Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Locked Doors

This handy guide will walk you through the ins and outs of magical lockpicking by telling you all you need to know about the unlocking spell, Alohomora. The halls of Hogwarts are filled with pesky locks blocking access to secret areas and this will teach you where to pick up Alohomora, how to upgrade it, and how to easily solve the padlock-opening minigames.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Locked DoorsHogwarts Legacy is a huge game, crammed full of that special kind of wonder and magic that truly brings the Wizarding World to life. As such, it was prudent of the developers to gate off certain sections, skills, and spells, so that new players wouldn’t become overwhelmed. One such spell is the invaluable Alohomora – this simple unlocking charm is the key to opening the many locked doors found throughout Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. Once learned, a flick of the wand can open the way to all sorts of fun.

These locked doors can be identified by the large metal padlocks keeping them in place, as well as the mildly infuriating red Level I, II, or III Lock seen when players approach them. These locks typically block off access to certain small rooms filled with valuable Gear and rewards, but occasionally, they can restrict the player from entering whole sections of the map. As a result, players can soon find themselves champing at the bit to get them open. Luckily, both the spell and the minigame are easy to master.

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How to learn Alohomora

To unlock Alohomora and start picking locks like a pro, all players need to do is complete the main quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament(which becomes available after completing Professor Rackham’s first Ancient Magic Trial). As this is a main quest and is required to progress further through the game, players need not fear accidentally skipping it and missing out on the fun. Likewise, players who stick to the main story path and limit their exploration of the grounds can reach this mission within only a few hours of play.

Start the mission by talking to Hogwarts caretaker Gladwin Moon. He’ll tell you about his fear of the strange little Demiguise Statues that can be found hidden around the game world. After this, the caretaker will teach you the unlocking spell so that you can sneak into the Faculty Tower (keep a look out for the nearby Arithmancy Door) to get rid of a couple of these statues that are keeping him up at night.

Once this quest has been completed, Alohomora is yours to keep and Level I locked doors are free to open at your leisure.

How to Learn Alohomora

How to Learn Alohomora

How to Solve the Unlocking Minigame

As Alohomora is classed as an essential spell (like Revelio) you don’t need to equip it in one of your active Spell Slots. Instead, you only need to approach a locked door and interact with it. Doing so will see your character cast Alohomora, and you will be thrown into a new minigame.

While this minigame may look a little complex at first glance, it is rather simple once you get the hang of it. Like lockpicking minigames in countless other games that have come before, this one involves the player twisting both thumbsticks (Q/E and A/D on PC) until they are in the correct position and the lock pings open.

This is done by rotating both the outer green spark and the inner red spark into the correct positions that cause their corresponding gears to turn. In practice, players should focus on one ring at a time, rotating the spark until its gears start spinning, holding it there, then rotating the other until its gears start spinning, too. Once both positions have been found, and both sets of gears are turning, the player must keep the sparks held there until they hear a click and the bolt on the left moves up. This indicates the spell has worked and the door is now unlocked.

There is no way to fail the minigame, so players need not worry about having any sections of the map or exclusive loot permanently locked off. However, for those in a rush, there is a trick to help you solve the minigame faster: the corrected positions for each spark will only ever be found on the points of a compass – i.e. directly North, South, East, or West, or the points halfway in between.

How to Solve the Unlocking Minigame

How to Solve the Unlocking Minigame

How to Open Level II and III Locks

In order to level up your wandwork and explore more forbidden places around Hogwarts, all you need to do is find more Demiguise statutes and give them to the caretaker, Gladwin Moon. They can be found all across the castle, tucked away in different classrooms and offices, as well as within the homes and shops of the nearby hamlets. Just keep in mind that, just like within the quest, Demiguise statues can only be collected at night.

  • Unlock Level II – deliver 9 Demiguise statues to Gladwin
  • Unlock Level III – deliver 13 Demiguise statues to Gladwin

Once your Alohomora spell has been upgraded by Gladwin Moon, you are free to unlock any Level II or III Locks you come across. They are unlocked via the same minigame as Level I Locks.

How to Open Level II and III Locks

How to Open Level II and III Locks

Now, nowhere in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is safe from your snooping. Have fun sneaking into places students weren’t meant to see, getting into trouble, and finding all sorts of secrets. And for everything else Hogwarts Legacy, stick with KeenGamer.

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