Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a new form of party member called Heroes. These are unlockable characters and classes who will be stuck at level 10 until you complete their Ascension Quest. Here's how to unlock every Hero Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests

Heroes are a vital part of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who effectively serve as a 7th party member. With almost 20 Heroes to collect across the game, there is enough variety and choice to slot into almost any team you want and the Hero Ascension Quest is a large part of that.

One thing you will notice about all the classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is that they are capped at level 10. Despite this, they have skills and Arts that they will unlock at levels 15 and 20. 

To break the limit on a class and be able to upgrade it to level 20, you must first complete the associated Hero’s Ascension Quest. This is a special quest that is triggered through standard quest and main story progression that differs for each character. Once you complete it, it will immediately upgrade the associated Hero to level 20 and allow their class to reach level 20. 

So now that you have all the Heroes (if you don’t we have a guide detailing how to unlock all Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3) here’s how to unlock all the Hero Ascension Quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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How To Unlock Hero Ascension Quests

To unlock a Hero’s Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, several criteria must be met,

The first is that you must be through enough of the main story to actually unlock the quest. Chapter 4 and onward is when Ascension Quests begin to appear and what Chapter they appear will be stated in each section.

The second is that you will likely have to complete several other standard quests for that character’s associate Colony or area to proceed. For example, to Ascend Zeon I need to do several standard quests involving him and others in Colony 9. His Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ascension Quest will not unlock if these are not done.

Finally, you will need to get the class’ inheritor to max rank with that class. Once again using Zeon as an example, I will need to get Noah to max rank with Guardian Commander to unlock Zeon’s Hero Ascension Quest.

If all of these criteria are fulfilled, the quest will become available and you can continue your Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hero Ascension Quest.

The 6 main classes also require their Ascension Quests to break their limiters so they will also be included in this guide.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Main Party Hero Ascension Quests

Noah – Swordfighter

Noah’s main class is Swordfighter, an Attacker class with high potential for damage.,

The Ascension Quest for Noah will be one of the latest to unlock as you need to reach Chapter 7. The main story will require you to complete Side Story: Noah once you start working with Mr Samon so this isn’t missable.

Simply beat Side Story: Noah and Swordfighter can rise to level 20.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests - Noah

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests – Noah

Mio – Zephyr

Mio is the evasive tank of the group as the Zephyr, a Defender who relies on Agility more than raw Defence.

Much like Noah, Mio’s Ascension Quest is considered part of the main story and is unmissable. Once you reach Upper Aetia in Chapter 6, you will receive the Side Story: Mio quest.

Beat it and Zephyr can reach level 20.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests - Zephyr Mio

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests – Zephyr Mio

Eunie – Medic Gunner

Eunie’s native class is one of the best Healers in the game, with wide covering a good amount of buffs in Medic Gunner.

Eunie’s is one of the earliest Ascension Quests that you can unlock. Once you reach The City in Chapter 5, you can find some information fragments talking about Fortune Clovers, a hobby of Eunie’s. Return to the City Camp rest point to talk about the topic which will begin the Side Story: Eunie quest where Eunie finally talks about what she saw at Kana Battlefield.

Complete this quest and Medic Gunner can reach level 20.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests - Eunie

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests – Eunie

Taion – Tactician 

Taion is the Tactician, a Healer who heavily relies on debuffs and status effects to get the job done.

You need to reach Chapter 6 to begin Taion’s Ascension Quest. At Agnus Castle, you can listen to some people talking about the Sea. Return to the Camp Inlet rest spot and you can discuss the topic, which begins the Side Story: Taion quest.

Beat it and level 20 Tactician is in your grasp.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests - Taion

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests – Taion

Lanz – Heavy Guard

Lanz is the Heavy Guard, your traditional Defender tank class of the group.

His Ascension Quest can be accepted in Chapter 5. At the Great Sword’s Base, you will find an information fragment about the training that the Lost Numbers go through. Discuss this and you can begin the Side Story: Lanz quest.

Knock it out and now Lanz can finally get something meatier with his level 20 Heavy Guard.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests - Lanz

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests – Lanz

Sena – Ogre

Sena’s class is called Ogre, a powerful Attacker capable of great damage. 

Sena’s quest requires you to be at Chapter 7, so it will be one of the later quests you will likely unlock. In The City, you will find people talking about how grumpy Ghondor has been lately. Discuss it and you will start the Side Story: Sena quest.

Complete it and you can now ascend Ogre to level 20.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests - Sena

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests – Sena

Ethel – Flash Fencer

Ethel is the Flash Fencer class, a highly dangerous Attacker that deals very nice damage at a high speed. 

You may be confused about how you can even get Ethel back into the party after the events of Chapter 3. This is linked to not only her but also Cammuravi. First, you must complete Cammuravi’s Hero Quest called A Twist of Fate in Chapter 6. Then you can go back to Colony Omega and interact with the previously locked lab door. There won’t be a marker on the map so go all the way inside and interact with the door.

You will find a cradle there, which in turn is revealed to be a special cradle that matures life to a late Tenth Term. Ethel is accompanying you and she will request to enter the cradle and undergo the maturation process.

Watch the cutscene that follows and both Ethel and Cammuravi will have their classes ascended. Ethel will also finally become accessible as a Hero again. 

Silvercoat Ethel

Silvercoat Ethel

Valdi – War Medic

Valdi is the War Medic Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a Healer class that specialises in keeping your health up above all else. 

To unlock his Hero Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you’ll need to do a couple of things around Colony 30.

The first is that you need to begin upgrading Dorrick. Who is Dorrick? Well, Dorrick is the ‘world’s greatest Levnis’ that Valdi sets to working on after being freed from the Flame Clock. To build him properly Valdi and his Nopon companions will need the aid of the party in collecting an abundance of resources. Collect them and give them to Repapa to continue the quest. 

You will need to get to Phase 5 of fixing Dorrick. Sometimes you will have quests that need to be completed first to continue construction. These are the Big Friendly Friend, Missing Parts and the True Culprit standard quests.

Once you have gotten to Phase 5 and reached Chapter 6, return to Colony 30 with Valdi in your party. Here you can speak to Yuzzet and start the I’m A Mechanic Hero Ascension Quest.

Complete it and you can not only continue building Dorrick but also allow War Medic to reach level 20.

Artificer Valdi

Artificer Valdi

Zeon – Guardian Commander

Zeon is the newly appointed Commander of the destitute Colony 9. He is the Guardian Commander class capable of drawing aggro while focusing on blocking. 

Zeon’s Hero Ascension Quest requires a fair few standard quests to be completed first, the main ones involving his lieutenant Kite. Colony 9 has been in a tough position since Noah, Eunie and Lanz left to become Ouroboros, leaving the Colony in dire straits – especially when it comes to food.

Most of these quests can be found through information fragments scattered around Colony 9. A few require Zeon to be present to progress. These quests include:

  • Chapter 3: Lean Times in Colony 9 and Forgotten Supplies
  • Chapter 4: A Difficult Transition
  • Chapter 5: For Colony 9

After the For Colony 9 quest, talk to Kite again with Zeon in the party. This will begin the Reasons To Evolve Hero Ascension Quest, which involves a treaty between Colony 9 and Colony Tau.

Complete it and now Guardian Commander can reach level 20.

Dutiful Zeon

Dutiful Zeon

Teach – Thaumaturge

Teach is the commander of Colony Gamma where Mio, Taion and Sena start the game. He is the Thaumaturge class, a potent healer who focuses on dealing good damage while maintaining buffs.

Teach’s Hero Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a bit tricky as it’s tied to another, quite deceptive quest. 

Once you acquire Teach for the first time, he will ask you for a favour. Talk at a rest spot and he will give you the Teach’s Teachers standard quest. This is stated to be a Lv57 quest, much higher than you should be. This is only partly true: there are 5 steps to the quest and only the latter parts are this level. 

To unlock Teach’s Hero Ascension Quest you must complete as much of this quest as you can. Walk up to a holographic board in Gamma (marked by a magnifying lens) to continue:

  • The first two lessons, Tutors: Sena and Eunie and Tutor: Taion, will be immediately available. These will start the Live Combat Training and Theoretical Knowledge standard quests respectively. 
  • Chapter 4 is when the next lesson becomes available. This will be titled Tutor: Off-Seer. This starts the A Lesson in Off-Seeing standard quest.
  • Chapter 6 unlocks the Tutor: Mio part of the quest. This will start the Extracurricular Lesson quest.

After these steps are completed, you can proceed to Colony Gamma with Teach in your party. This will start the Shadow of Enmity Hero Ascension Quest for Teach. Complete this and you will unlock the ability to rank up Thaumaturge to level 20.

A side note: return to Gamma after this quest is complete to fulfil the final step of the Teach’s Teachers standard quest.

Inscrutable Teach

Inscrutable Teach

Riku and Manana – Yumsmith

Riku and Manana are always with you but you don’t gain access to their Yumsmith class until Chapter 3. 

To unlock their Hero Ascension Quest, you must make it to Chapter 6. In The City, go to Michiba’s Canteen and eat there to get the Cerise-Caprice Acqua Pazza recipe for Manana. Next, go to the Inlet Camp at Erythia Sea with Riku and Manana in the party.

You will find a group of Nopon who are overjoyed after just having met the Tempapa. This will begin the Culinary Repertoire Hero Ascension Quest. 

Complete it and a level 20 Yumsmith awaits you.  

Peerless Riku and Manana

Peerless Riku and Manana

Gray – Full Metal Jaguar

Gray is the mysterious figure who is revealed to be from the City. His class is the Full Metal Jaguar, an especially powerful Attacker class. 

To access his Hero Ascension Quest you will need access to The City in Chapter 5. Once you have gotten the Boundary from Mr Samon, return to the city and you will find people talking about Gray. Gather these information fragments and then discuss it at a rest spot to access the quest called Lovebirds. In this quest, you meet Gray’s wife, Rozanna. 

After completing Lovebirds, you can then immediately start the Payback for Treason Gray Ascension Quest by talking to Rozanna.

Complete this quest and now Gray will be able to reach level 20, as will the Full Metal Jaguar class.

Ashenpelt Gray

Ashenpelt Gray

Isurd – Strategos

Isurd is the Commander of Colony Lambda and a long-time confidant of Taion. He takes the Strategos class, a Healer built around debuffing the enemy and regenerative abilities. 

The first time this quest becomes available is in Chapter 6. You must first complete a previous quest titled New Developments which can be obtained through information fragments. Some other standard Colony Lambda quests may have to be completed first, but this is the preliminary one to Isurd’s Hero Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

After New Developments, go to Colony Lambda with Isurd and you can begin the Effervescent Heart Hero Ascension Quest. This is a surprisingly chill Ascension Quest involving finding Isurd some time off.

Beat it and level 20 Strategos is at your beck and call.

Dawnhero Isurd

Dawnhero Isurd

Juniper – Stalker

Juniper is the Stalker Class, an Attacker who prioritises low aggro in return for applying debuffs. She and her Colony, Colony Tau, are found in the Pentelas Region throughout the main story progress.

The main theme of Colony Tau is that they want to visit other Colonies to expand their understanding of the outside world. As such, several members of Tau will leave for a small time to visit other freed Colonies, with many having standard quests dedicated to them.

You must complete these quests to progress to Juniper’s Hero Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Most of these quests can be found through info fragments collected in Colony Tau. Not every quest here is required but you should probably do them anyway as Colony Tau is very connected. This includes:

  • Chapter 4: Off-Seeing Customs, The Harvest, The Hunter and Tau-Tirkin Alliance
  • Chapter 5: Lost Friend, Cultural Exchange and Korresia Finds Her Calling
  • Chapter 6: Learning from Lambda

The main quest that must be completed in Learning From Lambda. This standard quest is given by Selin after another quest, Tau-Tirkin Allianceis completed. If Tau-Tirkin Alliance is not appearing, the NPC who gives the quest fragment (Rowland) only appears in the evening so check then. 

After you complete Learning From Lambda in Chapter 6, return to Colony Tau with Juniper and you will finally meet the dreaded Consul U. This will begin the Survivors Hero Ascension Quest for Juniper.

Complete it and the Stalker class can now reach level 20.

Dawnhero Isurd

Dawnhero Isurd

Ashera – Lone Exile

Ashera is the ruthless Commander of Colony 11 who just wants to have a good old scrap whenever she can. She commands the Lone Exile class, a Defender adept at keeping aggro. 

Colony 11 is a strange Colony full of weirdos, but the main quest you will want to complete here is The Three Ravens quest. This involves ‘befriending’ the three lieutenants stationed around Colony 11. You start this quest through an information fragment and each subsequent part also requires you to find another information fragment around the Colony. 

  • A Warrior’s Pride is the quest required by Zoren.
  • Rules of the Hunt is the quest for Easel.
  • Indomitable is the quest for Clad.

After completing all of these quests, they will seek you out and you can complete The Three Ravens quest. Now you must wait until Chapter 7 and Noah’s Side Story.

Go to Kana Battlefield with Ashera and you will get access to the Deep-Seated Scar Ascension Quest. Beat it and level 20 Lone Exile is yours.

Undying Blade Ashera

Undying Blade Ashera

Alexandria – Incursor

Alexandria is the cold and analytical Commander of Colony Iota. As the Incursor Attacker class, she can rend opponents with her high Critical Rate and damage.

Her Hero Ascension Quest is unlocked surprisingly early considering how long it takes to get her. There are a few Colony Iota quests (and Colony 30 quests) which you may have to complete to get this quest to appear, but it isn’t clear. Simply reach Chapter 5 and you should be okay. If the Hero Quest isn’t appearing complete a few Iota and 30 quests to see if that helps. These include:

  • Chapter 3: Harvest Day and Finite Time, Enemies and Allies
  • Chapter 4: The Ouroboros Experiment.

With Alexandria in the party in Chapter 5, return to Colony IotaShe will be asked by one of her troops if they can hold a tech trade with Colony 30, something Alexandria only entertains for her own purposes. This begins the Inescapable Past Hero Ascension Quest for Alexandria.

Complete this Hero Ascension Quest and you can raise Incursor to level 20 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Craftmaiden Alexandria

Craftmaiden Alexandria

Monica – Lost Vanguard

Monica is the Elder of The City and the leader of the Lost Numbers. As the Defender class Lost Vanguard she is capable of taking fire and dealing damage while blocking with her massive shield.

The Hero Ascension quest for Monica has a few moving pieces to it. One of these is the completion of the Side Story: Sena quest so this quest cannot be undertaken until Chapter 7. Certain other City quests may be required (such as the Romero and Joulietta quest chain) so if this quest does not appear go around and try to complete some of these.

Return to The City with Monica in the party and you can begin the Promise to the Future Hero Ascension quest. This will be located at the entrance to the Founder’s memorial. 

Beat it and Lost Vanguard can reach level 20.

City's Bulwark Monica

City’s Bulwark Monica

Fiona – Signifier

Fiona is the shy Commander of Colony Mu, one of the stranger Colonies in Aionios. Her class is the Signifier, one of the strongest Healers in the game for the sheer amount of buffs it can provide.

Fiona’s Ascension Quest is unlocked in Chapter 6. You need to have completed the Colony Mu quest To Face Forward to start Fiona’s quest, so make sure to get this done. You may need to complete some other Colony Mu quests first such as Unease.

When you have completed To Face Forward, you can start the A Farewell Reset Hero Ascension Quest by taking Fiona to Colony Mu. 

Complete it and Signifier level 20 is yours.

Proudbanner Fiona

Proudbanner Fiona

Triton – Soulhacker

Triton is the rogue Moebius who commands a seafaring Colony of his own. As the Soulhacker, he can take the abilities of any Unique Monster he defeats, turning them into his own strength (kind of like Blue Mage).

There likely aren’t any quest requirements for Triton’s Ascension Quest other than reaching Chapter 6. While Triton is in the party, make Manana’s Battle Soup. This will unlock a topic to speak about at camp. Discuss this to unlock the My Memories Hero Ascension quest.

Complete this bizarre quest to unshackle Soulhacker, which is very useful for late-game Unique Monsters.

Defiant Triton

Defiant Triton

Ghondor – Martial Artist

Ghondor is the foul-mouthed Martial Artist who can dish out a lot of impressive damage as an Attacker.

Her Hero Ascension quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is in a similar situation to Monica’s. You have to complete Side Story: Noah first and you will likely have to complete a few of the Agnus Castle quests which involve her and the Lost Numbers and Seeker to continue. 

After that go to Agnus Castle with Ghondor in the party and you can speak to a soldier who reports that teams are having an… interesting run-in with a large monster. This will begin with Knowing Your Family, the Ascension Quest for Ghondor. 

After you beat it, you can get Martial Artist to rank 20.

Wrathfist Ghondor

Wrathfist Ghondor

Miyabi – Troubadour

Miyabi is a long-time friend of both Mio and Sena and is a fellow Off-Seer. She is the Troubadour, a Healer who can buff characters with bonus Art recharge among other very useful effects.

After completing Side Story: Mio you will unlock Miyabi as a character and she will go to live in The City. If you visit The City with Miyabi in the party after this, you can begin the Happiness Hero Ascension Quest by visiting the canteen with her in the party. 

Complete this quest and Troubadour level 20 is yours.

Wrathfist Ghondor

Wrathfist Ghondor

Cammuravi – Seraph

Cammuravi is the fearless warrior of Agnus and long-time rival of Silvercoat Ethel. Now, he has been reborn in a new body as has his Seraph class, which inflicts damage upon itself to boost damage output.

Cammuravi’s Ascension quest is linked to Ethel and both can be unlocked in Chapter 6. With Cammuravi in the party visit the Colony Omega labs in Upper Aetia. There won’t be a marker on the map so make sure to go all the way into the lab and interact with the door.

You will find a cradle there, which in turn is revealed to be a special cradle that matures life to a late Tenth Term. Ethel is accompanying you and she will request to enter the cradle and undergo the maturation process.

Watch the cutscene that follows and both Ethel and Cammuravi will have their classes ascended. 

Smouldering Cammuravi

Smouldering Cammuravi

Segiri – Machine Assassin

Segiri is the Machine Assassin previously sent to snuff out the party, who has now become a powerful ally alongside Colony 0. She can debuff enemies and keep those debuffs going for a long time, too.

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hero Ascension Quest for Segiri has several moving pieces that must first be accomplished. The most important is that Colony 0 must move to the Le Garte Prison Camp by speaking to Segiri at a rest spot. 

After this there are a series of quests that must be completed within the camp:

  • Chapter 6: Prison Refurbishment, Prison Spring Clean and Shut-In.
  • Chapter 7 (All after Side Story: Noah): Contrary Emotions and Acknowledged Feelings.

After you complete Acknowledged Feelings return to the Prison with Segiri in the party. Here you can start the Invisible Bonds quest which involves tracking down a rogue Ferron in the Pentelas and Fornis Regions.

Tackle this quest and you can then level up Machine Assassin.

No.7 Segiri

No.7 Segiri

Post Game Heroes


There are two post-game Heroes which are unlocked after coming back to a completed save file. These characters also have Hero Ascension Quests for their classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Spoiler Free Field

Spoiler Free Field

Post Game Hero 1

The first Hero is the Kevesi Queen Melia Antiqua. After recruiting her to join your party, you must level up Noah to rank 10 of Royal Summoner to continue.

Return to the throne room of Keves Castle with Melia in the party and you will be greeted by her guards. They will inform you of several tasks and requests that have come in for her Highness. This will begin the From Atop Her Throne Ascension Quest. The other quests you must complete are:

  • The City Pep Talk: go to The City with Melia and meet with their people, offering support and a speech when you do.
  • Colony 9’s Backup: travel to Colony 9 to help with the fallout from the recent Origin attack.
  • Friction With Agnus: meet up with the Agnian Queen Nia to discuss a recent uprising by Agnus forces.

Complete all three of these and you can then return to the Throne Room and complete the quest, netting yourself level 20 Royal Summoner.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests - Royal Summoner, Post Game Hero 1

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests – Royal Summoner, Post Game Hero 1

Post Game Hero 2

The final Hero is the Agnian Queen Nia. Her Ascension Quests technically start as soon as you get her from the Cloudkeep but cannot be completed until Mio hits level 10 with Lifesage

Across Aionios there are destinations that Nia wishes to visit. These locations give us more information about the world and how it came to be. You can take Nia here at any time, even when Mio is not level 10. These locations are as follows: 

  • The Saffronia Tree in the Fornis Region (Rae-Bel Tableland)
  • The Tower Camp Rest Spot in the Pentelas Region (Maktha Wildwood)
  • Agnus Castle
  • The Founder’s Memorial in The City

Once you have visited all these locations a new topic about Nia will be available. After Mio has hit rank 10 on Lifesage, activate this topic and take Nia to visit the tallest place in the world. This is the Cavity. Grasping My Future begins here.

Take Nia here and you will have a small cutscene before the Grasping My Future quest concludes, allowing for Lifesage to reach level 20.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests - Lifesage, Post Game Hero 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock All Hero Ascension Quests – Lifesage, Post Game Hero 2

That is how to unlock every Hero Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

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