Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock the Broom and Other Mounts

If you’re against fast-travel but are in need of a speed boost, or wish to explore Hogwarts from a new perspective, then this is the guide for you. Read on to find out all you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy’s brooms and mounts, including how to find or purchase them, and how to upgrade your brooms for that extra burst of speed.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock the Broom and Other MountsThe world of Hogwarts Legacy is a joy to explore, but with its expansive open design, rolling Scottish hills, and dense, misty forests, it’s a world that can be difficult to navigate quickly. And with so many threats lurking out in the countryside, a speedy getaway is often preferable to a drawn-out fight. Those who have explored the famous castle from top to bottom may have seen plenty of NPC students whizz by the Astronomy Tower and over the wooden bridges on their brooms and wondered, where can I get one of those?

The good thing is, you can get a broom of your own, and quite easily at that. All it takes is a little patience, and then you too can soar across the skies without a care in the world, zipping around the towers and across the Black Lake like you’ve always dreamed. Or, if brooms aren’t your thing and you prefer the grace of an animal in flight, then worry not – with a little more patience, you can glide over the Scottish Highlands on the back of an elegant Hippogriff or skeletal Threstral. The freedom of flight is just a few lessons away!

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How to Unlock the Broom

The broom is a vital tool for any aspiring witch or wizard or wannabe Quidditch champion, and any self-respecting student wouldn’t be caught dead without one. So, how do you get your hands on one? Adventurous students may have already found Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs during their first visit to Hogsmede and were likely dismayed to see it locked up tight. This is because Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t allow anyone to fly until they’ve learnt the basics.

To unlock the ability to buy and fly brooms, all players need to do is complete Madam Kogawa’s “Flying Class” main quest, which becomes available after completing the “Jackdaw’s Rest” main quest. As this is a main quest, players don’t have to worry about accidentally skipping past it. And those who stick rigidly to the main path will find themselves attending this class after only a few short hours.

The quest is short and simple and designed to teach the player the basics of broom flight. Simply head to the Flying Class Lawn by the Bell Tower Wing to start the lesson and you’ll be off. The quest consists of flying through three hoops in the Lawn to get the hang of flying up and down, followed by a course of hoops set up around the castle grounds to get to grips with moving at speed. If the players agrees, they can bunk out of class during the second stage and go on a tour of Hogwarts castle with Everett Clopton – this will incur the wrath of Madam Kogawa, but is worth it for the stunning views and extra practice.

After class, Everett will tell you that you should purchase a broom of your own and Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs will open up shop. Simply head to Spintwitch’s, talk to Albie Weekes, and choose one of the five available brooms he has for sale at the low price of 600 galleons. If you find yourself low on funds, don’t forget to sell your old Gear.

How to Unlock the Broom

How to Unlock the Broom

How to Upgrade Your Broom

Brooms can be upgraded by completing various time trials found around the game world. Albie Weekes, proprietor of Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs, enjoys experimenting with speed and, according to him, you are just the student to help with a few experiments. These “Flight Tests” will help him figure out how to maintain broom speed at higher altitudes.

After purchasing your first broom from him, talking with Albie about upgrades will start the Flight Test” side quest. To complete this quest, all you need to do is meet Imelda Reyes at the Quidditch Pitch and beat her time in the flying course. In practice, this means flying through all 22 hoops in a course that leads you over the Hogsmede Train Station in less than 2 minutes 30 seconds. The time is very generous, but even so, you can achieve the best possible time by hitting all of the golden speed orbs spaced out along the course, as well as making sure you pass through every last hoop, as each missed one will add 3 seconds to your time.

Finish the time trial and Albie Weekes will contact you via Owl Post to let you know he’s working on an upgrade, but it will take some time. This isn’t real time either, but in-game time – meaning you will have to complete a few different missions before Albie will send you an owl to say that the upgrade is ready. Purchase it from his shop and your broom will be able to maintain a prolonged boost at slightly higher altitudes (further upgrades increase the height this works at, as well as your broom’s acceleration and speed). This will also unlock the second time trial to complete. As before, finish it, talk to Albie, then complete a few missions until he sends you an owl post to say the upgrade is ready to purchase. Rise and repeat for the third time trial, and all of the upgrades are yours.

  • 1st Upgrade – complete Broom Trial 1 in the Flight Test” side quest at the Quidditch Pitch – purchase from Spintwitch’s for 1000 galleons.
  • 2nd Upgrade – complete Broom Trial 2 in theSweeping the Competition” side quest in Irondale (available after completing “Percival Rackham’s Trial” – purchase from Spintwitch’s for 4000 galleons.
  • 3rd Upgrade – complete Broom Trial 3 inThe Sky is the Limit” side quest (available after completing “In the Shadow of the Mines”) – purchase from Spintwitch’s for 7500 galleons.
How to Upgrade the Broom

How to Upgrade the Broom

Where to Find Every Broom

There are thirteen unique brooms to find in Hogwarts Legacy. Each one comes with the same stats and upgrades are shared, so just consider the brooms to be different skins for the same ride to help you customise your witch or wizard to your taste. Most brooms can be purchased from different vendors, but some are unlocked as rewards for popping balloons.

  • Wind Wisp – purchase from Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs for 600 galleons
  • Ember Dash – purchase from Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs for 600 galleons
  • Hogwarts House Broom – purchase from Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs for 600 galleons
  • Moon Trimmer – purchase from Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs for 600 galleons
  • Yew Weaver – purchase from Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs for 600 galleons
  • Family Antique Broom – purchase from Priya Treadwell’s shop in the Fieldcroft region for 2,500 galleons
  • Areomancer – purchase from Rohan Prakash’s shop on Poidsear Coast for 3,000 galleons
  • Sky Scythe – purchase from Leopold Babcocke’s travelling shop for 5,000 galleons. He can be reliably found behind the Hogsmede Station in Hogsmede Valley.
  • Silver Arrow – purchase from Arn’s cart for 5,000 galleons. He can be found in the Hogsmede Valley region after completing the side quest “Carted Away”, which can be started in Lower Hogsfield.
  • Night Dancer – pop 2 sets of floating balloons
  • Lickety Swift – pop 5 sets of floating balloons
  • Wild Fire – pop 10 sets of floating balloons
  • Bright Spark – pop 15 sets of floating balloons
Where to Find Every Broom

Where to Find Every Broom

How to Unlock Mounts

If brooms aren’t your style, you can always take to the skies on the back of a fantastic beast. While slower than zipping around on your broom, nothing compares to the majesty of taming and riding your own magical creature in Hogwarts Legacy. They are also faster at gaining altitude. So as not to overwhelm players with too much too early on, mounts are locked off until quite a way into the main story arc, with the quest to ride them only becoming available after completing two Ancient Magic Trials.

In order to unlock flying mounts, you must complete a main quest called “The High Keep. Again, as this is a main quest, there is no danger of missing it and missing out. This quest only becomes available after completing “Charles Rookwood’s Trial”. The quest starts with players meeting Natsai Onai (Natty) outside of Falbarton Castle, as she thinks she had found some dirt of Rookwood and Harlow, and sees them team up to rescue a Hippogriff named Highwing from a gang of poachers. Complete the quest by flying away to safety, and Highwing will be yours to keep and summon at any time. Being a Hippogriff, he can be used as a traditional mount (i.e. on the ground) to get around quickly, or to really speed up traversal, he can fly.

Highwing the Hippogriff is the only flying mount available in the game, unless you pre-ordered or purchased the Deluxe Edition/Dark Arts Pack. Those who pre-ordered can swap to an Onyx Hippogriff named Caligo (once Highwing has been unlocked), whereas Deluxe Edition/Dark Arts Pack holders can swap to a Thestral named Sepulchria.

There is, however, one other mount players can find, but this one is a land-only mount. The mighty Graphorn is yours to tame and keep after completing the main quest “San Bakar’s Trial, the fourth Ancient Magic Trial. To complete this quest, players must speak to Professor Fig in the Map Room before heading to Cragcroft Shore to start the trial proper.

Make your way through the trial until you find yourself face to face with the Lord of the Shore – in other words, the Graphorn itself. Players must battle this magical beast, whittling down its health, until they are given the prompt to either “Kneel” or “Attack”. Choose “Kneel” and the player character will bow, earning the Graphorn’s respect, and allowing you to summon him at any time to get around a little quicker and with a lot more style. Additionally, the Graphorn is the only mount that can damage enemies with its charge attack.

How to Unlock Mounts

How to Unlock Mounts

Whether by broom or by beast back, you should now be soaring high and exploring Hogwarts and its grounds to your heart’s content. And for everything else Hogwarts Legacy, stick with KeenGamer.

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