Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Unlock All Level 10 Attacker Gems

Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are useful tools that augment your classes and roles. They provide many additional buffs and bonuses. The Attacker Gems are especially useful for the Attacker Classes so here's how to unlock all of the level 10 variants of the Attacker Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Unlock All Level 10 Attacker Gems

Gems have always been an important part of Xenoblade Chronicles, dating back to the Gem Crafting mini-game in the original game. Now, in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the process and their creation have been refined and simplified so that players can more easily get their hands on these powerful items.

Attackers are the party’s mainline attacking force, responsible for dealing big damage very quickly. The Attacker class of Gems allows for a wider range of capabilities for Attackers including higher Crit Rate, increased debuff duration and more. If you want to take on the hardest challenges that the game has to offer you, you can’t go wrong with these.

Level 10 is the highest rank of Gem, giving an ample amount of bonuses and a noticeable increase over their base buffs. Getting these level 10 Gems will require some graft, however, and farming some of the toughest monsters in the game.

Here’s how to unlock all level 10 Attacker Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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What are Gems?

Just in case you’ve forgotten, let’s quickly go over what Gems are and how they are categorised.

Riku crafts these Gems at several Rest Spots throughout Aionios. These Gems require a variable amount of monster parts, collectables and Ether Cylinders to create. 

There are 4 categories of Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, with 5 Gems in each category for a total of 20. The categories are:

  • Defender (Blue)
  • Attacker (Red)
  • Healer (Green)
  • Special (Yellow)

The Gems from each category are most suited to enhance the capabilities of the role that gives the category its namesake (i.e Defender Gems will help Defenders primarily). However, any character can slot any type of Gem, no matter the type.

If you want Guides for how to unlock the level 10 Defender Gems, you can find that here on KeenGamer.

Lotta Gems

Lotta Gems

Gem Levels

Each Gem has a level. The lowest is 1 and the highest is 10. 

The higher the level of Gem, the higher the bonus or benefit it gives. It also requires more materials which are usually much harder to find and acquire.

You don’t have to create a lower-tier Gem if you have the resources for a higher-tier one, either. If you have the resources for a level 10 Gem but not level 9, you don’t have to make the level 9. You can craft the level 10 Gem immediately. 

Gold Nopon Coins are also an option to purchase Gems. The higher the level, the higher the cost, bottoming out at 99 Gold Nopon Coins (the maximum you can hold) for a level 10 Gem. While not always feasible, it is an option if you have the cash.

Crafting Gem Menu

Crafting Gem Menu

All Attacker Gems

There are 5 Attacker type Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These are:

  • Steelcleaver: Increases Attack.
  • Accurate Grace: Increases Dexterity.
  • Analyze Weakness: Increases critical hit damage bonus.
  • Swelling Scourge: Boosts the power of debuffs applied to enemies.
  • Refined Incantation: Extends duration timers of debuffs applied to enemies.

These 5 Gems are all very useful on Attacker Role classes such as Yumsmith or Ogre. You’ll want to pick and choose which you want on each character according to their effects.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, how do we unlock the level 10 variants of each Gem?


Level 10 Attacker Gems Requirements

There are 2 common materials between every Gem: Ultra Pure Gemstones and Ether Cylinder.

You will find Ultra Pure Gemstones in chests and as rewards for defeating Unique monsters. By the end of the game, you should have a surplus of these and enough that crafting all 20 Gems should be possible.

Every level 10 also requires 3 Ether Cylinders to craft. Make sure that you have enough or that you know an Ether Channel to stock up on if you get low.




Steelcleaver X increases Attack by 70 points. To unlock this Attacker Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you will need:

  • 5 Ultra Pure Gemstones
  • 30 Royal Ardun Horns (Legendary)
  • 30 Great Feris Horn Pairs (Legendary)
  • 30 Zapneedle Marrin Carapaces (Legendary)
  • 30 Thick Rhinon Tail (Rare)
  • 30 Ulula Metal Fists (Common)


Royal Ardun Horns only come from one source. A powerful source. To get these you’ll need to defeat the Super Boss known as Kilocorn Grandeps, a level 95 Ardun in the Fornis Region. This is one of Aionios’ Strongest monsters. You can find our guide on where to find Grandeps (and the other Super Bosses) as well as tips on how to beat them here. You will likely have to fight him a lot to get enough Horns, so take your time and gear up.

Great Feris Horn Pairs drop from defeating powerful Feris. Any type of Feris in Aionios is liable to drop the Horns. The easiest places to find them are either the Rae-Bel Tablelands in Fornis (where the Robnos Feris and the Land Feris can be found at the Tilpa Scree and Pinasa Highland areas, respectively) or at the base of the Great Sword in Cadensia (where the Curran Ferris feast on their prey). The Unique monster Doomgang Caum on the Pinasa Highland will also drop the Great Feris Horn Pair.

Zapneedle Marin Carapaces drop from the Marin. The most prominent area with Marin is either the Erythia Sea (Osssyan Marin roams near the Second Pillar) or the Dannagh Desert (Eclipse Marin spawns near the edges of the map). There is a unique Marin boss called Dunesea Marcellus who drops the Carapaces too – you will find them in the Dannagh Desert in the middle of a massive sinkhole.

Rhinon Tails drop from the large Rhinon enemy type. While there are a few places that these pop up throughout the game, Armoured Rhinon enemies can be easily found in the path behind the Cradle Convoy Shelter Landmark in Cadensia. You travel here during the Side Story: Lanz quest. Foolhardy Saide is a unique variant of a Rhinon found at the end of the path leading South from the Shelter and they will also drop the Tails you need.

Finally, the Ulula Metal Fists are an item you pillage from two Agnian Levnis Unique monsters. The first is Bushwhacker Farritt who is found on the bridge connecting the Urayan Trail to the latter end of the Maktha Wildwood in the Pentelas Region. The second Unique monster is called Taskmaster Imperion and they can be found in Cadensia in the Ertyhia Relay Base. You come here several times throughout the story and on regular quests. Defeat them and you can claim your Ulula Metal Fists.

Accurate Gaze

Accurate Gaze X increases Dexterity by 45 points. To unlock this Attacker Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will need:

  • 5 Ultra Pure Gemstones
  • 30 Ulula Metal Fists (Legendary)
  • 30 Piercing Rhogul Quills (Legendary)
  • 30 Soft-Shelled Aligo Eggs (Legendary)
  • 30 Armoured Plambus Wings (Rare)
  • 30 Centuris Legs (Common)
Accurate Grace

Accurate Grace

Ulula Metal Fists, as previously described, drop from the Agnian Ulula Levnis enemies. Bushwhacker Farritt can be found on the bridge leading into Maktha Wildwood from the Urayan Trail in Pentelas. Meanwhile, Taskmaster Imperion is in the Erythia Relay Base in Cadensia.

Piercing Rhogul Quills drop from the flying Rhogul-type enemy. You can find Rhoguls in many places around Aionios and all of them should drop the item if you fight them. The easiest ones to farm are the Kanbat Rhoguls (which can be found at the top of the Great Sword Hilt from the Material Storage Warehouse) or the Sniper Rhoguls (found directly East of the Sparkling Pool Camp Rest Spot in the Maktha Wildwood). The Unique monsters Heavenrazor Egreet at the Cavity and Soaring Virion at the Great Cotte Falls in Pentelas also drop this item.

Soft-Shelled Aligo Eggs drop from the elusive Aligo. The easiest one to find is the Unique monster Massive Georges. You will find them in the Hidden Freshwater Inlet Secret Area in Pentelas. You can find regular variants of this enemy stomping around the waterfalls between the Aquifer Exhaust Landmark and Colony Lambda.

Armoured Plambus Wings come from the massive bugs found in the Erythia Sea. The main place to find these is on Daedal Isle where you will find several flapping about right after you spawn in from the First Pillar Remnant. The Unique monster who drops this item is Demonic Krenolur. You will find them amongst the other Plambus on Daedal Isle… only they are much bigger.

Lastly, Centuris Legs come from the Kevesi-type Centuris monsters. You will find a few of these stomping around the Cradle Convoy Shelter in Cadensia (where you go for the Side Story: Lanz quest) or at the back entrance to Keves Castle in the Keves Castle Region. Besieger Sheritt is a Unique Centuris hanging around the Urayan Trail, on the bridge connecting it to Maktha Wildwood – they will also drop you the legs you need.

Analyze Weakness

Analyze Weakness X increases the critical hit damage bonus by 70 percentage points. To unlock this Attacker Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you’ll need:

  • 5 Ultra Pure Gemstones
  • 30 Drague Everflame (Legendary)
  • 30 Sharp Hox Horns (Legendary)
  • 30 Arachno Pincer (Legendary)
  • 30 Ageshu Needleclaw (Rare)
  • 30 Gastrates Gun Turrets (Common)
Analyze Weakness

Analyze Weakness

Drague Everflame is an item that can be earned in two ways. The first is the Yolmun Drague enemy type in Lower Maktha Wildwood, by the poison lake. The second is much trickier – you’ll need to fight Dreadwyrm Nizoont, another one of Aionios’ Strongest. If you intend to fight Nizoont, remember to check out our guide on Aionios’ Strongest Super Bosses on where to find it and how to beat it. 

Sharp Hox Horns drop from the fluffy Hox-type enemies. The easiest ones to farm for this are the Ruffian Hox which are on the bank next to the Cascade Ferronis Hulk in Pentelas. Gallivanter Buckley, a Unique monster found on the path up from the Titan Rock Camp Rest Spot, also drops the Horns.

Arachno Pincers come, unsurprisingly, from the spidery Arachno enemies. There are 2 good locations to farm them. The first is in the Ether Mines. Take the same path as you took for Riku and Manana’s Hero Quest and you should find plenty of Army Arachno to chew through. The other area is in Lower Maktha Wildwood in the Cavern of Oblivion where you find General Arachno. 



Ageshu Needleclaws are creepy bird-like monsters that lurk in Lower Maktha Wildwood. The Etrekt Ageshu trounce around the poison swamps and pools of the Lower levels. Meanwhile, Spartan Fennick is a Unique monster variant of the Ageshu on the banks of the Lower Maktha Wildwood. 

Unique Ageshu Location

Unique Ageshu Location

The final piece of the puzzle is the Gastrates Gun Turrets. Gastrates are a massive Kevesi-type Levnis model and can be found in a few locations. The first is at the Keves Castle rear entrance as they are guarding the bridge. Infiltrator Garnach is defending the East bridge that leads to the Cadensia Region and it can drop the items you require.

Swelling Scourge

Swelling Scourge X boosts the power of debuffs applied to enemies by 50%. To unlock this Attacker Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need:

  • 5 Ultra Pure Gemstones
  • 30 Obsidian Kananus Manes (Legendary)
  • 30 Caterpile Antenna (Legendary)
  • 30 Grebel Carapaces (Legendary)
  • 30 Rare Urchon Eggs (Rare)
  • 30 Springy Medooz Bells (Common)
Swelling Scourge

Swelling Scourge

Obsidian Kananus Manes come from the final area of the game, Origin. Kananus are the canine-like creatures lurking around Origin’s halls. Eruno Kananus will lurk on the walkway behind the Defence Tower #3 landmark. This is also where you find Thaumawolf Bajeek, the unique monster version of a Kananus. Either of these enemies can drop the Manes you need.

Caterpile Antenna drops from the Caterpile bug enemy type. These are found all across Aionios and are quite easy to find. The easiest place to find them is in Bennel Cave, the place where you enter when running away from Ethel in Chapter 2. There are tons of Carrier Caterpiles around the room as well as the Unique monster Rambler Curalie which will both drop the Antenna.

Grebel Carapaces come from defeating the strange and small Grebel. A lot of Grebels can be found quickly in the Aetia Region, specifically near the climbing wall at Kamos Guidepost. Once you’ve completed the Hero Quest to recruit Segiri, you can also visit the old Colony 0 location to find a bunch of Kickitt Grebel. You will also find the Keen Kicky-Chicky Unique monster as well.

Rare Urchon Eggs drop from defeating the spikey Urchon enemies. There are 2 primary locations that you can visit to farm these. The first is in Rae-Bel Tableland, specifically The Lace Subterranean cave where you find Mees Urchons and Dapper Sepiar. The other location is the Erythia Sea where another Urchon type can be found, the Spike Urchons on Daedal Isle.

The Springy Medooz Bells drop from the weird alien-like Medooz. These are most commonly found in the Cadensia Region. A good group of them can be found directly next to the Headwater Camp area, specifically the Cherys Medooz. You’ll also find some more dangerous ones in the Malevolent Hollow area of Erythia Sea – these are Prink Medooz. The Unique monster called Spectral Remy, which can be found near the Cherys Medooz, also drops this item.

Refined Incantation

The Attacker Gem Refined Incantation X extends the duration timers of debuffs to enemies by 50%. To unlock this Gem, you’ll need:

  • 5 Ultra Pure Gemstones
  • 30 Enpedia Headpieces (Legendary)
  • 30 Merfrey Skulls (Legendary)
  • 30 Aspar Secretions (Legendary)
  • 30 Electrified Vvarga Skulls (Rare)
  • 30 Droid Tubes (Common)
Refined Incantation

Refined Incantation

Enpedia Headpieces only drop from one place: the giant Enpedia monsters in Origin. There are a number of these around Origin’s facilities, but the easiest ones to farm would be the Hyadet Enpedia that gathers in the Defense Tower #3 location. You’ll find 4 of them here. You can also try the Lower Hangar area for some more enemies of this type, as well as the Unique monster variation called Pressing Rafeel.

Merfrey Skulls come from the massive seahorse-like beasts that roam the Erythia Sea. You’ll often find Swimming Merfrey just out and about the sea. A group of them can be seen between the Atoll Ferronis Hulk and Daedal Isle. You can also fight Killhappy Brijaidor, a Unique monster found behind the Vinisog Holm Camp area.

Aspar Secretion comes from the snake-esque Aspar enemies – the ones that Eunie infamously despises. You can find most of these around the Fornis Region. Hazardous Jarrahed is a Unique monster relatively close to Colony 4 who will drop the Secretion. Other Aspars in the area includes Rattle Aspars while Growsa Aspars will be in the Dannagh Desert.

The Electrified Vvarga Skulls are a bit trickier to find. They belong to the Vvarga enemies, who will be on the Fuschian Fields Secret Area of the Aetia Region. Once you’re there, you’ll find a pack of them to beat alongside their boss, Wicked Wolf Aranqui. They all drop the Skulls you need.

Finally, Droid Tubes are in Origin. This item can be earned from a lot of different enemies in Origin, mostly the Humanoid-shaped monsters that you fight. Every area will have at least one enemy which drops these items, but the Hangar may be your best bet – you’ll find the Hollow Ones here, a Unique monster group which contains several who drop this piece. The other monsters include the Toray-type monsters, Zestamm-type monsters and Nos-type monsters.

There you have it! That’s how to craft every level 10 Attacker Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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