Hogwarts Legacy Developer Departs Due to Controversy

Troy Leavitt, one of the main designers of Avalanche Software's upcoming Harry Potter-based game Hogwarts Legacy, has decided to leave the development team. The owner of the far-right YouTube channel has promised to release a video soon addressing this issue.

Hogwarts Legacy Developer Departs Due To Controversy cover

Hogwarts Legacy appears to be a title that is always in the news without actually having any real information about the game itself, this time with a developer from the studio making the upcoming RPG.

In the latest turn of events, one of the game’s main designers, Troy Leavitt, has made public his decision to leave the development team at Avalanche Software due to a controversy surrounding his outspoken far-right YouTube channel. The developers had been placed under heavy scrutiny for the decision to give Leavitt a place within the team in the first place, but now it seems the company will no longer need to deal with this matter.

In a tweet regarding the issue, Leavitt stressed that the decision to leave his position at Avalanche was his own, implying that there was no pressure by the company whatsoever for him to give up his post. He also added that he would be addressing the matter in an upcoming video that he plans to release sometime in the future. Hopefully, we will learn more about what was truly behind his decision. Leavitt’s YouTube channel is known to have an “anti-social justice” point-of-view, while he has also created several videos regarding matters such as GamerGate, as pointed out by Did You Know Gaming’s, Liam Robertson.

Meanwhile, Avalanche already has its hands tied, trying to get as much negative attention away from the title as possible. Recently, the studio announced a feature in the game that will allow players to choose between transgender options for their characters. In this way, the company may hope to bridge the gap that was created by the author of the Harry Potter novels J. K. Rowling’s negative comments regarding the transgender community.

Earlier this year, it was made known that Hogwarts Legacy had been pushed back to 2022, but with so much controversy surrounding the game, we can be sure to see the title pop up in the news again a lot sooner than that. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC. Currently, there is no word about a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S release.

What do you think about the developer leaving Hogwarts Legacy? What about the rest of the drama surrounding the Harry Potter RPG? 

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