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The Best Defenders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

This guide should serve to inform you about some of the best defenders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, ensuring your team isn't carved apart by dangerous opposition attacks. While scoring goals in FIFA Ultimate Team is of utmost importance, you aren't going to get far in FUT Divisions without a solid backline, and that's where this guide will come in handy.

The Best Defenders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

There are several different categories of defenders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, each with its roles to play. Fullbacks charge up and down the field to help in defense and provide width in attack; Center Backs are tasked with stopping any attacks from the middle, while wingbacks are a cross between wingers and fullbacks. What they all have in common, however, is the objective of stopping the opponent from scoring. Here are some of the best FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players in these positions.

CB (Center Backs)

These are the team’s backbone and are often the last line of defence. In addition to breaking down opponent attacks through their standing and sliding tackles, they can also play out from the back if you are a possession-based player.

Virgil Van Dijk

The Dutch giant is not only the highest-rated base defender in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team but also among the best-rated players in general. Van Dijk boasts impressive strength and tackling statistics of 93 and 92, respectively, making him a tough customer to beat, even for the game’s best forwards. In addition, he is among the best in the air in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with excellent numbers of 87 and 88 in Heading Accuracy and Jumping, respectively.

Virgil Van Dijk and Marquinhos

Virgil Van Dijk and Marquinhos


Paris Saint Germain’s captain is a must-have for your squad, thanks to his excellent all-around defensive statistics. His outstanding defensive awareness of 90 helps him break down attacks at the source, while his 89-tackling ability makes him an almost unbreakable wall if used correctly. He is also strong in the air and can chip in with a few goals from corner kicks.


Ruben Dias

Manchester City’s ever-reliable Ruben Dias is not only a defensive rock but also Pep Guardiola’s disciple, capable of playing the ball out from the back, thanks to his decent passing statistics. He isn’t a bad header of the ball either, with an 87-rated Heading Accuracy, so make sure to make use of this on both sides of the field.

Ruben Dias and Antonio Rudiger

Ruben Dias and Antonio Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger

What sets Real Madrid’s new signing from the other Centre Backs in this list is his incredible sprint speed of 91. This makes him capable of playing as a fullback as well. Combine this with his excellent tackling ability, strength, and aggression, and you have a wall in defense.

LBs and RBs (Left Backs and Right Backs)

It’s important not to limit your fullbacks’ potential by restricting them to the defense. Instead, they should occasionally join the attack as they can make a difference for their forwards by playing a dangerous cross or creating space for them by occupying the opposition’s defense.

The player’s in the following list may also be used as wingbacks if you prefer playing in 3 or 5 at-the-back systems.

Joan Cancelo

It’s no surprise that Joan Cancelo is among the highest-rated players in the game. While he has pretty good defensive statistics, such as in the attributes of standing and sliding tackles, he is excellent in charging down the field to help with the attack thanks to his Sprint Speed, Dribbling, 88-rated crossing ability, and very high stamina. I consider him indispensable for any serious player.

Andrew Robertson

While not as explosive as Joan Cancelo, Andrew Robertson isn’t a half-bad left back, with a rating of 87! I would say he is more solid in defense than Cancelo but not as much of a threat going forward. Nevertheless, an excellent player for any FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Player.

The two best Left Backs in the game

The two best Left Backs in the game

Trent Alexandar Arnold

Trent is probably the most attack-minded fullback, not just in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but also in real-world football. While not the fastest in attack, he makes up for it with his excellent vision, crossing, and long passing, as seen in the graphic below. Playing Cancelo at LB and Trent at RB is a lethal combination for any opposition and will make the job for opposition fullbacks very difficult.

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker is one of the fastest players in the game, with an incredible Sprint Speed of 94! This allows him to make up for his not-so-great defensive and attacking awareness. He is great to have as an extra player in attack as well. My advice would be to set him to make overlapping runs behind the defense to get the best out of lightning pace.

The two best Right Backs in the game

The two best Right Backs in the game


Right, that’s about it for my guide on the best defenders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. While whether or not you concede a goal comes down to a lot of other factors, such as the player’s ability and playstyle, you can significantly boost your chances of keeping a clean sheet by investing in these top players.