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How To Claim Amazon Prime Gaming Free FIFA 23 Packs

Amazon Prime Gaming gives away free FIFA 23 packs besides distributing free games each month. FIFA 23 players can now earn rewards and claim special packs in FUT 23 as Amazon Prime members. Here's how to get Amazon Prime Gaming's free FIFA 23 packs.

How To Claim Amazon Prime Gaming Free FIFA 23 PacksFIFA 23 is live now, and fans have already begun their journey through Ultimate Team. If you are one of these fans and want to improve your chances of making the best team, you probably won’t turn down Amazon Prime Gaming’s offer of free FIFA 23 packs.

Amazon has added FIFA 23 to its Prime Gaming rewards lineup. Thus, FIFA Ultimate Team players are able to get free packs each month starting on October 17. This special offer includes 12 reward packs and will be distributed each month.

For instance, Amazon Prime gives a pack with 7x Gold Rare Players, 2x Player Pick with min OVR 81+, 12x Rare Consumables, and 1x Kylian Mbappe 5 games on a loan card in October 2022. Here is a guide where you can learn how to claim Amazon Prime Gaming free FIFA 23 packs.

How To Claim Amazon Prime Gaming Free FIFA 23 Packs

Amazon Prime Gaming Free FIFA 23 Packs

Prime Membership Required

First of all, you’ll need a Prime membership to get these FIFA Ultimate Team rewards, as in Amazon Prime Gaming’s free games campaign. 

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, you can sign up and start your Prime membership on Prime Gaming’s website. Amazon also offers a 30-day trial for Prime membership. After your 30-day trial, don’t forget to renew your membership and check its status so you can get free FIFA 23 rewards in the months to come.

You Need To Link Your Amazon Prime Account to Your EA Account

To be able to access the claimed FUT rewards, you need to link your Amazon Prime account to your EA account. 

After linking your account, you can head back to the Prime Gaming website. Then, click the “In-game content” tab and find FIFA 23 Prime Gaming Pack. Once you choose EA Sports FIFA 23, you can claim the current month’s free reward pack.

After claiming the free reward pack, launch FIFA 23 and select the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Once you are on the FIFA Ultimate Team home page, navigate to the Store and then select My Packs. Your Amazon Prime Gaming Pack should be in the My Packs area of your account. It should be noted that it may take up to an hour for content to be sent to your account.

You should also be careful while linking your accounts because you have only one chance to unlink your accounts once every six months. If you accidentally linked the wrong EA account, you should know that your reward will be accessible only on the first platform you log into.

How To Claim Amazon Prime Gaming Free FIFA 23 Packs

FIFA 23 was released on September 30

Where To Get FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 is going to be the last game in Electronic Arts’ famous series. After FIFA 23 was released, EA Sports had confirmed that its relationship with FIFA ended. But this doesn’t mean EA Sports will not release a successor to the FIFA series. The company will launch a new gaming title called EA Sports FC, and it will be the next FIFA game. 

The final FIFA title, FIFA 23 was released on September 30, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on PS Store, Xbox One and Series X/S on Xbox Store, PCs on Steam, Epic Games, and EA App, and Nintendo Switch on Nintendo Store.

Although the game is available on Nintendo Switch, the Amazon Prime free FIFA 23 pack offer is not available on Switch.  

Also, you can’t reach your reward on multiple platforms. The content you claim will only be available on the first platform you log into with your linked EA account. So you should choose your platform wisely.

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