Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Heroes

Xenoblade Chronicles 3's main cast of 6 can be joined by a wide variety of powerful allies known as Heroes. These Heroes unlock new classes and new ways to play, so getting them all is very important. Here's a guide on how unlock every Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 How To Unlock All Heroes

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 already has a great and unique cast of main characters, but more people can join the party in their adventure through Aionios. These are called Heroes and they all provide new ways to play and new characters to play alongside. 

Some of these Heroes are unlocked through the main story progression but other Hero Quests can be quite difficult to find. The Hero characters are all worth finding and collecting due to their unique playstyles and how they can help your team.

Here’s how to unlock every Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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What Are Heroes?

Heroes are special characters who will fight alongside the party once you complete their associated Hero Quest and unlock them during Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The six main characters – Noah, Mio, Eunie, Taion, Lanz and Sena – will always remain in your party no matter what, but after Chapter 2 you will unlock the ability to equip a Hero to your 7th party slot. There are almost 20 Heroes to unlock and fight alongside so you’ll want to unlock as many as you can.

Hero Classes

One of the biggest reasons why you want to unlock Heroes is that they give your characters new classes to try out.

While you cannot switch to a Hero like you can with the six main party members, you can use their classes. For example, I can use Ethel’s Flash Fencer class on Noah, using her weapons, her skills and even her outfit while I have that class equipped for him. 

These classes max out at Rank 10 and can be upgraded further to Rank 20 by completing a character-exclusive Hero Ascension Quest. If you have all the Heroes and want to know how to unlock their Ascension Quests, we have an article here on KeenGamer explaining how to unlock them all.


When you complete a Hero Quest and unlock a new Hero, they will assign one of your characters as an Inheritor of that class.

Inheritors are fixed characters who will immediately gain access to the new class upon completion, while other characters need to unlock the class by fighting alongside the Hero or another character using the class. Using Flash Fencer again, Noah will immediately gain access to it as the Inheritor but Lanz and Eunie will need to unlock the class themselves by fighting alongside either Noah or Ethel.

So now, how do you unlock every Hero in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Ethel – Flash Fencer

Silvercoat Ethel is the very first Hero you get access to in all of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Her Hero Quest is mandatory to continue with the main story in Chapter 3.

Ethel’s Hero Quest is called No Want of Courage and is given to you by Bolearis. Before you get the quest you must listen around to some dialogue around the camp where members of Colony 4 talk about the lack of medical supplies.

The Colony 4 Commander has gone wandering off in a time of medical supply shortages. The party agrees to help aid Bolearis in looking for Ethel, stumbling upon her in the area surrounding Colony 4. 

Once you complete the quest, Silvercoat Ethel joins the party as the first Hero. Her class is Flash Fencer, a dual-wielding rapier class which focuses on big damage in short, sharp bursts. Her inheritor is Noah.

Ethel Illustration

Ethel Illustration

Valdi – War Medic

Similar to Ethel, Valdi is also a Hero that is required for the main storyline to progress.

Once the party makes their way further into the Fornis region, they will get to an area known as Elsie’s Spout. Here they will find several purple vines that they yet cannot climb. While examining them, they are attacked by a mysterious Machina known as Valdi. 

This will begin Valdi’s Hero Quest titled The Kind Right Hand and will ask you to aid Valdi as he scavenges his beloved Levnises. 

When you complete the quest Valdi joins the party. His class is War Medic which is one of the strongest healing classes in the game. It has a ton of healing moves and even some that auto-heal when party members take damage. Valdi’s inheritor is Lanz.

Valdi also teaches the party a new exploration traversal feature – the ability to climb purple vines.

Valdi Illustration

Valdi Illustration

Zeon – Guardian Commander

Dutiful Zeon is the Commander of Colony 9, the place where you start the game as Noah, Eunie and Lanz. 

After the situation in the Fornis Region, if the party makes their way back to Aetia, they will find Zeon waiting for them at Alfeto Valley Mouth. He will attack them, trying to take down the vile Ouroboros for the sake of his Consul. 

This will start Zeon’s Hero Quest, Going Beyond Power.

Once you complete Zeon’s requests, you will unlock him as a Hero and the Guardian Commander class. Guardian Commander is a taunt-heavy Defender class who relies on blocking attacks and taking aggro from their allies. Zeon’s class inheritor is Noah

Zeon Illustration

Zeon Illustration

Teach – Thaumaturge

Inscrutable Teach is the Colony Gamma Commander, the Colony where Mio, Taion and Sena belong in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

When exploring the area near where they met Vandham and D, the party will come across a young Gamma rookie by the name of Kyrie. She is being attacked by monsters. Once cleared out, Kyrie is relentless in her gratitude and rushes ahead to tell Colony Gamma of Ouroboros’ existence despite the group’s protest. 

This will begin Going Beyond Power, the Hero quest for Teach. 

Once you have met Teach and fulfilled his request, you will unlock the Thaumaturge class. This Healer class is an interesting mix of buffs and debuffs alongside damage combos. Teach’s inheritor is Mio.

Teach’s teachings will grant you the traversal ability of Scree Walking. Now you can venture up sandy slopes to get to brand new areas and items.

Teach Illustration

Teach Illustration

Riku and Manana – Yumsmith

Like Valdi and Ethel, Riku and Manana are another Hero Quest that is mandatory for the main story progression. 

When Ouroboros enters the Pentelas Region from Fornis, they will enter the Ether Mines. This will urge a conversation with Riku and Manana about the gemstones that are available in the Mines, but also about their status in the group. 

A Nopon’s Counsel will begin here, asking you to help guide the Nopon through the dangerous Mines.

After you and the Nopon both have learned some new lessons, you will unlock the cute furry friends as a duo Hero. You will also unlock the Yumsmith class, an Attacker who relies on debuffs and exploiting enemy weak points to deal big damage. Their class inheritor is Sena.

Riku and Manana Illustration

Riku and Manana Illustration

Gray – Full Metal Jaguar

Ashenpelt Gray is a strange, dangerous man who seems to lack an alignment with Keves or Agnus. 

When exploring the Aetia region, you will find an area near the Kamos Guidepost where there will be some familiar purple vines. Once you have furthered the story and gotten Valdi as a Hero, you can climb these plants to a new higher area. There you will find a strange metal object before being ambushed by the lone gunman himself.

This fight will begin the A Gray Matter Hero Quest.

Once you have done all you can for Gray, he will join you as the newest Hero in your party. The Full Metal Jaguar class is a wide-range Attacker class that wields twin guns that deal more and more damage with every shot. Gray’s class inheritor is, humorously, Eunie.

Gray Illustration

Gray Illustration

Isurd – Strategos

Commander Isurd is the leader of Colony Lambda and an old companion of Ouroboros member Taion. 

After the events of chapter 3, Colony Lambda will be available to explore. Speak to Isurd at the Commander’s Tent and you will learn of a recent cave-in at the nearby Ether Mines. Lambda relies heavily on the Ether mined there to power their facilities so Isurd asks you to aid him in figuring out the cause.

Unwavering Resolve begins here, Isurd’s Hero Quest.

Upon completing this quest, you will unlock the Healer class Strategos and Isurd as a Hero for your squad. Strategos is a Healer with a more tactical side, with the ability to debuff enemies’ defence and heal allies with Regeneration. Isurd’s inheritor is, unsurprisingly, Taion. 

Isurd Illustration

Isurd Illustration

Juniper – Stalker

Ghostbow Juniper is another mandatory Hero that the team must recruit to continue traversing through Aionios. 

When the party enters the Maktha Wildwood, they will be beset by a mysterious Agnian squad headed by a young cat-girl. After fighting, they will flee and the party will give them chase.

This will begin the Natural Selection Hero Quest for Juniper.

Once you have completed this quest, you can add Juniper and her Stalker class to your team. This Attacker class plays a bit strange but is capable of dealing high damage with negative debuffs such as Bleed onto the enemy while keeping Aggro low. Her Inheritor is Noah.

Juniper will teach the party the traversal trick of sliding down ropes.

Juniper Illustration

Juniper Illustration

Ashera – Lone Exile

Undying Blade Ashera is the Commander of Colony 11, the Colony located right outside the Keves Castle doorsteps and she’s mad for a fight.

After Ouroboros first make their way to the Keves Castle region, they will be directed to go towards the Hovering Reefs. Instead, turn towards the large bridge that goes towards the Castle. Walk up to it and you will be greeted by a battle-hungry woman scrapping some Ferronises.

The Wrath of Ashera will begin, asking you to team up with the battle-razed warrior.

After completing her request, Ashera will join your party as the Defender Lone Exile. As one of the few Defender classes in the game, Ashera stands out for her ability to keep Aggro and Launch enemies. Her class inheritor is Eunie.

Ashera Illustration

Ashera Illustration

Alexandria – Incursor

Craftmaiden Alexandria is the Commander of Colony Iota, a Colony famed for its tactics and intelligence. The Quest to get their Commander requires just as many tactics and strategies.

Upon leaving Colony 4, you will make your way South to Zem’s Crossway. You are supposed to continue straight ahead to greener pastures, but instead head West towards a large rocky outlet. There will be a natural bridge overlooking a small canyon. When you enter, you will be treated to a small cutscene showcasing the power of Colony Iota.

This doesn’t begin the quest, however. There are 2 ways to go about this. 

The Quest to obtain Alexandria is recommended Lv40, higher than you will probably be for a little while. One way to start the Her Reasons Hero Quest is to rush straight into Colony Lambda and challenge her – be warned, you will need to get through her entire Colony of Lv40+ enemies, so this isn’t recommended.

The other way is to take down her commanders. 4 of Alexandria’s Lieutenants are stalking the fields of Aionios, looking for you. 3 of them can be found in the Fornis Region, and 1 of the squads is located in the Pentelas Region.

  • One Squad can be found in the Dannagh Desert nearby Zoerza’s Stonehammer.
  • One Squad is located at the top of Conqueror’s Peak in the Rae-Bel Tableland.
  • One Squad is fighting between the Urayan Tunnels Entrance and the Seilas Terrace Camp.
  • The last squad is found in the Pentelas Region, after the Ether Mine and Colony Lambda. The closest teleport point is the Myma Gate.

Taking out these Lieutenants and their Squads won’t be easy (they’re all Lv40+) but it will weaken Alexandria when you come to face her at Colony Iota. 

Go to Iota, beat Alex, complete the Her Reasons Hero Quest and you will net yourself another Attacker to your team. The Incursor class is an Attacker that uses buffs and positional skills to achieve very high Critical Rates. Alexandria’s inheritor is Taion

Alexandria Illustration

Alexandria Illustration

Monica – Lost Vanguard

City’s Bulwark Monica is the leader of The City as its Elder and she is the heir to Guernica Vandham. This quest isn’t tied to the main story, surprisingly enough.

After you are let loose upon the Erythia Sea, you can go back to The City and walk around. You will find several people whispering and giving out information. One of these pieces of information will be about Vandham and how great a person he was. This will unlock a Topic back at camp to discuss, which will begin Monica’s Hero Quest when you discuss it.

The Vandham’s Heir Hero Quest will begin after that.

Upon completion, Monica will fight by your side and the Lost Vanguard class is yours. The final main Defender, this class specialises in blocking and dealing damage while blocking. Monica’s inheritor is Eunie.

Monica Illustration

Monica Illustration

Fiona – Signifier

Proudbanner Fiona is the small, stout leader of Colony Mu, a strange Colony off the West side of the Erythia Sea.

When cruising around the Sea on the Boundary, you will eventually come across the isle and the body of someone who has washed up on its shore. Investigate the matter further and you will find the Commander of Colony Mu, Fiona, who will need your aid in defending her Colony from a Kevesi raid.

This begins the Transparent Dreams Hero Quest for Fiona.

Complete it and you’ll unlock Colony Mu and Fiona. Her class is the Healer Signifier class, one adept at granting a myriad of buffs and useful bonuses to the entire team. Her inheritor is Lan-Lan (Lanz).

Fiona Illustration

Fiona Illustration

Triton – Soulhacker

Defiant Triton is perhaps the strangest Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: a Moebius pirate who leads his own sea-faring Colony.

To trigger the Doing It My Way Hero Quest, you need to do a few things.

The first is that you need to travel to  Ishan Isle. There isn’t anything tangible here, but upon reaching it you will get a cutscene showing an unusual Kevesi Ferronis making its way through the water. It will ignore Ouroboros, and the group will ponder if they will see it again.

Next, got there is a small island immediately East of the Ishan Isle called Hargan Port. Dock, head up the windy slope leading further inland and you will come face-to-face with the pilot of this Ferronis: Triton, a Moebius.

After completing the Doing It My Way quest, Triton will join your team as the unique Soulhacker class. This class is special in that it can be anything you want be it Attacker, Healer or Defender. You just need to defeat Unique Monsters while the class is equipped with one of the maipartiesty to earn skills and Arts. Triton’s Inheritor is Lanz.

Triton Illustration

Triton Illustration

Ghondor – Martial Artist

Wrathfist Ghondor is the foul-mouthed prisoner you will need to rescue from Li Garte Prison Camp and is a vital part of the main story.

She doesn’t get her Hero Quest: instead, simply completing the main story will award you with her presence. Progress through Chapter 5 and into the beginning of Chapter 6, and she will join your party.

Ghondor is the Martial Artist class. This Attacker uses heavy-hitting attacks to disorient foes and even has a unique Talent Art where it uses up all other Art charges for more damage. Ghondor’s inheritor is Sena.

Ghondor Illustration

Ghondor Illustration

Miyabi – Troubadour

Glorysong Miyabi is the old friend of Mio and Sena from their old Colony, one they had since thought dead. 

You unlock Miyabi through the Side Story: Mio Hero Quest which begins as soon as you get to Upper Aetia. This quest is mandatory for the main story progression, so Miyabi will join your party at the end of the Mio Side Story, as well as unlock the limit on the Zephyr class.

Miyabi’s class is the Troubadour. This Healer class specialises in Arts Recharge buffs and empowering their allies using songs played from their off-seer flute. Her inheritor is, of course, Mio.

Miyabi Illustration

Miyabi Illustration

Cammuravi – Seraph

Smouldering Cammuravi is the fierce warrior from Agnus who once stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Silvercoat Ethel.

His Hero Quest is linked to how you unlock Miyabi, so you must progress the main story past the Side Story: Mio Hero Quest.

After that, return to the entrance to Colony Omega where you will find Cammuravi fighting off City support as they try to aid him. At this point, the aptly named A Twist of Fate Hero Quest will begin, ushering you into Cammuravi’s quest.

Complete this and Cammuravi himself will join your ranks as the Seraph. This Attacker class relies on having low HP to deal as much damage as possible, with several of its Art actually reducing your HP to output high damage. Cammuravi’s inheritor is Taion.

Cammuravi Illustration

Cammuravi Illustration

Segiri – Machine Assassin

No. 7 Segiri is the name given to unit No. 7, an assassin who impedes the party on several occasions.

There are a few quests that are required before you can undertake this one. 

The first is a quest in the Maktha Wildwood. When you are finally able to cross the ropes after Juniper’s Hero Quest, you will be stopped by a mysterious metal figure who attacks you as you venture. This is the Imminent Illusion Standard Quest. Defeat the foe and they will slink away, proposing more questions than answers.

After this go to Colony 4. Right outside the main gates, you will find a soldier collapsed on the ground. Help him to the medical tent and the Severed Connection Quest will commence. You will encounter more of these strange machines in this Standard Quest, all of them displaying strange powers.

The final quest required to continue this path is the Writer’s Block quest in The City. You can get this Standard Quest by walking around the City and gathering information, one of which will be about Novels. Discuss the issue at Camp and the Quest will begin. While seemingly innocuous at first, this quest has you dealing with several of these enemies. Complete it and the trail goes cold again.

Now you can finally begin the Hero Quest. Venture to Upper Aetia and head to Colony Omega. You are supposed to head straight towards the large mountainous area that will take you to the Cloudkeep: instead, go to the West. You’ll find a separate path which actually leads back down to Lower Aetia. While here, you will be attacked by the Machine Assassins once more and the Standard Quest The Illusion Returns starts.

Defeat them and the quest will then change to a Hero Quest by the name of Inhumanity once you learn of who is piloting these mechs.

Complete this Hero Quest and the newly named Segiri will join your party as the Machine Assassin class. This Attacker class relies on spreading and inflicting a variety of random debuffs onto targets. Segiri’s inheritor is Sena.

Segiri Illustration

Segiri Illustration

Post Game Heroes


Two Heroes unlock once the main story is completed and you return to Aionios. They do not have dedicated Hero Quests and are recruited to your party by visiting specific locations on the map.

Spoiler Free Field

Spoiler Free Field

The first is the Kevesi Queen Melia Antiqua. Now that her real body has been freed from Origin, you will find her on the bottom floor of the Keves Castle

She will be talking to her attendants about leaving to explore the world, donning a new outfit to do so. Melia will then request to join your team, granting you immediate access to the Royal Summoner class. This Attacker class is very powerful, controlling a lot like Melia herself did back in Xenoblade Chronicles 1 with the ability to summon elements and discharge them for big damage. Melia’s inheritor is Noah.

Post Game Hero 1 Illustration

Post Game Hero 1 Illustration

The second unlockable Hero is the Agnian Queen Nia. You will find her back in the Cloudkeep, talking to herself as she bemoans the responsibility and dress she must endure as Queen. 

Nia will subtly persuade you to take her around Aionios, whereupon she will join your party as the Lifesage. The Lifesage is a class capable of very good defence-ignoring damage while also being a class of excellent healing capabilities – a ‘battlefield messiah’. Nia’s inheritor is Mio.

Post Game Hero 2 Illustration

Post Game Hero 2 Illustration

That is how to unlock all the Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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