Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Unlock All Level 10 Healer Gems

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you can craft special items called Gems which enhance certain parts of each of your characters. These will significantly boost their capabilities and make them excel in combat. Healers will see major benefits involving more healing and better revive abilities. Here's how to get all level 10 Healer Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Unlock All Level 10 Healer Gems

Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are an important way to subtly change how you play. They can improve characters’ roles and improve their abilities, so they’re worth investing in. 

Healers are the core of the party. They keep the Defenders healthy so they can continue tanking and the Attackers healed so they can continue dealing big damage. Healer Gems will increase the amount you can heal, the strength of your buffs and buffs related to reviving allies. All of these will prove useful in battles later on so they’re worth pursuing.

Gems can attain a max rank of level 10 which boast a large boost over their level 1 counterparts. If you want the level 10 variants, however, you have to put in a bit of work to get the materials required. 

Here’s how to unlock all the level 10 Healer Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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What are Gems?

Just in case you’ve forgotten, let’s quickly go over what Gems are and how they are categorised.

Riku crafts these Gems at several Rest Spots throughout Aionios. These Gems require a variable amount of monster parts, collectables and Ether Cylinders to create. 

There are 4 categories of Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, with 5 Gems in each category for a total of 20. The categories are:

  • Defender (Blue)
  • Attacker (Red)
  • Healer (Green)
  • Special (Yellow)

The Gems from each category are most suited to enhance the role’s capabilities that give the category its namesake (i.e Defender Gems will help Defenders primarily). However, any character can slot any type of Gem, no matter the type.

If you want to see guides on how to get level 10 for Attacker or Defender, you can find guides for those here on KeenGamer.

Crafting Gems Menu

Crafting Gems Menu

Gem Levels

Each Gem has a level. The lowest is 1 and the highest is 10. 

The higher the level of the Gem, the higher the bonus or benefit it gives. It also requires more materials which are usually much harder to find and acquire.

You don’t have to create a lower-tier Gem if you have the resources for a higher-tier one, either. If you have the resources for a level 10 Gem but not level 9, you don’t have to make the level 9. You can craft the level 10 Gem immediately. 

Gold Nopon Coins are also an option to purchase Gems. The higher the level, the higher the cost, bottoming out at 99 Gold Nopon Coins (the maximum you can hold) for a level 10 Gem. While not always feasible, it is an option if you have the cash.

List of Gems

List of Gems

All Healer Gems

There are 5 Healer-type Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are:

  • Lifebearer: Increases Healing.
  • Soothing Breath: When helping an incapacitated ally, revives them with more HP and also raises Healing.
  • Lifesaving Expertise: Boosts the speed of ally revival and also raises Healing.
  • Swelling Blessing: Boosts the power of buff effects issued by self.
  • Refined Blessing: Extends the duration of buff effects issued by self.

Healer Gems are best on Healer classes such as the War Medic or Medic Gunner. Different Healer classes will benefit from different Gems more than others so be sure to carefully choose what suits your party.

Now that we know the 5 Healer Gems you can acquire, what materials do you need to unlock them?



Level 10 Healer Gem Requirements

Each Gem asks for a different amount of materials to craft them. 2 different resources carry over between every type of Gem. 

Firstly, Ultra Pure Gemstones are required for every level 10 Gem. These are acquired from defeating Unique Monsters or opening containers. At the end of the game, when crafting level 10 Gems is possible, these will likely not be a limitation. You need for every Gem.

The other is that every Gem needs 3 Ether Cylinders. Cylinders are pretty easy to get your hands on, so make sure you know a place when you need to stock up. 


Lifebearer X increases Healing by 45 points. To unlock this Healer Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Silver Ravoon Bones (Legendary)
  • 30 Large Flamii Egg (Legendary)
  • 30 Imperial Taos Egg (Legendary)
  • 30 Moglum Lamp (Rare)
  • 30 Quadwing’s Indulgence (Common)


Silver Ravoon Bones drop from the sea monster-like Ravoon. These large reptilian monsters stalk the waters of the Erythia Sea. Ordinary Ugend Ravoon can be found relatively anywhere on the Erythia Sea with enough searching – you find one close to the cave exit from the City Docks by taking a left once you get to the main sea. If you want to challenge yourself, you can also fight the Super Boss Levialord Empireo for a chance at the Bones. This is one of Aionios’ Strongest monsters and is a struggle to take down. If you want more information on Empireo such as tips on how to beat it or what to use in the fight, check out our guide here on KeenGamer.

Large Flamii Eggs drop from the Flamii, birds reminiscent of a flamingo. There are a few species of Flamii around Aionios, such as the Resplendent Flamii in Pentelas’ Great Cotte Falls. However, near the start of the game in Aetia, there is a flock of Flamii in the stream south of the Hilltop Ferronis Hulk. Here you will find the Limdo Flamii as well as Migratory Circe, the Unique Flamii. Defeat any combination of these and you will get your eggs.

Imperial Taos Eggs also drop from a bird, this time the hulking Taos. These massive birds can only really be found at later stages of the game in Cadensia. On Daedal Isle, there is a massive flock of Shelp Taos on an elevated platform near the middle of the island. Guarding over them is Ragemaw Templedo, the Unique Monster version of a Taos. Any of these enemies will drop the Taos Eggs.

Moglum Lamps drop from the angler-fish-like Moglum. You’ll find these enemies only in Cadensia’s Erythia Sea. They are pretty sparse about the ocean (when compared to other enemies) but you can find some Grilan Moglum around the coastline of the island where Colony Mu is located. Aside from that, there is Talkative Dirakha on the far East of the Erythia Sea, hidden away in a cave.

Lastly, Quadwing’s Indulgence drop from another avian, the Quadwings. There are a few different Quadwing types but the most plentiful place to find them is on and around the massive tree roots leading to Lower Maktha Wildwood. Here you can find the Wizda Quadwings flying around. If you want to challenge the Unique Monster Quadwing, you’ll have to go to Fornis instead – specifically, the Elaice Highway near Colony Iota where Profound Hodzuki waits for you. 

Soothing Breath

Soothing Breath X means that when you revive an incapacitated ally, revive them with 45% more HP. It also raises Healing by 15 points. To unlock this Healer Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Gastrates Ether Furnace (Legendary)
  • 30 Marbled Quarmu Meat (Legendary)
  • 30 Sweet Pagul Body (Legendary)
  • 30 Obsidian Kananus Mane (Rare)
  • 30 Rich Quarmu Sea Milk (Common)
Soothing Breath

Soothing Breath

Gastrate Ether Furnaces drop from the Kevesi Gastrates, a type of Levnis. There’s a chance of finding a few of these around some late-game Kevesi squads or encampments (such as in the Erythia Sea) but the easiest place to find Gastrates is at Keves Castle. Specifically, you’ll want to head to the rear entrance for normal Gastrates. If you want to tackle the bigger Unique variant, approach Keves Castle from Cadensia and walk across the bridge to find Infiltrator Garnach. 

Marbled Quarmu Meat and Rich Quarmu Sea Milk both drop from the same monster. That is the sea-dwelling Quarmu, aquatic creatures who swim around the Erythia Sea. Mammon Quarmu are relatively common, especially close to Daedal Isle. The Unique Monster Quarmu, however, is found in Pentelas. At the Secret Area above the Great Cotte Falls, you will find the Aquatic Beasts, a pair of Quarmu. Defeating either of these will drop the Meat and Milk.

Sweet Pagul Bodies drop from the crab-like Pagul. These monsters can also be found in the Erythia Sea. After exiting the entrance to Erythia Sea, head immediately right to find a small set of shores along a cliff wall. Here you will not only find the Desert Pagul you need but also Littleford Morley, the Unique Pagul enemy. 

Finally, the Obsidian Kananus Manes drop inside of Origin. The Kananus are canine-like monstrosities in the same vein as all the other enemies in Origin. The easiest place to find them is behind the Defence Tower #3 Landmark. There you will see the Eruno Kananus as well as their Unique Monster leader Thaumawolf Bajeek. 

Lifesaving Expertise

Lifesaving Expertise X boosts the speed of ally revival by 45%. It also raises Healing by 15 points. To unlock this Healer Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Blessed Pippito Light (Legendary)
  • 30 Wisp Nectar (Legendary)
  • 30 Krammit Viscera (Legendary)
  • 30 Prized Merigna Salt (Legendary)
  • 30 Steel Urchon Scales (Legendary)
Lifesaving Expertise

Lifesaving Expertise

Blessed Pippito Light drops from the small ferret-like Pippito. These enemies are surprisingly hard to track down. You can find Qutorl Pippito in the Everblight Plain, nearby a bunch of Ropls, Bunnits and Fliers to the South-East. Additionally, Polka Pippito can be found in Cadensia, specifically near the Radial Outlook Secret Area. 



Wisp Nectar drops from the Wisps, flying bugs similar to the Flier and Skeeter-type enemies. The best place to go to farm these is the Elaice Highway near Colony Iota in Fornis. On an elevated platform near one of the Mechonis Fingers, you will find Amity Wisps as well as Crafty Anskey. Either of these enemies will drop the required Nectar.

Krammit Viscera drops from Krammits that roam about the Erythia Sea. These are similar to the Pagul and Krabble enemy types, save for their red bodies. Krammits are most easily found on an Island in the Erythia Sea to the North-East called Krezen Cliffs. Near the Fourth Pillar Remnant, on the shore, you will find the Rock Krammit enemies. Further inland, you can find Hardshelled Admory, the Unique Monster variant of the Krammit.

Prized Merigna Salt drops from the sea folk of Erythia Sea, the Merigna. These aquatic humanoids usually group up in packs which are made of different classes like Bard or Enforcer. The easiest place to find them (although they do travel all around the Erythia Sea) is in a small cove to the East, by the entrance to Levialord Empireo’s arena. This is Oshia’s Reef Ravine and inside you will not only find plenty of Merigna but also the Whirlpool Triumvirate, a group of three Unique Merigna who can drop the Salt.

Lastly, Steel Urchon Scales drop from the aptly named Urchon enemies, who are modelled after urchins. You can either find these enemies in the Erythia Sea, where the Spike Urchons roam on Daedal Isle. Or, you can go to Fornis and find the Mees Urchon alongside Dapper Sepiar in the Lace Subterranean Cave on the Rae-Bel Tableland. Any of these enemies drop you the Scales.

Swelling Blessing

Swelling Blessing X boosts the power of buff effects issued by self by 50%. To unlock this Healer Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Rainbow Darbus Crystal (Legendary)
  • 30 Mild Camill Powder (Legendary)
  • 30 Flier Pollen (Legendary)
  • 30 Ornate Moglum Coral (Rare)
  • 30 Glistening Krodlax Scales (Common)
Swelling Blessing

Swelling Blessing

Rainbow Darbus Crystals drop from the very large and imposing Darbus enemies. You will definitely have seen these are you go about your adventure in Aionios, as they are the large yellow dinosaur-looking creatures that stalk Fornis. Between Colony 4 and the Rae-Bel Tableland, you can find a lot of Lognate Darbus roaming. To fight a much tougher and Unique Darbus, you need to go to the Elagres Depths in Aetia. There you will find the Fang-King Clavein at the end of a mess of tunnels and corridors. 

Mild Camill Powder drops from the strange-looking Camill. These long-necked enemies roam around either Aetia, Fornis or Cadensia, depending on the type you are looking for. In Aetia, you will find the Glaw Camill in the Yzana Plains. Meanwhile, on Corne Island in Cadensia, you will find the Segaro Camill lurking about. Finally, the Unique Camill is called Sharpwitted Tracy and can be found right at the entrance to Fornis from the Aetia Region.

Flier Pollen drops, unsurprisingly, from Fliers. These small bugs like to fly around much like Skeeters or Wisps. A small group of these can be encountered in the Everblight Plain, in the South-East of the battlefield. Here you’ll find the Amity Fliers who drop the Pollen. Additionally, a bit further in the Aetia Region is Perturbed Bilkin nearby the Hilltop Ferronis Hulk. 

Ornate Moglum Coral drops from the previously mentioned Moglum fish enemies. These enemies can be found dotted around the Erythia Sea in Cadensia, usually surrounded by other aquatic enemies. One specific place to look for Grilan Moglum is around the shores of Colony Mu, where they can spawn by the Hidden Docks or just by the beaches. Additionally, Talkative Dirakha is a Unique Monster to the East of the Erythia Sea, hidden away in a cave, that also drops the Coral.

Last but not least, the Glistening Kordlax Scales drop from the Kordlax enemies. These little fish are hard to find out in the wild and only spawn in a handful of areas. The most prominent area is in the woodland surrounding the Le Garte Prison Camp – there are some puddles and pools of water where you can find some wild Kordlax swimming about. If you want a tougher opponent, Naval Gyrus can be found just North of Colony Mu, nearby where you go for Fiona’s 2nd Hero Quest.

Unique Kordlax Location

Unique Kordlax Location

Refined Blessing

Refined Blessing X extends the duration of buff effects issued by self by 50%. To unlock this Healer Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 30 Fine Ageshu Wings (Legendary)
  • 30 Volffskin (Legendary)
  • 30 Thick Moramora Fin (Legendary)
  • 30 Vokooku Backbone (Rare)
  • 30 Agnian Dog Tag (Common)
Refined Blessing

Refined Blessing

Fine Ageshu Wings drop from the sickly Ageshu of Lower Maktha Wildwood. These ill-looking avian monsters trounce around the poisonous pools of water all around Lower Maktha. On the lowest level, you can not only find the Etrekt Ageshu but also the Unique Monster Spartan Fennick, either of which drops the Wings you need.

Volffskin drops from the various Volff enemies that you encounter on your journey. These wolf monsters can be found all over Aionios, but the simplest place to find them is in the starting area of Aetia. Tougher Ugly Volffs roam the upper areas of the Everblight Plain, usually in small groups, which are easy enough to find. A larger Unique Volff can be found near the area where the Agnian and Kevesi protagonists meet for the first time. This is Lapdog Veece and it is also surrounded by a bunch of other Volffs.

Thick Moramora Fins drop from the strange, ancient Moramora. You can find this enemy type flying around the Keves Castle Region. A few Diver Moramora are flying around each of the different Hovering Reefs. Diabolical Rindolph is a Unique Moramora that is relatively close to where you first enter the Reefs, on the very first of the floating islands no less. Any of these enemies will drop the Thick Fins.

Vokooku Backbones drop from the Vokooku enemies inside of Origin. These creepy, metallic enemies are scattered about the facility but the easiest place to find them is at the North and South Shell Passages. The Unique Vokooku is called Desired Ouria and you will find it on the lower level of the Hangar area, outside of a large door leading outside.

Lastly, we have the Agnian Dog Tags. You earn these by simply defeating any form of Agnian Soldier, something you will be doing plenty of throughout the game. By endgame, you should have enough of these to not have to worry. In case you need a few more, there are patrols of Kevesi and Agnian troops fighting all over Aionios – back Keves and the enemies should drop the Tags you need.

That is how to level up every Healer Gem to Level 10 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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