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FIFA 23 Trophies and Achievements Guide

Check out FIFA 23 trophies and achievements guide to see how far you can go in the latest game of the FIFA series! You'll learn how many achievements and trophies are in the game as well as how you can unlock them.

FIFA 23 Trophies and Achievements Guide

FIFA 23 is the last game of EA’s FIFA series because the licensing deal between EA and FIFA comes to the end. Even though FIFA 23 will be the end of the era, EA Sports have not backed out on giving their best in it. With gameplay enhancement, reworked VOLTA mode, and the crossplay feature, FIFA 23 is definitely something football fans would want to play.

If you are one of these fans, you may want to know what are the achievements and trophies in FIFA 23 and how to unlock them. There are 40 trophies on PlayStation and 39 trophies on PCs and Xbox. 15 trophies in Pro Clubs/VOLTA, 12 in Ultimate Team, five in Gameplay & Skill Moves, four in Kick-off & Tournaments, and three in Career Mode. These 39 Achievements will also give you 1000 Gamerscore to obtain.

Here are FIFA 23 Trophies and Achievements you can collect and how you can unlock them.

Achievements & Trophies Gamer Score Trophy Type How To Unlock Guide
Volta’s Best 15G Bronze Reach 90 overall with your avatar in VOLTA Football. Select Battles in VOLTA mode and enter the match with your VOLTA character. If you win the match, you will get skill points. Then you can spend your skill points on a skill tree to improve your overall. Repeat these steps until you reach 90 points overall.
Teamwork works 15G Bronze Play and win a VOLTA Squads match together with three friends. You must win a match in any of Volta Squads’ modes with a squad controlled by three other players, which means a team controlled by a total of four players.
Fresh Fit 15G Bronze In VOLTA mode, switch from one item to another in the “Outfits” menu. Change to any unlocked costume in the ‘Outfits’ page using your VOLTA avatar in FIFA 23 VOLTA FOOTBALL mode.
Shop till you drop 15G Bronze Purchase an item in the VOLTA Shop. You should first acquire Volta Coins (VC) by participating in VOLTA matches. After that, go to VOLTA’s Shop and purchase any item.
Dead-ball specialist 15G Bronze Score a free-kick goal. Score a free-kick goal in a match against AI, online players, or anybody else.
Intuition and Execution 15G Bronze Win a penalty shootout without missing a single shot. Play a normal match that ends in a 0-0 tie. Then get in the subsequent penalty shootout and make sure you score all of your penalties.
Training Addict 15G Bronze Complete all Skill Games in the Main Menu. You should complete all categories in the Skill Games, which can be accessed via the FIFA Main Menu to achieve this achievement.
Power Shot 15G Bronze Make a powerful shot. During a match, score your opponent with a power shot.
Bring it on 15G Bronze Win a match in any offline mode using Competitive Master settings.

Navigate to the Settings tab on the Main Menu.

Choose Customise Settings, then Controller Settings.

Turn on the Competitive Master switch in this tab.

Now, play an offline match with the modified configuration saved.

The Winning Formula 15G Bronze Create a squad with 33 Chemistry Points on FUT. In FUT, choose a league and add 11 players from that league to your team. To get maximum chemistry of 33, ensure that all players appropriately fit into all eleven slots in your formation.
Tactical Tinkerer 15G Bronze Create a unique tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team. Navigate to the FUT menu. To see your active squad, press L2. Then press L2 once again to access the Custom Tactics menu. Make any changes to the formation and save.
Safe House 15G Bronze Play a FUT Friendlies match with any House Rule. In the FUT menu, go to Online. Then, select FUT Friendlies. Begin any type of match with an online opponent. You will receive the trophy regardless of the outcome of your match.
Parking the Bus 15G Bronze In FUT Squad Battles, you must have 10 clean sheets. You should play Squad Battles in FUT on the easiest difficulty and finish the match with a clean sheet. Continue playing matches until you achieve this result ten times.
A Moment of Your Time 15G Bronze Complete one FUT Moment. Select Moments from the FUT menu. Choose a matching task and finish its prerequisites.
Tune Your Club 15G Bronze In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, play at least one match with three distinct goal songs. Play a match in a stadium with at least three different goal songs.
Becoming Unplayable 15G Bronze On Pro Clubs, unlock all of the attributes inside a talent tree. To get skill points, you must first play matches, skill games, and VOLTA mode matches. When you have 29 skill points, go to Pro Clubs and buy all the traits in the My Pro Skill Tree.
First of Many 15G Bronze In a Pro Club season, win your first league match. Create a Pro Clubs team. Then play and win a league match with it during a Pro Club Season.
Full-House 15G Bronze In Pro Clubs, complete a Cup House Rules Match. First, become team captain.
After becoming captain, click Match Type in Pro Clubs Settings. Change it to a Cup match. Return to Pro Clubs and select Play. Find and play the Cup Match to win the trophy.
Specialist 15G Bronze Unlock an Archetype in Pro Clubs. Pro Clubs require skill-pointed archetypes. Spend four skill points and unlock the first defense skill tree on any player in the My Pro tab to do this quickly and cheaply.
Multitasking 15G Bronze In a season, complete ten activities. In Career Mode, you have to do ten things that aren’t on the field, like visiting a teammate who is hurt or buying new clothes.
Life-Like 15G Bronze Finish a season with a real-life manager and his real-life team. From the Main Menu, select Career mode. Select a Manager Career and a real-life manager and a team. Then begin the mode and finish the season.
Aiming High 15G Bronze Complete ten Enhanced Objectives across all games. When you first start a match, seek Enhanced Tasks, which are hard objectives that give high experience.
In any given match, you must complete ten of these objectives.
Best of Five 15G Bronze Play five H2H matches with a friend in Kick Off. Play and finish five matches in which two teams are controlled by two controllers or separate people using SharePlay.
Football is Everything 25G Bronze Play and finish a women’s international football game. Choose any two women’s international teams in a Classic Match option from the Main Menu. Take part in the international match.
On the way up 30G Silver Attain Level 7 in VOLTA FOOTBALL or Pro Clubs in a season. To reach level 7 in VOLTA FOOTBALL or Pro Clubs, you must constantly fulfill missions and earn 20,400 XP.
Sharing is Caring 30G Silver Purchase a sharing item from VOLTA Shop. To get this achievement, purchase one shareable item from VOLTA Shop, such as a hat or facial accessories.
Squad Building Connoisseur 30G Silver Complete the 10 Squad Building Challenges in FUT. On FUT, complete the Roster Building Challenges 10 times with a squad of up to 11 players.
In Cahoots 30G Silver Play and win 10 Co-Op games with online friends in FUT Squad Battles or FUT Division Rivals. Begin a Co-op lobby with a friend and choose Squad Battles. Play ten games and win them all.
Momentous Achievement 30G Silver Earn 100 Stars in FUT Moments. Play FUT Moments match tasks until you reach 100 stars.
I Played Them All 30G Silver Complete milestone 3 in a FUT Division Rivals season. To get milestone 3, you must play 90 matches in a single FUT Division Rivals season.
Let the Games Begin 30G Silver Accumulate the necessary FUT Champions Qualification Points to enter the FUT Champions Play-Offs. To qualify for the FUT Champions Play-Offs, you should earn 1,250 FUT Champions Qualification Points by playing matches with division rivals.
Make the Grade 30G Silver Earn an ‘A’ in a Pro Clubs Skill Game. Complete an “A” skill game in Pro Clubs.
Dazzling Personality 30G Silver Develop a dominant personality attribute over 75% of the time. Start a Player Career. One of the three personality traits will increase significantly faster than the other two as you proceed in this mode. Your dominant trait is the one that grows the fastest.
You must continue to play and progress in this mode until you reach 75% in this dominant personality feature.
Balanced Path 30G Silver Achieve 40% Personality Points in any two personalities. To improve two personality traits by more than 40 percent at the same time, you need to do good things on and off the field.
Girl Power 30G Silver Play in a competition with a Women’s League team and win it. From the Quickplay Modes menu, you can start a new tournament. Choose a Tournament and click Custom Tournament. Join the tournament and win with a team of women.
High Grades 30G Silver Earn an ‘A’ during the transfer negotiation of a Manager Career. Participate in the transfer negotiations of a Manager Career with a player and his representatives. To obtain an ‘A’ rating, use solutions that keep both the agent and the player happy during the discussion.
Full Wardrobe 90G Gold Buy and unlock 50 unique vanity items. You must purchase 50 different vanity things such as hairstyles, tattoos, apparel, footwear, and so on.
The Chosen One 90G Gold Make 200 club appearances with a player in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Play a player in at least 200 FUT matches.
European Legend 90G Gold Win the UEFA Champions League Final. The most straightforward way to achieve this is to navigate the Main Menu. Select Kick-Off. Choose a Cup Final and the UEFA Champions League Final. You must play and win the final regardless of match duration or difficulty.
Accolade Collector Platinum Unlock all other trophies  

The final entry of the well-known football-based FIFA series of Electronic Arts, FIFA 23 was released on September 30, 2022, and is available on Steam and EA App for PCs, on PS Store for PS4 and PS5, and on Xbox Store for Xbox One and Series X/S.

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