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Fallout 4 tips – Where to farm Aluminium (guide)

If you are building settlements, upgrading or using Power Armor, you are sure familiar with the material called Aluminium. Also, you are most likely having not enough of it, as in the world of Fallout 4 it is needed a lot. And not only for the purposes mentioned above. Read the article to know the efficient ways of farming Aluminium and why Corvega Assembly Plant, Mahkra Fishpacking and Vault 95 will be one of the most visited places for you in Fall out 4.

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In Fallout 4 Aluminium is one of the materials that will be partially involved in most of the stuff you will create. Some mods for melee and ranged weapons will require it. The Power Armor upgrades will be aluminium dependent and usual apparel may require it. Also, a portion of the stuff you will create through workshop will need Aluminium. What is the best way to get tons of the Material? There are several sources of it. If you need lots of it, the best way is to farm Vault 95, Corvega Assembly Plant and Mahkra Fishpacking. If your needs are not big, you can buy shipments from merchants and look out for certain Junk items. Lastly, there is a perk that will allow you acquiring Aluminium by breaking your stuff, like weapons and armour. Following Fallout 4 guide works for both PC and Xbox One.

Vault 95, Mahkra Fishpacking and Corvega Assembly Plant

Vault 95

Vault 95 is one of the Vaults you can discover by questing. If you happen to acquire Cait as your companion, the companion quest will lead you to this Vault. The Vault is situated to the far south from the Sancuary, almost at the end of the map and near Glowing Sea. Lastly, it is most efficient source of Aluminium if we are talking about locations.

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There are no unique items, in this Vault, that will give you Aluminium. Just usual Aluminium Cans, Surgical and TV Dinner Trays. However, there are many of them. By the time you will clear whole place out, you will have more than 120 pieces of the material! Some small part of it will come in form of loot from dead Assaultrons. They will be guarding the entrance to the Vault. Apart from Assaultrons, you will also meet wide range of Gunners inside and outside the location.
I found this location out in the late game, 40+ level. So i had no problems clearing it out. However, if you are going to pay a visit to Gunners sooner, on lower levels, you want to be prepared. Usually, on lower levels, the main problem is defeating an Assaultron. In the end, if you find location hard to clear out, you can always tune down the difficulty.  

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Last thing i wanted to mention is the Vault 95 will also be decent source of Ceramic. The material will come in form of Coffee Cups. You can find more than 50 pieces of the material inside the Vault. 

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Now, this is the last thing about Vault 95, for sure! You can find a Big Guns Bobblehead inside it! The Bobblehead will increase critical hit damage with Big Guns by 25%. It is situated in “right wing” of the Vault. To access it you want to turn on the right, after you will find yourself in the main hall. Once you are in the location, you need to take 2nd turn to the right and proceed through the gunners “sleeping place” until you reach the final room. The Bobblehead will be situated in the center of the room, on top of the radio.

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Mahkra Fishpacking

The factory is situated to the far north-east of the map, on the top peninsula. It is second best source of Aluminium in Fallout 4.

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First time you will visit it there will be no enemy on the outside territory. However, inside there will be Synths. After you enter the Factory through main entrance, you want to proceed to the elevator that is situated behind the truck. Be careful, there is a mine on the floor, just near the entrance.

Once you are on the bottom level, you will notice a conveyor belt with dead raider body. Proceed into the level by following this conveyor. At first it will be filled with fish, or it will be empty. But, as you descend into the level, you will find few Synths on your way down and you will find a point where it is filled with tons of Trays. There are more than 80 Trays. Each will give you one Aluminium piece. 

If you want to gather the Trays again, you can comeback in 30 days. If you have an urgent need in the material, you can spend this time sleeping, or waiting. Lastly, you might want to tune down the game difficulty a bit if you will visit this place with a low level character. 

As you clear the place, don’t forget to grab Tesla Science Magazine. It is situated beneath the platform with chained door.

Oh, and on your way out, after you clear out the bottom level, you will be greeted by Synths. They will be inside the building on the entrance level, and outside on the Factory territory.


Corvega Assembly Plant

The Corvega Factory is situated south-east of the Vault and Sanctuary. Probably, you’ve already visited it. This factory will be less resourceful compared to Mahkra Fishpacking – unique Aluminium items will get you 36 pieces of the material. But, it is better than nothing. Despite being one of the first places you will visit in the world of Fallout 4, not many players actually manage to find the Aluminium Junk. Nothing strange there! The factory itself has huge outside territory and it is easy to get lost in the inside levels, especially on the first playthrough.

So, whether you are going to visit the Factory for the first time, or you are here for Aluminium only, you want to use the 2nd floor entrance(the one that is situated over the main entrance with the “Corvega” title). If you are to use the main entrance, you will eventually reach the needed Junk. However, it is situated closer to 2nd floor entrance.

Once you’ve entered the building, you want to turn left and go downstairs. If you haven’t cleared the place out, expect to face low level raiders and turret.

After you’ve cleared the enemies out grab the junk. The one you are interested in is called Coolant Cap. It is situated beneath the stairs, on the conveyor and on the table, you just used to get here. Each piece of the item will give you 2 Aluminium. There are total of 13 pieces. That means you will get 26 Aluminium alone from these Coolant Caps. 

As soon as you’ve taken all the Junk, you want to move to another location. Take these stairs(they are situated to the left from the ones you’ve just came down from) to get on the platform and proceed into the other part of the building by walking down another staircase. Once you are down, take a look at the metal locker. It has 5 more Coolant Caps!

Last piece of the unique Junk you want to find in Corvega is called Hubcap. It gives you 2 Aluminium pieces and pair of Screws. It is situated at the top floor of the Factory near the guy you have to kill, in case you’ve taken the quest.

To reach the location you want to return to the place where you’ve found Coolant Caps for the first time and proceed through the doors. You will find yourself in a small hall. To the left there will be lift and stairs situated. You can use any to reach the top floor.

Once you are on the top floor take look at a blue car. It is situated to the left from the Protectron. Just behind the car you will find the conveyor belt. It will have 5 Hubcaps lying down on it. I guess, it is needless to say that the top floor will contain some raiders as well as the leader of the gang, Jared. So, you want to deal with them first and then search for Hubcaps.

Rest of the building will provide you the Aluminium in form of standard Junk items, like TV Dinner Trays(breaks into 3 pieces of Aluminium), Aluminium Cans(2 pieces of Aluminium) and so on. If you clear the whole place, you should have around 50+ pieces of Aluminium. 36 pieces from unique items, the rest is from usual Junk. 

We are almost done with Corvega. The only thing left is top part of the building. I mean the huge metal globe with “Corvega” title, which is situated on the outside territory. You want to climb there if you are planning to use Fusion Cores. Thing is, just at the top, there is a Repair Bubblehead. It will increase the lifetime of the Fusion Cores by 10%.


Searching for specific Junk items and the Scrapper Perk

The ones that I’ve mentioned before, TV Dinner Trays(and all sorts of Trays) and Aluminium Cans, will be your best friends. They are scattered all over the world of Fallout 4 and are hard to miss. Other items you might want to look out for are Alarm Clocks, Toy Rocket Ships, Coffee Tins and Industrial Oil Canisters. These are just more or less common items you can encounter. Also, there are other less likely to be found items, which can break into Aluminium. Make sure that you have tagged your search for Aluminium.
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You will find it much easier to search for an items with the Scrapper Perk. If you spend two points in the Perk, it will automatically highlight the the items you’ve tagged for the search. Now, you can loot only highlighted items and forget about everything else! 

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The Scrapper Perk is awesome not only because it highlights the items! As you may guess from its name, every time you will scrap an armor or weapon it will give additional materials! One point spent in the Perk will grant you Aluminium, Copper and Screw pieces. If you spend two points in the Perk, you will also get Circuity, Nuclear Material and Fiber Optics from scrapped items, apart from highlighting function!

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Buying Shipments from Merchants

There will be two merchants you want to trade with, to get Aluminium. First one is Arturo from Diamond City. He is situated in the Diamond City Market, behind the bar with Japanese speaking Protectron Chief. He will sell you a shipment that contains 50 pieces of the Material. 

Next merchant you might want to visit is Rufus Rubins from Goodneighbor. To find the man you want to find Hotel Rexford first. As you enter the city, pass the Guns by holding to the left and turn left to pass by the Third Rail to the left. In front of you will be Memory Den and to the left from Memory Den will be Hotel Rexford. Once inside, you will find Rufus to the left, sitting near the window or on the couch, or he can just be around the entrance area. He will have shipment of Aluminium that contains 25 pieces of the material. 

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I hope that these small Fallout 4 Aluminium secrets could help you and enjoy the game even more!

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