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FIFA 23 Guide – AcceleRATE Feature and the Overpowered Lengthy Style

FIFA 23's Accelerate and Lenghty Features. Here's how they work and why you need to use them.

Electronic Arts’ popular football title FIFA releases new and exciting features for players to learn and explore. The latest instalment of the game is no different. The game shows off its tweaked formation system in FIFA Ultimate Team and its newly combined Pro Clubs and Volta Football modes. However, catching the attention of players online today is the new running feature called AcceleRATE, and the style Lengthy.

What is AcceleRATE in FIFA 23?

AcceleRATE gives agile players an edge over short distance, but allows stronger players the advantage over a long distance. The goal here was to allow a better range of “meta” players within the game, making it more diverse. However, FIFA content creators such as Craig “Nepenthez” Douglas note that the “Lengthy” AcceleRATE feature is powerful in the current state of the game. Additionally, in this detailed video, the content creator explains Lengthy players and why they may be problematic.  

Let's talk about "Lengthy" players...

In a Pitch Notes post by gameplay producer Thomas Caleffi, the team had this to say about the new AcceleRATE feature:   

AcceleRATE is an expansion to our player movement system, dividing players into unique archetypes. This enables us to showcase personality in player acceleration to improve the viability of different player types in FIFA 23.

The team at EA Sports are recreating a true-to-life experience in their FIFA title. Many football fans will know that tall, strong players aren’t always the slowest. More details and the comments made by Caleffi can be read in the games Pitch Notes Deep Dive.

Who can be Lengthy in FIFA 23?

With the popular Lengthy style dominating on the pitch you may be wondering: who can be Lengthy? Well, to achieve the Lengthy style, a play\er must have over 65 strength, 55 Acceleration, and a score greater than 14 when deducting the player’s agility from their strength. Now, while this is a taxing piece of math to work out for each player, websites such as FUTBIN have automatically calculated every player running style and how they can be altered by chemistry styles.

How to Make Players Lengthy in FIFA 23

Chemistry styles can prove to be very useful in altering a player’s AcceleRATE style. For example, Karim Benzema has a standard AcceleRATE style of Controlled. However, with the addition of an Architect chemistry style, he becomes Lengthy.

The Architect Chemistry Style Used to Make Benzema Lengthy

This same use of chemistry styles can make controlled players Explosive, usually with the Artist chemistry style. A simple way to explore the system and how chemistry styles alter is to use FIFA database websites, like FUTBIN. This can be done manually in-game, however, the hard work has already been done.

Why You Want to Choose Lengthy Players for your Team

Lengthy players are overpowered in the current FIFA Ultimate Team gameplay meta. They can catch and overtake almost any Controlled and Explosive player. For example, Ruben Dias in almost all cases would catch a player such as Mbappe, even though Dias is 34 pace slower. This system makes typically weak players in FIFA viable and in some cases, meta.

Kroos and Casemiro are players who come to mind when imagining players who have high ratings in FIFA, 88 and 89 respectively, but are rarely used due to their slow pace. Now, these players are useful as Lengthy eliminates the need for a very high pace, allowing their exceptional passing and defending stats to shine. For this reason, Lengthy players are beneficial to have in your Ultimate Team.

FIFA’s Updates to AcceleRATE

Post-launch the FIFA direct Twitter channel tweeted that it had updated pre-launch AcceleRATE values.

What’s Next for AcceleRATE and Lengthy?

It has yet to be determined what effects this new feature will have on the game going forward. But as of now, the Lengthy playstyle remains an overpowered feature in FIFA 23, and one that should keep those Lengthy players in your team for the foreseeable future.