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FIFA 23: The Complete Shooting Guide

Attacks aren't much use if you can't finish your chances; therefore, it's essential you know what type of shot to use according to the situation. Not to mention that an excellent finishing ability can completely turn the game's tide and help you snatch a victory from a completely losing position. Let's take a look at how to maximize your efficiency in front of goal.

FIFA 23: The Complete Shooting Guide

Shooting in FIFA 23 is a skill that is easy to learn but hard to master. Many players neglect this part of the game, relying on instinct and luck as they hold down the shot button to release a shot hoping it will somehow find the back of the net. While this may sometimes work, often, it will be saved by the goalkeeper due to its lack of accuracy. Let’s look at the different options available to you when you find yourself in a shooting position and how to make the best use of these circumstances.

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Normal Shot

The most basic shot type at your disposal and the one everyone is familiar with. Simply pressing and holding the shot button will launch a shot toward the opponent’s goal. The longer you hold the shot button, the more powerful it will be, but also less accurate. This is usually best used in open goal situations where you need to put your foot through the ball to score a simple tap-in or to test the goalkeeper from long range with pure power. The latter is quite effective with long-range specialists like Kevin de Bruyne.


My personal favorite – also known as the curler, is a lethal tool to have in your locker. Find yourself on the edge of the box with space and time. Then it’s the perfect opportunity to strike a finesse shot toward the top corner of the opponent’s goal with R1 + O. You need to time and power this just right, though. Increase your chances of scoring by using your player’s strong foot and specialists like Lionel Messi and Toni Kroos. You can also use the finesse shot in close-range situations where you need to prioritize placing the ball around the keeper with accuracy rather than just putting your foot through the ball. In such cases, either go for a good amount of power or a very low amount; otherwise, the height of the shot in FIFA 23 will make it pretty easy for the keeper to save the ball.

Ease the ball around the goalkeeper with the Finesse Shot

Ease the ball around the goalkeeper with the Finesse Shot

Chip Shot

The cheekiest type of goal you can score in FIFA and the best way to make your opponent rage-quit is a perfectly timed chip shot. When you’re through on goal with just the keeper left to beat, wait for the keeper to charge at you, and just a second before he reaches you, hold L1 + O to dink the ball over his head. Voila, you just scored a beautiful chipped goal. Too early, and the defenders will have time to clear the ball before it crosses the line. Too late, and the keeper will throw himself onto the ball before you get the shot off. Shooting early can work if you compensate for it by adding more power to your chip and holding down the controls for longer.

Power Shot

Power Shot is a new feature in FIFA 23. These replaced the low-driven shots we used to have in the previous editions of FIFA. Essentially, pressing R1 + L1 + O will cause your player to initiate a run-up in an attempt to generate the maximum amount of power possible (hence the name). The catch, of course, is that it is arguably the most challenging shot to time right because you have to take into account the run-up and also hence requires a lot more space.

Mistiming the Power Shot even a little can cause the ball to spiral miles away from the goal. So be sure to use this only when you have the time and space. One tricky thing about this shot is that the camera zooms in when you press the mentioned buttons. This can be unsettling for some players and make them lose their focus, so be sure to get used to this feature before you put it into practice in a competitive match.

Rip the net with the Power Shot

Rip the net with the Power Shot

Timed Finishing

As the name implies, the timed shot relies on you manually timing your shots to boost power and accuracy massively – that is, if you time them right. You will first need to activate timed shots in the settings menu. For a timed finish, load up a regular shot like before, but just before your player makes physical contact with the ball, tap the shot button a second time. If you perfect this skill, you will almost always find the back of the net.

Flair Shot

We have all dreamed of scoring an iconic puskas winning goal in the form of the iconic bicycle kick or scorpion kick; well, why not try it in FIFA 23? If you feel a cross is coming in at just the right speed and height for you to execute a bicycle, scissor, or scorpion kick, load up a flair shot with L2 + O and allow the AI to do the rest. If the timing is right, you will score a goal of superb quality, otherwise your player will fall embarrassingly to the ground!

You can also try other fancy shots like the back heel or flicked finish. The key, of course, is the timing and positioning of your striker. The success rate of such shots also depends on your player. Certain players like Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo are better at scoring flair shots than, let’s say, Lionel Messi. A lot of attributes come into play here, but timing is the most important factor when it comes to acing the flair shot.


That’s about it for this FIFA 23 Shooting and Finishing guide. Remember that practice makes perfect. No matter what you read, you will only be able to apply these skills in an actual game if you practice enough. Aim to complete Shooting Drills in Skills Games from the FIFA 23 Main Menu and play a few offline games against the CPU before you load up a competitive game. A good attack is useless unless you convert your chances, so hopefully, this guide will help you take your finishing ability to the next level.

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