First Hogwarts Legacy Patch Is Out, but Not for PS5

The first official patch for Hogwarts Legacy has been released by developer Avalanche Software, aiming to resolve a number of bugs and performance issues. However, an “unforeseen issue” means the patch is only available on Xbox Series X/S and PC, with PS5 owners having to wait until later this week.

First Hogwarts Legacy Patch is Out, but Not for PS5Hogwarts Legacy has received a magical reception since its launch last Friday, February 10. But as with all major releases, several bugs and issues have reared their ugly head across all platforms. Developer Avalanche Software has released a brand-new patch which has promised to sort these bugs, but due to “unforeseen issues” with the PS5 version, this patch has only been released on Xbox Series X/S and PC. Owners of the PS5 version will have to wait for more news later this week.

In a recent Tweet, Avalanche Software confirmed this, stating: “Xbox Series X and PC players, expect a patch today [Feb 14] that resolves a number of bugs and performance issues! PS5 players, due to some unforeseen issues, we’re targeting later this week to get your patch to you. Thanks for your patience!”

It is uncertain what these “unforeseen issues” are regarding the PS5 version of the game, but with a patch expected later this week, they can’t be too major. As to what the current patch fixes on Xbox and PC, Hogwarts Legacy’s website has a full rundown of the patch notes. Gameplaywise, the patch aims to improve crashes that may occur when NPCs load into the world or World Events fail to load entirely, as well as character model flickering and transparency, and issues with Owl Mail disrupting mission triggers. On the graphics side of things, stability and crashes have apparently been resolved, as well as a problem on PC where RTAO looked worse than SSAO when using raytracing modes. Several other performance and stability issues have been patched as well, including issues revolving around saving and autosaving.

The patch is likely the first of many for a game of this size, especially considering many gamers on both Twitter and Steam have been complaining of further issues post-patch. Specifically, these gamers have been complaining of bugs preventing the completion of side quests, as well as texture, lighting, and load time issues. That being said, these complaints appear to be in the minority, with the majority of players loving the chance to lose themselves in the Wizarding World.

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