Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Unlock All Level 10 Special Gems

Gems are an important part in building out your characters and classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Special Gems are perhaps the most interesting type of Gem as, unlike Healer Gems for example, they do not fit into one particular class. As a result, their benefits are usually far more all encompassing and beneficial. Here's how to get every Special Gem to level 10.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Unlock All Level 10 Special Gems

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Gems can make a lot of difference in how you play. These are items that you can craft and slot into your gear to provide useful bonuses and effects. 

Level 10 is the highest rank that a Gem can achieve. If you have a level 10 Gem, it will provide a considerable boost over the lower levels. These benefits require a bit of work to get, however, and you may need some direction.

Special Gems are strange and do not neatly fit into one class or speciality like the other Gem types. Instead, they are broad and wide-reaching buffs that can positively affect nearly every class… depending on how you use them, of course.

Here’s how to unlock every level 10 Special Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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What are Gems?

Just in case you’ve forgotten, let’s quickly go over what Gems are and how they are categorised.

Riku crafts these Gems at several Rest Spots throughout Aionios. These Gems require a variable amount of monster parts, collectables and Ether Cylinders to create. 

There are 4 categories of Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, with 5 Gems in each category for a total of 20. The categories are:

  • Defender (Blue)
  • Attacker (Red)
  • Healer (Green)
  • Special (Yellow)

The Gems from each category are most suited to enhance the capabilities of the role that gives the category its namesake (i.e Defender Gems will help Defenders primarily). However, any character can slot any type of Gem, no matter the type.

If you want to see guides on how to get level 10 for Attacker, Defender or Healer Gems, you can find guides for those here on KeenGamer.

Crafting Gems Menu

Crafting Gems Menu

Gem Levels

Each Gem has a level. The lowest is 1 and the highest is 10. 

The higher the level of the Gem, the higher the bonus or benefit it gives. It also requires more materials which are usually much harder to find and acquire.

You don’t have to create a lower-tier Gem if you have the resources for a higher-tier one, either. If you have the resources for a level 10 Gem but not level 9, you don’t have to make the level 9. You can craft the level 10 Gem immediately. 

Gold Nopon Coins are also an option to purchase Gems. The higher the level, the higher the cost, bottoming out at 99 Gold Nopon Coins (the maximum you can hold) for a level 10 Gem. While not always feasible, it is an option if you have the cash.

All Available Gems

All Available Gems

All Special Gems

There are 5 Special type Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are:

  • Ironclad: Increases maximum HP.
  • Steady Striker: Shortens auto-attack interval.
  • Doublestrike: Adds a chance to strike twice per auto-attack.
  • Empowered Combo: When cancelling, boosts damage dealt.
  • Disperse Bloodlust: Reduces aggro generated when using Arts.

Special Gems don’t fit into any sort of class or role, as the buffs and bonuses they provide are useful for everyone. However, how much they benefit each class differs massively so choose wisely – class-specific Gems may aid more in general combat. 

Now that we know what Special Gems do, what do you need to get to level 10?

All Roles

All Roles

Level 10 Special Gem Requirements

Monster materials are the main resource used to craft Gems. Every Gem shares two specific materials.

Ultra Pure Gemstones are a material you get from defeating Unique Monsters and opening containers. By the end of the game, you should have more than enough of these to craft nearly every Gem you need. Every Gem needs 5.

The other material is Ether Cylinders. You will need 3 of these in every Gem. In all likelihood, you will have enough Ether Cylinders but just in case, make sure you know of a nearby Ether Channel. 



Ironclad X increases maximum HP by 1500. To unlock this Special Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Horrish Amplifier (Legendary)
  • 30 Bunnit Meat (Legendary)
  • 30 Full-Bodied Ardun Meat (Legendary)
  • 30 White Rhana Liver (Rare)
  • 30 Enpedia Headpiece (Common)


Horrish Amplifiers drop inside of the end-game area of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Origin. You will find them upon defeating the strange Horrish enemies scattered around the facility, floating creatures shaped like an ‘X’. Several Kurono Horrish can be found hiding around the corners and edges of the West Upper Hangar area. Meanwhile, Reaping Anteel is the Unique Horrish enemy and it can be found a bit further back in Origin – specifically in Ferronis Arsenal #2.

Bunnit Meat drops, unsurprisingly, from Bunnits. These small, cute bunny-like enemies all wield a variety of weapons in their tails. Bunnits can be found all across Aionios, but a good amount of them appear at the very start of the game. In the Everblight Plains, just to the East of the road down to Colony 9, you will find a pack of Varran Bunnits. Additionally, a similar group of Bunnits are found on the Yzana Plain, right next to Colony 9, guarding the Unique Monster Sycophantic Lilith – another Bunnit who may drop the Meat you seek.

Full-Bodied Ardun Meat drops from the Ardun. These armoured creatures are not to be confused with their feminine counterparts the Armu, with their defining difference being the large horns on the Ardun. A lot of Ardun roam around the Rae-Bel Tableland in Fornis, specifically the Ankle Ardun, who can be found grazing in the fields of grass to the South-West. Perspicacious Oldar hangs out a bit further North, near the exit towards Colony Iota, and he too can drop the Meat.

White Rhana Liver drops from the scaly, slimy Rhana. These monsters look similar to the Brogs, both being based on toads, frogs and other amphibious wildlife. Detox Rhana lurk in the cave systems of Cape Arcaphor in the Erythia Sea, alongside the Unique Rhana Covetous Gerondon.  

Enpedia Headpieces are the final piece of the puzzle for our first Gem. They drop inside of Origin from the Enpedia enemies – the hulking goliath humanoids who lay in wait for your party. A group of 4 Hyadet Enpedia can be found circling a point at Defence Tower #3. The Unique Monster who represents the Enpedia, Pressing Rafeel, hangs out on the lower level of the Hangar. 

Steady Striker

Steady Striker X shortens auto-attack interval by 40%. To unlock this Special Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Evil Drague Eye (Legendary)
  • 30 Medooz Tentacle (Legendary)
  • 30 Kananus Razor Horn (Legendary)
  • 30 Vvarga Razor Horn (Rare)
  • 30 Myoot Beak (Common)
Steady Striker

Steady Striker

Evil Drague Eyes drop from the rare Drague enemies. You fight one of these in a mandatory fight during the main quest but aside from that, you’ll only find two sources of the Drague Eyes. Yolmun Drague hunt in Lower Maktha Wildwood, often by the pools of poison that dot the forest. The second source is the Dreadwyrm Nizoont, one of Aionios’ Strongest Super Bosses, also found in Lower Maktha Wildwood. Either of these enemies can drop the Eye and if you want to take on Nizoont, check out our guide on Aionios’ Strongest for some tips, advice on what classes to use and other general advice for your ordeal. 

Medooz Tentacles drop from the strange Medooz enemies. These are mainly found in Cadensia. A group of Cherys Medooz can be found suspended above the water near Headwater Camp, alongside Spectral Remy, the Unique Medooz for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Other Medooz includes the Prink Medooz in the endgame area known as the Malevolent Hallow, also found in Cadensia.

Kananus Razor Horn drops once more inside of Origin. This time, your quarry is the bestial Kananus, made up of the strange inorganic matter as all the other Origin enemies. Several Eruno Kananus roam around the corridors and walkways North of Defence Tower #3. Alongside them is Thaumawolf Bajeek, the Unique Kananus, who can also drop the Razor Horn. 

Vvarga Razor Horn only drops from one source and that is the Vvarga enemies. These canine creatures are very elusive, only appearing primarily in one location. That location is the Fuschian Fields Secret Area in Millick Meadows. A pack of Jarack Vvarga can be found here surrounding a much larger Vvarga known as Wicked Wolf Aranqui. Any of these can drop the Horn you need for this Gem.

Myoot Beaks drop from the Myoot enemies inside of Origin. Myoot are strange bat-like creatures with huge wings that you can encounter in a few places. One common area is that Eruno Myoots roam around the Ferronis Assembly Bays. Defiled Ishtar flaps about near one of these Assembly Bays. 


Doublestrike X adds a 40% chance to strike twice per auto-attack. To unlock this Special Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need: 

  • 30 Vollgull Stormwind Wing (Legendary)
  • 30 Taos Wingtip (Legendary)
  • 30 Ekidno Jawbone (Legendary)
  • 30 Rainbow Darbus Crystal (Rare)
  • 30 Circular Speculatos Blade (Common)


Vollgull Stormwind Wings drop from a few sources, with one being scarier than the others. You can find that Wings drop either from the regular Vollgull enemies or from the Super Boss called Perilwing Ryuho. Regular Vollhull can be found in abundance at the Agnus Castle Barbican in Cadensia, specifically, Rafale Vollgull, who will be fighting will a few other monsters in the vicinity. Ryuho, on the other hand, is in Aetia, although to get to it you need to enter from Upper Aetia. Once again, Perilwing Ryuho is one of Aionios’ Strongest monsters and we advise checking out our guide on those bosses if you wish to take it on.

Taos Wingtips drop from another avian enemy, the massive Taos. These large birds can be found in a few places, but most prominently on Daedal Isle in Cadensia. On an elevated platform at the centre of the Isle, the Shelp Taos are resting in large numbers. At the apex of the incline rests Ragemaw Tempedlo, the Unique Monster variant of the Taos. 

Ekidno Jawbone drops from the hilarious-looking Ekidno, flying monsters with humongous chins. These can only be found in one area, one that will be nostalgic for fans of the series. On Hovering Reef 4 in the Keves Castle Region, Gladiis Ekidno flies about the skies. Deep in that Hovering Reef, at the end of a long path filled with Ekidno, you will find Blazing Karlos, the Unique Ekidno who roams around the Keves Castle area. 

Rainbow Darbus Crystal drops from the huge lizard-like Darbus. You will likely have seen plenty of  Darbus in your time in Aionios, especially when first venturing out of Colony 4 for the first time. The Lognate Darbus that stomp between the Rae-Bel Tableland and Colony 4 are the best source of Rainbow Darbus Crystals. If you want to try your hand at a tougher foe, Fang-King Clavein can be found in the Elagres Depths of Aetia and can also drop the Crystals.

Circular Speculatos Blade is the final component of this Gem. These drop from the Speculatos Levnis model of the Kevesi military, small robots with circular blades for weapons. A great number of these are operational inside Keves Castle, alongside other Levnis models and soldiers. The Black Triad Unique Monster group is waiting on the 3rd floor of Keves Castle.

Empowered Combo

Empowered Combo X boosts damage dealt by 75% when cancelling an attack. To unlock this Special Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Mineral Darbus Bone (Legendary)
  • 30 Eluca Silk (Legendary)
  • 30 Ropl Rock Fragment (Legendary)
  • 30 Kananus Razor Horn (Rare)
  • 30 Lightweight Velites Base (Common)
Empowered Combo

Empowered Combo

Mineral Darbus Bone is dropped from the previously discussed Darbus enemies. These big lizards like to roam the fields between Colony 4 and the Rae-Bel Tableland, although others can be found in areas such as Daedal Isle. Lognate Darbus can be found plentiful in these locations, whereas Fang-King Calvein lurks in the Elgares Depths in Aetia waiting for a challenger.

Eluca Silk drops from Eluca enemies. These may look like your average Caterpile but they are much more reclusive and more decorated, too. You will find a good group of them in the Anu Shoal area of the Erythia Sea. This is alongside Widdershins Radler, the Unique Eluca variant who lazily rests in the grass of the Shoal.

Ropl Rock Fragment drop from the large, funny-looking Ropl. These lizard-like enemies call a few areas of the game home, but most congregate in Aetia. Colnicas Ropl wander the Everblight Plain alongside some Bunnits, Fliers and Pippitos. A Unique Ropl awaits to the West, as Petrivore Judomar awaits on the Northward path from Colony Gamma. 

Kananus Razor Horns drop from the already discussed Kananus. These canine-like enemies are found only inside of Origin and a pack of Eruno Kananus is found near the Defence Tower #3 landmark. Their leader and Unique Monster, Thaumawolf Bajeek, is among them and any can drop the Razor Horns you need.

Lightweight Velites Bases come from another model of Levnis, this time the large, stocky Velites. A lot of Velites are inside Keves Castle, guarding the lower levels and storage area. A pair of Unique Velites called The Executioners are waiting on the 2nd Floor of Keves Castle.

Disperse Bloodlust

Disperse Bloodlust X reduces aggro generated from Arts by 45%. To unlock this Special Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Vollgull Masks (Legendary)
  • 30 Fleshy Blant Petals (Legendary)
  • 30 Antol Queen Compound Eye (Legendary)
  • 30 Antol Queen Shell (Rare)
  • 30 Ories Horns (Common)
Disperse Bloodlust

Disperse Bloodlust

Vollgull Masks drop from the massive avian Vollgull. To get your hands on the Masks, you can either challenge the Super Boss known as Perilwing Ryuho in the Aetia Region, or you can face the less intimidating regular Vollgulls. Rafale Vollgull perch outside of the Agnus Castle Barbican in Cadensia, fighting all other kinds of wildlife.

Fleshy Blant Petals drop from the sentient plants known as Blants. These monsters usually dwell in areas of abundant plant life or poison. The Jurass Blants flourish in the Cavern of Oblivion in Lower Maktha Wildwood, and the Raflas Blants lurk in the waters of the Nocclia Mire in Upper Aetia. A much more dangerous Blant is Gorgeous Mandora, a Unique Monster who also dwells in the Cavern of Oblivion surrounded by other Blants and can be tough to take down.

Antol Queen Compound Eye and Antol Queen Shell both drop from the Antol Queen enemies. Queen Antols lurk in only a few places in Aionios. The first is in the Antol Pit in Cadensia, where one or two Queens lay in wait alongside Spiky Aurelia. The other location in Cadensia is in a cave near the Cascade Crossroads landmark, where you will find Mhamamia Antols descending from the cavernous walls. 

Ories Horn drops from the Ories. Ories are snow-dwelling creatures found on the peaks of the Upper Aetia Region. Mant Ories peacefully roam around the snowy plains of Captocorn Peak, nearby where you enter from Cadensia. Nearby, Spiralhorn Baccro grazes, a much larger Ories who can also drop the Horns.

That is how to unlock every Level 10 Special Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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