empireo on, but it may not work and your AI party members will likely be swimming with the fishes anyway. Watch out for the dodgy camera if you get too close, and also make sure you are standing close enough to actually get off your auto-attacks. The lower half of Empireo’s body also counts, so get close to either end. 

Seraphic Ceratinia – Level 120

Once all other members of Aionios’ Strongest have been beaten in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and the conversation topic has been cleared, get ready for your toughest fight yet.

Seraphic Ceratinia is found at the top of the Great Sword. Follow the path back up to where The City used to be and you will find a new area called The Cavity  – this is where Ceratinia makes its home. The super boss is found on the very West side of the Cavity, away from all the other monsters. You’ll know you have the right place because a fully voiced cutscene and introduction will begin when you get close enough.

Ceratinia’s design is one of the coolest monsters in the whole game, with it seemingly having a few ties back to some familiar faces. This fight is level 120 so it will kick you down hard if you are not prepared. Bring your A-Game to this fight because you will be here for a while.

The most dangerous moves it can throw out are its charge move which can hit everyone in your party if positioned poorly and a move where it applies either an Ether Defence Down debuff or a Physical Defence Down debuff. Both make this fight a lot more challenging so keep on your toes.

Once you conquer Seraphic Ceratinia, congratulations! You are the strongest being in Aionios and you’ve beaten all the super bosses in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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