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FIFA 23 Guide: How to Spend your World Cup Swap Tokens  

You may be wondering: What are the best options to spend my Swap Tokens on this FIFA World Cup event? Well, here you'll find a definitive list of the best pack and player options from 10 Swap Tokens all the way to 50 Tokens.

FIFA 23 Guide How to Spend your World Cup Swap Tokens

Now that over 40 of the available 50 earnable Swap Tokens have been released in the FIFA 23 World Cup event, it is time to look at the best possible options for making your team stronger. The standout cards you should consider collecting and the best pack options to stock up those fodder players for future Squad Building Challenges. No matter how many Tokens you were able to obtain, there are good packs and players available for you. You will find advice on which swaps to complete if you collect all 50 Swap Tokens, or if you can only manage to collect 10, there are still fantastic options available to you.

If you still need to get on your Swap Token grind you can find a handy guide here on how to complete the objectives from week one. You will find hints and tips helpful to complete all 50 Tokens.

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The Best Options: 10 Swap Tokens

10 Swap Tokens should be an easily attainable number of Tokens to receive during this event, even for those who have very limited playtime. However, there are still a few good options for you if you find yourself in this bracket. If you feel like collecting the best cards available here I suggest the Nathan Ake Swap for 8 tokens simply due to his great links and viability compared to Andreas Christensen, who has a great league but lacks an easily linkable nation.

Secondly, I would suggest Danilo Periera for 8 Tokens. If you didn’t collect the Palhinha SBC, Periera is a fantastic CDM pick for any Portuguese or Ligue 1 teams. Their standout attribute is his perfect link to Renato Sanches.

World Cup Swaps Player Danilo Pereira for 8 Tokens

World Cup Swaps Player Danilo Pereira for 8 Tokens

Now, if you have your team and you’re not looking for any more cards to upgrade, I suggest simply going for the 84×20 player pack to stock up your club for the upcoming events and SBCs post-World Cup. If you find yourself collecting Nathan Ake or Danilo Periera, you would be one token short of being able to complete the 82×20 player pack for 3 Swap Tokens. If you have the time and there is one easily available, I will greatly suggest going for that extra token to get this pack.

How to Spend 20 Swap Tokens

If you have managed to acquire 20 Swap Tokens at this World Cup event then you’re in luck! There are some good cards available to you here. However, the pack rewards are very lucrative in this bracket.

There are 4 players available to you for 15 Swap Tokens each. You’ll have the choice of owning either; Kingsley Coman, Fabinho, Eden Hazard or Mason Mount. The best players here at face value are Fabinho and Eden Hazard. I would be more inclined to take Hazard because the Belgians are now eliminated from the World Cup, meaning he has zero chances of earning a special card for playing in the tournament’s latter stages. Again, here it is down to preference. Fabinho is also a great choice and a versatile one.

World Cup Swaps Player Hazard for 15 Tokens

World Cup Swaps Player Hazard for 15 Tokens

Remember, you do not have to make your decision early. Wait until the end of the event and cash in your tokens for the player you like. There are chances that these players earn upgrades during the World Cup that make them better than the SBC equivalent. Hazard is the safe choice since he cannot be upgraded anymore. You may be taking a risk with the other 3 cards.

Now, we get to the pinnacle of the bracket. The (3) 84×20 packs. For 20 tokens, you can earn yourself 60 players rated 84 or higher. For reference, on completing this pack which I highly recommend, I was able to complete the 87+ icon pack two times. You get lots of high-rated players for these SBCs. You do not have to do any of the current SBCs, you could easily add these 60 cards to your club and keep them for the next Icon SBC or events after the World Cup event is over.

What are your Options with 30 Swap Tokens?

If you have 30 tokens, then you have earned yourself the choice of having a world-class right back. The Brazilian legend and World Cup winner Cafu. Cafu here is likely the obvious choice for many. Although he isn’t fully endgame material, he will be ahead of the power curve for many months leading into 2023. For most players, he’ll probably be their first-choice right back for the rest of the game.

World Cup Swaps Icon Cafu for 30 Swap Tokens

World Cup Swaps Icon Cafu for 30 Swap Tokens

Cafu is not the only new card available with 30 Swap tokens. For 25 tokens you can earn yourself a 1 of 4 player pick World Cup Hero pack. Unless you have a very good right back already; someone like Carlos Alberto, Cancelo or Lahm, I would not suggest doing this pack. However, if you feel like the gamble is worth it then good luck.

If you do not like any of these new options, then I would simply suggest you collect the (3) 84×20 for 20 Swap Tokens and the 84×20 for 10 Swap Tokens and fill your club with fodder cards for the next SBC you need to complete.

Cashing in 40 Swap Tokens

World Cup Swaps Icon Vieira for 40 Swap Tokens

World Cup Swaps Icon Vieira for 40 Swap Tokens

The single most expensive item you can purchase during swaps is for 40 Tokens and that is World Cup Icon Patrick Vieira. I suspect most people will be saving for this card and I can’t disagree with spending your hard-earned tokens on this great card. He is more endgame than Cafu, and ultimate team players know just how incredible Patrick Vieira always is in-game.

If you somehow have a better midfielder than Vieira, or maybe you just don’t want him, there is the newly available option of the World Cup Icon Player Pick pack for 35 Tokens. I wouldn’t recommend this as it is very much a gamble, but if you do not care about getting Vieira then go for it.

World Cup Swaps Icon Player Pick for 35 Swap Tokens

World Cup Swaps Icon Player Pick for 35 Swap Tokens

Other options for those who need fodder are simply just to grab the (3) 84×20 pack, the 84×20, 82×20 and perhaps a play like Kostic for 6 tokens who is 88 rated. This should give you more than enough cards for any future SBCs you find yourself waiting for.

Serious Collector: 50 Swap Tokens

If you managed to get all 50 tokens then well done. It was a long grind and you can finally grab your rewards. The principles here don’t change from having 40 tokens. Take Patrick Vieira unless you don’t feel like you want him. Make sure to also take the 84×20 pack for 10 tokens.

World Cup Swaps Player Kostic for 6 Swap Tokens

World Cup Swaps Player Kostic for 6 Swap Tokens

If you find yourself not wanting Vieira, I would suggest the fodder packs again and picking up any loose high-rated players like Kostic or Krameric to spend those tokens and get the best ratings you can for SBCs.

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