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FIFA 23 FUT Centurions: What to do and What to Avoid

Here's everything you need to know to navigate the new FUT Centurions event in FIFA 23. Here you'll find what SBCs and players you need to complete, what you need to avoid, and what to save for the upcoming Team of the Year event.

FIFA 23 FUT Centurions What to do and What to AvoidWith 2022 closing out and the World cup events concluding, it’s time for the latest and likely final event before Team of the Year: FUT Centurions. Centurions is a brand-new event coming to FIFA 23 with a never-before-seen card design and simple idea. A focus on the number 100. We are likely to see the usual suspects now when it comes to FIFA events with a host of SBC content, daily and event-long objective content, a full new Centurions Team with several mini releases throughout the event, and, of course, new packs in the store. Let’s get into what’s released so far. 

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FUT Centurions Team 1  

Centurions team 1 contains a mixed bag of players. We have the exceptional Centurions Neymar and Ben Yeder, two very nice cards. The team also consists of a few average cards such as Alexander-Arnold, Vardy and Kimpembe. These cards aren’t great but would be nice to receive untradeable. The rest of the team 1 is relatively weak with players such as Arnold, Neuhaus, Joaquín and Pellegrini. We would be looking for a much better showing with team 2 on the 13th of January.  

Objective Content  

So far, we have a FUT Centurions Peter Gulácsi with relatively easy objectives. Gulácsi received this card for reaching 100 appearances in the Bundesliga for RB Leipzig. You’ll be happy to know this card can be obtained in Squad Battles by completing the following objectives: Score 8 goals in squad battles using players from the Bundesliga, make 4 assists with defenders, score a finesse goal in 3 separate matches and win 6 matches in total.  

Centurion Gulácsi Objective

Centurion Gulácsi Objective

Overall, Gulácsi shouldn’t cause too much trouble. All these challenges can be completed on semi-pro difficulty with a host of pack rewards for each step. We can expect further objective releases during the event with another player objective dropping with team 2.  

SBC content 

Daily SBCs 

Throughout the FUT Centurions event we can expect daily SBCs with pack rewards and likely some players too. Currently, we have the Centurions Challenge 1 SBC. This SBC is relatively simple with a basic reward of a 2 Rare Player Pack, requiring a team of max 2 leagues, minimum 7 nations, 2 players from the same club and a squad rating of over 65. This will be easy enough with silver or low-rated gold fodder cards.  

FUT Centurions Challenge 1 available  in the SBC tab

FUT Centurions Challenge 1 available in the SBC tab

These events will drop daily with a chance at pack rewards. Due to the fact there’s no swaps content during this event we can expect to receive better rewards from SBC content. As the event progresses, there will be a high likelihood of content such as Icon player picks and high-rated player packs like those dropped during Winter Wildcards.

100 Players Upgrade  

For the rather pricey cost of an 85, 84 and 83 rated squad, you can earn yourself a rare players pack with 20 silver rare players and 80 gold rare players. I would not recommend this pack. The likelihood of you returning enough players to cover the cost of the 85 and 84 rated squads is very minimal and, therefore, too big a risk to merit the investment. If you feel like taking the gamble, then try it out. I would suggest waiting for bigger and better in the future.  

FUT Centurion Mahrez 

Regarding our first player SBC we have FUT Centurions Riyad Mahrez. This card looks great. He can play on the wing as a Right Winger and more centrally as a Center Attacking Midfielder. Without fodder players he will cost in the region of 250k coins, making him rather pricey, but for that price you get a great winger or midfielder with a fantastic league and 5-star skills.

FUT Centurion Riyad Mahrez in the SBC tab

FUT Centurion Riyad Mahrez in the SBC tab

Here’s how to get Mahrez. Firstly, you’ll need to complete an 87-rated squad with a minimum of one player from the Premier League. Secondly, you’ll need an 86-rated team with an in-form player, and finally, an 84-rated overall team that contains one Manchester City player and 1 player whose minimum overall is 86 or higher.  

This SBC shouldn’t be too costly to complete assuming you have lots of fodder from the recent World Cup and Winter Wildcard events. However, with the likelihood of better SBCs coming later and the looming Team of the Year event, you may want to think twice about dropping those high rated cards right now for Mahrez. Should you love the player then go for it. Mahrez is a great card. But, if you’re looking for the best of the best, I would wait for better to come very soon.  

FUT Centurion Terrier 

Now to our second SBC player, FUT Centurion Martin Terrier. Terrier is relatively cheap for his rating and stats, costing around 45k coins to complete. My only caveat with completing this Terrier is that he already has an 87 Player of the Month that most people likely completed due to how cheap it was. If you didn’t complete 87 Terrier, I would suggest completing this card to have him in your club for possible future teams and SBCs you may complete.  

FUT Centurion Martin Terrier in the SBC tab

FUT Centurion Martin Terrier in the SBC tab

Store content 

During the Centurions promo we can expect lots of daily pack content. So far, EA have released the Centurions Essentials Pack which contains 10 rare gold players with 3 guaranteed to be rated 85 or higher. With this pack being on a 3-day cycle we can expect more to come. We are likely to see lightning round packs everyday around the regular content drop time in your location; 6:00 PM GMT.  

Centurions Essentials Pack Available on the Store

Centurions Essentials Pack Available on the Store

I wouldn’t recommend buying pack content in general, but especially right now with the current Centurions team being very weak. If you want to spend real money on FIFA 23, I suggest waiting for the Team of the Year to drop when you have the highest likelihood of getting a player that will be worth the most coins.  

New FUT Hero Ledley King 

Unexpected to everyone, EA have released a new FUT Hero with Tottenham Hotspur and England defender Ledley King now entering the game. King is a very good base card; however, he is just falling behind the current power-curve in the game. He will still be a very reliable and decent player, but for the top bracket, he’s slightly falling behind.  

FUT Hero Ledley King in the Moments Tab

FUT Hero Ledley King in the Moments Tab

If you want to give King a try before you buy you can earn a 7-game loan version of the Hero in the Star Gallery under the Moments tab.  

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