Hogwarts Legacy House Badges Revealed

Hogwarts Legacy developers have released their own original designs for the iconic Hogwarts house badges. The new designs left fans more eager than ever for the release of the fantasy, open world RPG.

Hogwarts Legacy House Badges Revealed

Fans of the Harry Potter franchise have dreamed of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for years. And with the release of Hogwarts Legacy, players will finally get their chance in late 2022. WB Avalanche Studios have already revealed a number of gameplay elements from their open world RPG. Players were treated to their first in depth look at the game during an extended presentation in the March, Sony State of Play. The game seems to be well in development, and on track for its 2022 release. Original designs for the Hogwarts house badges have now been revealed, leaving fans eager for more information about this widely anticipated release. 

WB Avalanche Studios stressed in the gameplay reveal that their main focus was on the sense of freedom the player will experience. You will be able to choose your own house, actions, and fully customize your character. This includes options to create transgender, and gender-nonconforming characters. An addition that has eased the minds of fans following several controversies involving J.K Rowling’s anti-trans commentary.

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play - Official Gameplay Reveal 4K

WB Avalanche Studios stated that they wish to step out of the shadow of the Harry Potter series. Hogwarts Legacy will contain a new storyline and plot sequence, so players can enjoy an entirely new adventure. Players are allowed to skip the judgement of the Sorting Hat by having the freedom to choose their own house. This is one of many differences between Hogwarts Legacy, and the book series. These changes allow Hogwarts Legacy to become its own unique experience, while staying true to the Harry Potter universe. Developers aim to provide players with a deeply immersive experience that remains true to it’s source, while allowing them to forge their own path in the wizarding world. 

Players will be faced with decisions that will lead them down different paths. These decisions are what will ultimately shape the type of witch, or wizard, they will become. Giving players the freedom to choose a path of light or darkness, is a truly unique aspect we have not seen in previous Hogwarts inspired games. As Hogwarts Legacy has no linear story progression, each player will experience this new world differently. It might not follow the events of Harry Potter, but fans can still look forward to Easter Eggs from the books. Keen-eyed players can expect to recognize familiar faces, locations, and mythical beasts.  

Original Hogwarts Legacy house badges are another unique feature of the game. Images of these new designs were published on twitter. The embroidered badges represent the four houses, and will act as patches to be sewn onto the players robes. The designs are similar to those seen in the movies, but are still unique. Each badge features the houses distinct animal, represented by Gryffindoor’s lion, Hufflepuff’s badger, Ravenclaw’s eagle, and Slytherin’s serpent. The house colors of red, brown, blue, and green, also remain true to the books. Fans have had a generally positive reaction to the bold and simple designs, despite the more minimalistic approach.

Fans have already found a number of differences from the badges seen in the movies. The badger of the Hufflepuff house now faces the left, and Ravenclaw is now represented by blue and bronze colors. WB Avalanche Studios stated in their post that designing the Hogwarts Legacy house badges was “no easy task”. The crests will also be available as name badges and emotes to be used in the Hogwarts Legacy Discord server once players have chosen their house.  

The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy book is confirmed to release on September 6. Fans have noted that art books usually release alongside the game. Because of this, many believe Hogwarts Legacy may also be released then. But with a wide release window of late 2022, gamers will have to wait for a solid release date.

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  1. J.K.Rowling never made any anti-trans comments. All this “controversy” exists only in minds of 0.001% fans


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