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The Best Forwards in Fifa 23 Ultimate Team

This guide will serve to inform you about the most lethal forwards available in the popular FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode, ensuring that you are able to carve apart even the sturdiest of defenses. It's a well-known fact that the FIFA 23 gameplay mechanics encourage goalscoring, so it's pivotal that you make the most of this imbalance, or your opponent certainly will!

The Best Forwards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

We can branch forwards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team into three broad categories: namely, LW (Left Winger), ST/CF (Striker/Centre Forward), and RW( Right Winger). Each has a different role in the tactical setup of your team, and a lot of this will depend on the formations you tend to use. Regardless, the players in the following list are among the highest rated in the game and, therefore, more than capable of excelling even when played out of their preferred positions. Without further ado, let’s analyze the best players in each of the three categories.

ST/CF (Striker/Centre Forward)

They are the focal point of your attack and usually your top goalscorers. Ideally, you will want to revolve your chances around these target men as they will usually convert thanks to their high positioning and finishing stats.

Kylian Mbappe

If you have the money to buy just one player, it has to be Mbappe. There is simply no other player in the game you would rather have than this guy. As FIFA’s poster boy for several editions now, EA has made sure to make him the most dangerous forward of the game (and slightly overpowered, too, in my opinion). With his blistering pace of 97, he will leave any defender in the dust. Add to this a deadly finishing rating of 93, and you have yourself an all-round threat capable of scoring solos for fun.

Kylian Mbappe, the one player you want on your team

Kylian Mbappe, the one player you want on your team

Karim Benzema

While he lacks the blistering pace of Mbappe, Benzema makes up for it with his improved passing statistics. This means you can also play him as a false 9, dropping back into the midfield to initiate attacks and free up space for his teammates. After a UCL campaign to remember the prior season, EA has done justice by making Benzema the joint highest-rated player of the game. He will hardly miss an opportunity once it presents itself.

Robert Lewandowski

Probably the deadliest finisher in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the machine, as he is often called, is a monster in front of the goal. With a positioning rating of 94, he will almost always be in the right place at the right time, which basically means – he is going to score a lot of goals. He is no slouch when it comes to long shots either; this is where his shot power of 91 will come in very handy. He is also more than capable of passing his way around tight spaces. In my opinion, with Robert Lewandowski in your lineup, you are guaranteed at least a goal before the game starts.

Two of the deadliest finishers in the game

Two of the deadliest finishers in the game

LW (Left Wingers) and RW (Right Wingers)

Wingers are tasked with the essential role of providing the width in attack, stretching opposition defenses in order to create gaps for the strikers to attack, and chipping in with a few goals as well. What are some essential things you should look for in a winger? Well, the first obvious one is speed, as you will need this to make runs in behind the defense. Apart from this, you ideally want high dribbling and agility to snake your way past 1v1 battles. You can’t do much better than the wingers in the following list.

Left Wingers

Neymar Jr

Even after suffering a drop in his ratings, the electric Brazilian is still the best-left winger in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. He has an incredible dribbling stat of 95, allowing him to glide past defenders with ease provided you use him right. he is also a great passer of the ball; use this for quick one-twos with teammates to destabilize defenses and get through on goal. In addition, his ability to cross is pretty good, too, allowing you to create heading opportunities for a big striker upfront.

Heung Min Son

One of the best players in the English Premier League for some time now; EA finally did justice to Son by giving him a rating of 89 this time around. He has excellent pace to run up and down the flank, exceptional finishing ability, and is a long-shot specialist. He will definitely chip in with a few goals every now and then. With Son in your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, your left-wing position is in good hands.

Dazzle the wing with these two

Dazzle the wing with these two

Right Wingers

Mohammed Salah

The Egyptian King, as he is so often called, is a menace for any defender to deal with. His 91 sprint speed, combined with an excellent balance and dribbling ability, allows him to get into ideal positions in front of goal, from where he can then use his deadly finishing ability to score a multitude of goals.

Lionel Messi

Despite a poor first season at his new club Paris Saint Germain – at least by his exceptional standards – Lionel Messi was always going to be one of the highest-rated players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team thanks to his status as arguably the Greatest of All Time. He is the one exception in this list of wingers in that he has a relatively low sprint speed of 76, but his impressive all-round stats more than make up for this. He is among the best passers in the game, both short and long, meaning he is more than capable of playing in an advanced midfield role. His finishing ability is on par with the likes of Benzema and Lewandowski, so you might as well deploy him as the main striker if you want to. Not to mention his lethal dead ball specialty. Lionel Messi is the most complete player on this list.

The Egyptian King and the GOAT

The Egyptian King and the GOAT


That’s about all for my FIFA 23 Ultimate Team forwards guide. While it won’t be possible for you to purchase these players instantly, try to get them as quickly as possible, for they certainly bolster your chances of finding the back of the net.

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