Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete Merlin Trials

This complete guide for Merlins's Trials will cover how you can fairly easily and quickly complete these puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. There is about 85 Merlin Trials sorted around the map, but each are solved within a variation of the 9 methods. Once completed, Merlin Trials allow the player to open more inventory slots.

Hogwarts Legacy How to Complete Merlin TrialsComing in as a strong contender in open world genre for 2023, is Avalanche Game’s Hogwarts Legacy. While it boasts an immersive storyline, the side quests and mini puzzles beyond the castle grounds are what puts your magic lessons to practical use such as the Merlin Trials, which allows the player to open more inventory slots.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC for $59.99 for the base game at the Official Hogwarts Legacy website.

How to Complete Merlin Trials

While you can start looking and attempting these trials as soon as you finish the “Trials of Merlin” subquest, you do need to have a few things in check before you can complete all of them. There is about 95 Merlin Trials sorted around the map in Hogwarts Legacy, but each are solved within a variation of the 9 methods. Completing a series of Merlin’s Trials will also expand your inventory. To find the Merlins Trials, look for the Mallowsweet Leaf icon on your map. Some are not located on the map and requires some exploring. Here is the list of recommended requirements: 

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete Merlin Trials

Location of the Merlins Trials are denoted by the Mallowsweet Leaves icons



  • Mallowsweet leaves – These are used to activate the quest. You can get more Mallowsweet Leaves from Magic Neeps shop in the Northside of Hogsmeade, or you can grow them in your Room of Requirement.
  • Broomstick/Mount – For faster travel to the trial points. 

Spells: Most of these are obtained after completing a professor’s assignment

  • Revelio
  • Accio
  • Lumos
  • Depulso
  • Flipendo
  • Reparo
  • Confringo

Note that some trials, like the Stone Stepping Trials, do not require a spell. 

Once you find a Merlin’s Trial as denoted by the Mallowsweet leaf icon on the map, head to the location and you will find a stone circle. Hit F to disperse your Mallowsweet leaves, and the trial will begin. There are no time limits for these trials, however upon moving too far from the area will make the trial reset.

Hogwarts Legacy Complete Guide for Merlin Trials Location Overworld

Merlin’s Trial locations are denoted by the stone circle with the Mallowsweet leaf icon.

Upon activating the trial, using the spell Revelio will allow you to see moveable/activatable parts for the trial puzzle. 

Types of Merlin Trials

Merlin Trials: Lighting Fire Basins

Hogwarts Legacy How to complete Merlin Trials

The Cauldron as revealed with Revelio. Light it with Confringo.

The first type of trial will be lighting the fire cauldrons. For this trial you will need the spell Confringo. There are a total of 3 Cauldrons around the trial center point. However, sometimes the cauldrons will move, or will need to be lighted in quick succession, sometimes both. Once all 3 basins are lit, the trial will be completed.

Merlin Trials: Stone Parkour

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Guide for Merlin Trials

The stones stairs as revealed with Revelio.

These trials don’t need a spell to complete it, but you can use Revelio to locate the stone’s location. To complete these trials, you must walk, jump or climb across them without falling off or mis-stepping. Once you reach the last step, the trial will be completed. 

Merlin Trials : Moth Lighting

For this trial you need to do a bit of manual searching and is easier in the night. You will firstly need to locate the stone pillars which can be revealed with Revelio, however you also need to find the glowing moths which are a bit trickier. The moths are sometimes hidden behind some objects like barrels, stone walls or vines. If these are the case, you can destroy the obstruction with Confringo.

Once you locate the moths, you then need to lead them back to the stone pillars which are closer to the trial area. To do so, use the spell Lumos (Lumio) to lead the moths to your wand. Walk them to the pillar and uncast Lumos for them to settle into the stone pillar. Find all the corresponding moths to the stones to complete the trial. 

Merlin Trials: Destroying Stone Blocks

This trial is fairly easy and you only need Confringo. Use Revelio to locate the stones and then blast them with your spell.

Sometimes the stones will be hidden behind objects like vines or stone walls. Blast the walls with confringo as well to reveal the stone.

Merlin Trials: Matching Stones

Hogwarts Legacy How to complete Merlin Trials Stone Matching

Hogwarts Legacy How to complete Merlin Trials Stone Matching

For this trial, use Revelio again to locate the stones. You will notice there is one stacked on top, and both stones have symbols on them. To complete the trial, use Flipendo to shift the stone on top to match it with the symbols on the stone on the bottom. Once all 3 stones are matched, the trial will be completed. 

Merlin Trials: Rolling Stone

This type of Merlins Trial is also very simple. Once again, use Revelio to locate the ball and the pit. To complete the Merlins Trial, you must simply have the ball roll into the pit. To do so, you can use a variety of movement spells, including accio, depulso, etc. Usually, the stone ball will be located on an incline, and the pit will be somewhere at the end of it.

Merlin Trials: Stones on Pillars

Another simple Merlin’s Trial, this one only needs you to use your basic attack to destroy the fragile balls on the 9 pillars. While you can’t locate them with Revelio, they are all still in the area, and aren’t too difficult to locate. 

Destroy the stone balls

Destroy the stone balls

Merlin Trials: Small Rolling Stones

Similar to the larger singular rolling stone, there is another version of this Merlins Trial in which you pull a smaller group of stone balls into their corresponding pits. What makes this Trial trickier is that the stone balls are often hidden away. Use Revelio to locate them, and then Accio to pull them to their pit. Sometimes the small balls will be behind breakable objects, such as vines or barrels. Once again simply break them with Confringo and then obtain the balls. 

Merlin Trials: Repairing Statues Trials

The final type of Merlin Trials is the statue repairing trials. Like the name suggests, use the spell Reparo to repair the 4 statues around the trial area. This trial is located in the north Hogwarts location and is a unique Merlins Trial. 

Expanding More Gear Slots

To expand your gear inventory in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to pass different milestones in completion of the Merlin’s Trials. For every milestone, you will open an additional 4 slots. These milestones are found in the Menu, under challenges in the exploration subcategory. The milestones are as follows:

  • 2 Trials 
  • 6 Trials
  • 10 Trials
  • 14 Trials
  • 20 Trials

And that’s all! Those is 9 types of Merlins Trials in Hogwarts Legacy. While they may vary in terms of difficulty, as long as you know the basics on completing them, you are bound to figure out all of the trials very quickly. Sometimes it is a test of speed or a search and find, the trials themselves are straightforward. Check out our other guides:

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