Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Uniting The Seven Nopon Quest Guide

One of the most entertaining quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the Uniting the Seven Nopon questline. There are seven Legendary Nopon scattered across Aionios and if you find them all, they will make your weapons way, way better. Where are these Legendary Nopon, then? Here's where to find them all step-by-step.

 Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Uniting The Seven Nopon Quest Guide CoverXenoblade Chronicles 3 has a lot of side quests to complete around Aionios, some of which are weird and some of which give you very useful upgrades.

The Uniting The Seven Nopon questline is a bit of both. This quest serves to deepen your connection with Aionios, enhance your combative capabilities and give you a good laugh while you do so. It can be a bit daunting and a tad confusing where to go, however, as this is one of the quests where the objective isn’t marked for you. 

So here’s the step-by-step guide to completing the Uniting The Seven Nopon quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

NOTE: This quest chain becomes active in Chapter 7 and this guide will necessitate some information from Chapter 7 to complete. It will not spoil the ending but this warning is still in place.

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How To Start Uniting The Nopon

The Uniting The Seven Nopon quest begins during the back-end of Chapter 7.

After you have found all the Origin Metal pieces required to upgrade the Boundary to the Bravery, Mr Samon will still have more to say to you. He will explain that while the Origin Pieces that upgraded the Bravery were the largest and easiest to find, there are tons more sprinkled throughout the world – these are the Odd Shards that you have likely been collecting throughout the game. You can find these while exploring the world or when defeating Unique Monsters.

Samon says that he will be able to upgrade the power of your Blades if you are able to find enough Origin Metal pieces. Easy, right? Not quite.


See, Samon cannot do it on his own. Instead, he needs the aid of 6 other Legendary Nopon, all of whom are denoted by a special Ultimate Hammer that they all wear on their backs. If you can unite all 7 of these Legendary Nopon within The City, Samon is sure that he can upgrade your weapons.

You don’t actually get a standard quest marker for this. Instead, you need to go out and find the Nopon to get the quest chain rolling. With Mr Samon back in The City that means there are 6 Nopon still out there for you to go and recruit – with some being easier than others.

These Nopon are all over Aionios from the Cadensia Region to the Aetia Region so you’ll need to put your sleuthing hat on to find them.

Each time you find one of these Nopon a new information fragment will get added to the ‘Uniting the Seven Nopon’ topic. There are only 5 fragments to collect, with the sixth Nopon appearing once the other 5 have been found.

The Seven Are United

The Seven Are United


Panepane is, at first, quite the inconspicuous Nopon who you likely met very early on in your adventure in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This little black Nopon has round spectacles and can first be found in the Fornis Region back in Chapter 2. You will find him by the Lake Rezzento Camp rest spot where you can first talk to him. If you are have the Shillishilli Nopon Register quest, he will have some dialgoue to spout and you learn that he is her Masterpon. 

Shortly after this, you will find that he has changed locations over to the Hillside Ferronis Hulk where Shillishilli resides in the Aetia Region. This is where Panepane will remain until you come to collect him for the Uniting The Seven Nopon Quest. Simply talk to him here and you will recruit him to the team.

Panepane is the only Nopon that you will find in the Aetia Region. The others can be found in Cadensia, Pentelas and Fornis.

One Nopon down.


Burrburr is the Nopon Sage incarnation for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are the Nopon responsible for all of the strange Nopon Trick caverns that you find all over Aionios and, as it so happens, they are also one of the Legendary Nopon we need for this quest.

You can find the Nopon Sage Burrburr in the Dannagh Desert area of Fornis. Go to the location known as Raptor’s Reach, which is South of the massive sinkhole where as Unique Monster dwells. There will be a cave built into the rock face in front of the Raptor’s Reach landmark – enter it. 

This is one of Burrburr’s Trick Caverns, a simple set of puzzles that need to be finished in order to continue through the Milio Trick Caverns. Once you reach the end, you will be at an area called Sage’s Domicile, where you will find Burrburr and their assistant Seekseek. This originally unlocks the Nopon Coin exchange but come back once you are hunting for Legendary Nopon and you can ask for Burrburr to come with you to The City.

Two down on the Uniting The Seven Nopon Guide in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


Gingin is an easy Nopon to miss, as she isn’t on the main trail you follow through the game.

You find Gingin in the Pentelas Region, specifically Lower Maktha Wildwood. On the lower floor there is a treehouse which is soon revealed to be where Gingin lives. 

Visiting here for the first time will unlock The Wildwood Life standard quest where you must follow Gingin around Maktha Wildwood as she exposits about the location. Follow her to each location she needs to and you will complete the quest. After that is done, simply talk to her and she will come to The City to work with Mr Samon and the other Legendary Nopon.

Over half way there.


Tempapa is an interesting Nopon, mainly because of the quest he is linked to. 

This Nopon does not appear until you start Riku and Manana’s Hero Ascension Quest, Culinary Repertoire. In order to start this quest, make sure you are past Chapter 6 and have previously eaten at the Michiba Canteen in The City – this will unlock the Cerise-Caprice Acqua Pazza recipe for Manana. After you have done both of these things, head to the Inlet Camp rest spot in Erythia Sea, Cadensia Region where you will find several Nopon talking about the Legendary Tempapa. 

Follow this quest and you will eventually meet Tempapa yourself, ultimate hammer and all. Complete Riku and Manana’s Culinary Repertoire quest and Tempapa becomes an NPC on Daedal Isle, right next to his little Nopon house. Speak to him at any point after the quest and you can invite him to join Samon and the others in The City.

Only one more information fragment needed.


The final Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon you will need to find goes by the name of Fixifixi. This Nopon is actually mentioned several times throughout the game if you engage with Colony 30 side content and dialogue. 

You will find Fixifixi in a strange place: prison. You will find this Legendary Nopon wasting away in a cell at Li Garte Prison Camp in the Cadensia Region. During your first visit here in Chapter 5, you can even see him behind the bars but cannot get to him.

Once you can return here in later chapters, you can go up to speak with Fixifixi but to no avail. No matter who you bring him, he will just lament his lack of motivation and drive for the future. However, if you put Valdi in your party and then go and speak to Fixifixi, the two will have a special scene. This can only be done during the Uniting the Seven Nopon quest line. 

After a sweet talk from Valdi, Fixifixi is ready to lend you his hammer in your cause for more power. Now you should have all 5 of the Nopon that are scattered to the wild so go to a rest camp and discuss the topic to find the seventh Nopon.

The Seventh Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Once you discuss the Uniting The Seven Nopon topic at a base camp, it is revealed that the seventh Legendary Nopon… was Riku all along. 

The little blue Nopon simply didn’t say anything because nobody asked him, but yes he has been here the entire time. He did forget his ultimate hammer back home in Colony 9, however, so before you can go back to Samon you must retrieve that first and foremost.

After that, congratulations! You have united the seven Legendary Nopon. Go back to The City and talk with Samon, who will give you some brief dialogue talking about how rare and momentous an occasion the seven of them meeting up actually is. 

Now, you can begin levelling up your Blades.

After Uniting The Nopon

The final part of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Uniting The Seven Nopon Guide is what happens afterwards. Once all seven Nopon have made their way to The City, you can begin converting your Origin Shards into upgrades for your Blades. There are a few caveats, though.

The first is that the only Blades which can be upgrades are the main party’s. This includes:

  • Swordfighter (Noah)
  • Zephyr (Mio)
  • Medic Gunner (Eunie)
  • Tactician (Taion)
  • Heavy Guard (Lanz)
  • Ogre (Sena)

Once upgraded, when you have these classes equipped to their original character they will get a significant damage bonus. Additionally (and perhaps more importantly) all of the weapons get a cool new appearance to signify their upgraded status. These do only appear on the original characters, however, not anybody who uses the class.

Our Blades Can Do That?

Our Blades Can Do That?

The second caveat is how you actually upgrade them. Each Blade requires a different number of the Origin Metal shards to upgrade. Some need more of one type to another, such as Taion needing less Round Shards than Sena for example. As such, depending on how dilignet you have been at collecting these doodads and defeating Unique Monsters, you may not have enough Shards to do all the weapons right then and there. 

The different Shard types are:

  • Round Orig. Shard
  • Rhomboid Orig. Shard
  • Rectangular Orig. Shard
  • Square Orig. Shard
  • Hexagonal Orig. Shard
  • Trigonal Orig. Shard
  • Toroidal Orig. Shard

Before you start this quest they will be titled something different as opposed to Origin Shards. You can find more Origin Shards by exploring hidden areas in the world and by defeating Unique Monsters (every UM drops a different Shard) so be sure to comb through all of Aionios as you look for these little suckers.

That’s the guide on how to complete the Uniting The Seven Nopon quest and how to use and obtain Origin Shards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


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    Really good guide, will help a lot, thanks for that!

    I am having a blast with the game hero and standard quests. The hero quests are the highest production value quests of any Nintendo game ever, quite above anything from Zelda BOTW, and above even the affinity missions from Xenoblade X and the blade quests from Xenoblade 2.

    The standard quests are also great, they develop NPCs and gives worldbulding about the state of each colony.

    Are you guys going to do a review for Xenoblade 3?

    • Avatar photo

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I am planning on doing a total review of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so I hope you look forward to it.


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