Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Ferronis Hulk Locations

Throughout the world of Aionios in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 there are special Rest Spots called Ferronis Hulks. These locations give the player access to several containers, a new landmark and the ability to speak to a new Nopon merchant. These are locations you will want to find so here's where to find them all.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 All Ferronis Hulk LocationsXenoblade Chronicles 3 is a game full of hidden nooks and crannies to explore throughout the open world of Aionios. One of the things that players are told to keep their eyes open for is Ferronis Hulks. These are massive machine structures that are actually old Ferronises that have been abandoned to the elements in favour of the newer models.

There are several hidden across the Aionios and liberating them from the monsters that claim the Hulks their home will net you some nice rewards. Pop in a few Ether Cylinders (found from Ether Channels) and you get access to several containers and the Nopon Caravan at that camp. You’ll also unlock each Ferronis’ Fabricator, giving you access to a lot of random rare items. Unlocking all of these Ferronis Hulks is essential to completing the Shillshill Nopon Trader Catalogue Quest.

Some of these Ferronis Hulks are pretty easy to find: others are found at the edge of the world. Here’s where to find all the Ferronis Hulks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Aetia Region

The first stop is the Aetia region. This is the first area that players will get to explore and is covered in familiar-looking grasslands and battle-ruined fields. 

There are 2 Ferronis Hulks located in the Aetia region: the first is found through main story progression while the other you will need to come back to later.

Hillside Ferronis Hulk

This is the first Ferronis Hulk you will unlock in the entire game and it is completely unmissable, as it is tied to the main story progression. 

After entering the Kilmarris Highlands in Millick Meadows, you will find pointed towards a large metal structure off in the distance via a cutscene. This is the Ferronis Hulk. You’ll get a small tutorial one everything you need to know about the Hulks going forward: finding nearby resources and Ether Channels, defeating monsters that have nested and finally claiming it as your own.

When you near it, you will receive a Standard Quest to clear out all the monsters who have nested around the Hulk, halting you from your loot and rewards. 

The Hillside Ferronis Hulk has a recommended level of Lv10. You will defeat several enemies surrounding the Ferronis Hulk before charging it with Ether Cylinders to get your loot. You only need 1 Ether Cylinder for this first one. This is also where you will meet Shillshill and begin the Nopon Register quest.

Battlescar Ferronis Hulk

The second of the Aetia Ferronis Hulks is actually back at the start of the game. The Everblight Plains where Noah, Eunie and Lanz have their first battle against Colony Sigma to be exact. 

However, the area where the Hulk is located has enemies ranging from Lv40 to Lv60 so this may honestly be the final Ferronis Hulk you find in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. There aren’t any fast travel points close by so be careful getting over there.

On the map for the Everblight Plains, you will see the felled Ferronis of Colony Sigma. Just behind the main structure and near a big mass of rocks will be the Ferronis Hulk you are searching for.

The recommended level for the Battlescar Hulk quest and enemies is Lv58 so come prepared to fight. You will need 30 Ether Cylinders for this Ferronis. Then you can go and claim your containers of rare items and loot.

Fornis Region

The Fornis Region is the second major region in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Housing everything from a vast desert to rocky wasteland and lush, vibrant mountains, the Fornis region is certainly one of the most diverse regions.

There are 2 Ferronis Hulks in Fornis: the Desert Ferronis Hulk and the Tabeland Ferronis Hulk. Neither are too taxing or require that high of a level, so you could grab both of them pretty safely. 


Desert Ferronis Hulk

The Desert Ferronis Hulk can be found in the sandy depths of the Dannagh Desert. This area has a mixture of enemies and enemy levels, but the area you need to go to (the Apex Wing) for the Hulk ranges around levels Lv25-Lv40. 

To the far east side of the Dannagh Desert, you will find the Ferronis Hulk. It is right next to the cliff edge. The easiest way to get here is from either the Raptor Perch or Zorza’s Stonehammer: if you don’t have it yet, continue past the Hulk to the north of the Desert to find a secret area, too.

The Desert Hulk standard quest is recommended Lv35. You will need 15 Ether Cylinders to activate this Ferronis Hulk.

Tableland Ferronis Hulk

The Tableland Ferronis Hulk is located on the grassy cliffs of the Rae-Bel Tableland. You do come here during the main story, but the Hulk is just out of the way and is easy to miss.

This is one of the easier Hulks to both get to and complete. The majority of the Tableland has levels ranging from Lv15-25 so this should be a cakewalk. 

From the Saffronia Tree Landmark, head up the slope to the South. Keep going and eventually, you will find a cave built into some rocks on the right side. This will be nearby a skirmish between Kevesi and Agnian forces by Old Kana Battlefield, so use them to pinpoint it exactly. Enter the tunnel, follow it all the way through, and you’ve found your Ferronis Hulk.

The recommended level of the Tableland Hulk standard quest is only Lv22. You will need 10 Ether Cylinders for this activation.

Pentelas Region

The Pentelas Region is the third major region in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Ranging from the Urayan Trail to the Ether Mines to Maktha Wildwood, this area is incredibly dense in differing locals.

Like the past areas, there are 2 Ferronis Hulks in Pentelas. The first is the Cascade Ferronis Hulk and the second is the Clifftop Ferronis Hulk.

Cascade Ferronis Hulk

The Cascade Ferronis Hulk can be found in the Great Cotte Falls area of the map. You need to traverse this area during the main story, and it even takes you close, but it is still easily missed.

At the top of Titan Rock, you will come across a large open plain of water. The story requires you to head to the right, towards Maktha Wildwood. Instead turn left, to the large body of water to the North of the map. This will take you to a swimmable location and the Ferronis Hulk will be sat on the middle of an island. 

The Cascade Hulk standard quest has a recommended level of Lv30. You’ll be fighting only aquatic enemies in this location, so be ready to get a little wet. You will need 15 Ether Cylinders for this Ferronis.

Clifftop Ferronis Hulk

This one may take a bit of hiking to get to. The Clifftop Ferronis Hulk is located to the very North of the Pentelas Region, along the Urayan Trail. This area can be accessed one of two ways. The first is through a door opened after the party gets to Engardo Pass Camp. Meanwhile the second is an entrance to the South of the Fornis region. Be warned that both areas contain high-level enemies ranging from Lv45-Lv55+ so be careful no matter where you tread. 

The Clifftop Ferronis is right next to the exit that takes you to the Fornis Region, along the cliff edge. When entering the area from the Fornis exit, simply walk forward and then up the large slope to the left to find your quarry.

For the Clifftop Hulk standard quest, it is recommended that you are Lv48. This one has a lot of Tirkins that you’ll need to take down. You’ll also need 20 Ether Cylinders for this Hulk.

Cadensia Region

The final area for the Ferronis Hulks is the Cadensia Region. This comes after the Keves Castle region of the map and is mostly filled by the Erythia Sea, a massive body of open water explorable by boat.

There are 2 more Ferronis Hulks in this region, both of which are found on the Erythia Sea.

Atoll Ferronis Hulk

The Atoll Ferronis Hulk is likely the first you will encounter as it is relatively close to the start of the zone. It’s on an island nearby to Vinisog Holm Camp.

From where you board the Boundary, continue through the path until you reach the Erythia Sea. From here head forwards and slightly to the left towards a big circular island. This will be the Baldotas Atoll, the location of the Atoll Hulk.

To activate this Hulk, you’ll be asked to kill a bunch of sea-dwelling enemies. The recommended level for the Atoll Ferronis Hulk is Lv46 and you will need 25 Ether Cylinders.

Sandbar Ferronis Hulk

The last Ferronis is located on an island to the North end of the Erythia Sea, in the middle of the Cadensia Region.

From the same entry point as the last, continue heading straight towards the Agnian Castle. You will pass 2 islands on your right side: ignore the first then go to the second. This will be called the Lavi Sandbar, the location of the final Ferronis Hulk.

The Hulk is located at the centre of the island, which has a lot of steep sandy slopes and rocky archways. You’ll need the Scree Walking Skill from Teach’s Hero Quest to properly traverse this area. Be careful when defeating the enemies surrounding the Hulk as there are several holes in the floor which will drop you into an underground area full of dangerous Antols.

The recommended quest for the Sandbar Ferronis Hulk in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Lv62, the toughest one yet. It also needs the most Ether Cylinders, too, at 30 Ether Cylinders.

That’s the location for every Ferronis Hulk in Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

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