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The Best Midfielders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The engine of any footballing team lies in its midfield. This article should guide you about some of the best midfielders available in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode, ensuring you create enough attacking opportunities for your forwards as well as provide cover to your defense.

The Best Midfielders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Midfielders in FIFA 23 are composed of three main categories; namely, CDMs (Central Defensive Midfielders), CMs (Central Midfielders), and CAMs (Central Attacking Midfielders). Each of these play a critical role in the game, setting the tempo, dictating the play, breaking down counterattacks, and launching attacks of their own. Let’s take a look at the best midfielders in the game which you should definitely try to to acquire for your Ultimate Team. I will further divide them into the three afore-mentioned categories.

CDM (Central Defensive Midfielder)

CDMs have a number of roles to play. They simultaneously serve as an anchor for your team, connecting the defense with attack, and can also be instructed to drop between the 2 Central Defenders to provide extra protection to the goalkeeper.

Joshua Kimmich

Bayern’s ever-reliable Joshua Kimmich is the best in the business, boasting impressive stats in both defensive attributes such as interceptions, tackling and strength as well as general ones such as balance and ball control.

Kimmich and Casemiro are elite CDMs of the modern game.

Kimmich and Casemiro are elite CDMs of the modern game.


The Brazilian great may have left his best days behind at Real Madrid, but he is still one of the best in the world in his position. A defensive monster, few players in the game are as balanced as Casemiro. He excels in attributes such as strength and stamina, but something that really stands out is his aggression at 91! Truly a tough man to beat for any attacker in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

CM (Central Midfielder)

These are players who usually set the pace of the game and release dangerous balls for the runners in behind the defense. They also help out in defense when needed.

Keven De Bruyne

Probably the most in-form midfielder in the world right now, Kevin de Bruyne is the ultimate Assist King. There is no one better in FIFA 23 at passing, boasting an incredible number of 93 in this category! A must have for any serious contender in Ultimate Team.

De Bruyne and Modric are in a league of their own.

De Bruyne and Modric are in a league of their own.

Luka Modric

Luka Modric needs no introduction; he is arguably the greatest midfielder in the history of football. Even at the age of 37, he puts in incredible performances when it matters the most. No where was this more evident than in the last year’s Champion’s League campaign. As such, there’s no surprise that he has the high rating of 88 in FIFA 23. A well-balanced midfielder with good stats in attributes such as passing, long shots, and vision, he is an ever reliable player you can always count on in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.


CAM (Central Attacking Midfielder)

These are the players that bring the midfield to life and make lives easier for their forwards by chipping in with a number of goals. They bring alot of attacking threat although overusing them may be a liability for the defensive stability of the team.

Bernardo Silva

Manchester City’s versatile player is a left footed magician with an eye for goal as well as dangerous passes for the runners in behind. Add to this his deadly dribbling ability and you have an all round player. Complement him by pairing him up with De bruyne and watch as they tear the opposition apart.

The Deadly Portuguese Duo of Silva and Bruno.

The Deadly Portuguese Duo of Silva and Bruno.

Bruno Fernandes

The Portuguese is a threat for any team with his brilliant passing statistics as well as the deadly ability to find the back of the net from afar. I personally loved cutting inside to take right footed power shots from the edge of the box, scoring a few astounding goals in the process.


That’s all for my guide on the best FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Midfielders. While it may not instantly be feasible to purchase all these players, you should try to save up for them and acquire them as quickly as possible if you want to quickly advance up the FUT Divisions.

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