Hogwarts Legacy Will Allow You To Create Transgender Characters

Hogwarts Legacy will include transgender options in character creation. This will include your choice of witch or wizard, body type, voice, and more. Creator of the Harry Potter universe, author J.K. Rowling, has expressed hateful comments towards the trans community in the past. Despite this, the developers promise Rowling has little to no say in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Will Allow You To Create Transgender Characters Cover

The newest and most anticipated Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to create any character they want. It will include the ability to use trans-inclusive modifications. This character customization will cover things such as the character’s voice, body, gender, and possibly more. It was revealed by Jason Schreier in a Bloomberg article earlier this week.

Hogwarts Legacy will take place in the Harry Potter wizarding universe, but instead of meeting Harry and the trio, you’ll be able to create your own character set in the 1800s. The game was initially teased back in October 2018 through leaked footage, but it took a couple of years before they were ready to reveal it at Sony Playstation’s event last year.

We still have a year to go before we can play this magical game.

We still have a year to go before we can play this magical game.

This open-world RPG delayed for 2022 will give players the option to select their name of choice; witch or wizard. This isn’t an unusual aspect of games, as many other titles have allowed players to create the character of their choice with absolute freedom. For example, The Sims 4 now lets players create characters with different voices, body types, and more through a ton of gender-inclusive options.

The reason why Hogwarts Legacy having these options is such a big deal comes down to J.K. Rowling’s recent controversies revolving around transphobia. Despite Rowling’s harmful comments towards the trans community, the developers of Hogwarts Legacy want to separate themselves from the original creator. Character customization and inclusivity is an important aspect of this game, according to the anonymous developers.

Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

Can you wait for this Hogwarts Legacy to come out? Because I certainly can’t. Let us know what kind of witch or wizard you’re going to create.

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    This is so great! I’m really glad to hear JK Rowling has virtually no influence/say in this project.


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