Fallout 4 guide – The Companion Guides: Preston Garvey

The series of Companion Guides will highlight the easiest ways to earn the highest reputation and the Companion Perk. This guide is about Preston Garvey, the last Commonwealth Minuteman in the world of Fall out 4. The guide is compatible with any platform (PC, Xbox, and PlayStation).

Preston Garvey

The Companion Perk
Preston Garvey's likes and dislikes
Where to find the last Minuteman
How to earn maximum affinity with Preston Garvey
The Companion Quest


Preston is one the first companions you will likely meet in the Fallout 4. He is generous and fairytale-like good. He wants to make the Commonwealth a better place in his own way. Whether you like his ideas and ideology or not, I think you will certainly consider him as a first companion you would like to have the best relationship with. The thing is the Perk he grants you is very strong. While the Companion Perks seem to be not so valuable for a casual playthrough, on higher levels of difficulty the "United We Stand" Companion Perk will be the first thing you would like to acquire!

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The Companion Perk

As you already know Preston's Companion Perk is named "United We Stand". It will give 20% bonus to damage and resistance when you will face three or more targets. I've also noticed that it counts not only enemies but any targets around you. For example, if you will be fighting two Ghouls and Preston, or any other companion or NPC, will be nearby the Perk will be working. 

United We Stand

Preston Garvey's likes and dislikes 

Preston dislikes theft. Any quests that involve stealing some items you would like to do without him. He also doesn't tolerate chem usage and addictions. Lastly, he is not fond of selfish or violent decisions. Preston is highly peaceful and generous. Violence for him is the last resort.

So, Garvey likes generous decisions, mean and peaceful behavior. He is especially concerned about saving people's lives. That is why we used this theme as our key at the quest to earn his maximum affinity. He also likes building settlements, especially in the Boston area. You can earn some affinity by bringing him to some places you would like to construct or add something to already existing settlements. Creating some high-tech mods, for guns and armor, will also earn his respect.

Where to find the last Minuteman

During your adventures, you will find Preston in the town named Concord. I should probably say in what is left of the town. It will be the first town you will venture to, outside of the Sanctuary, if you will follow the story line. The quest will be given to you by Codsworth. And Garvey will be in the British Museum. It is situated at the end of the town, in the Southeast direction.

Concord mapHow to earn maximum affinity with Preston Garvey

First of all, you will need Preston to become your companion. And for that, you will need to complete all the quests that are available before he will want to join your crusade. Don't worry! There is not much work to do! The first quest will be given to you once you arrive in Concord. After you complete the quest head back to the Sanctuary. As soon as Preston will arrive there talk to him again. He will ask you to lend a hand to Sturges and help few settlements. Once you've done that, Preston will be impressed by your deeds and will be happy to join you.

Now that you have Preston as your companion, it is time to earn reputation! The way I find to be the easiest is this one. After you've completed the quests Preston gave you, take new ones. Garvey has infinite amounts of those quests and settlements that need the help. As you will be helping the settlements together with the Companion, his affinity will grow. Preston is fond of any generous decisions and quests. However, the settlement based quests are the quickest way to increase the reputation to a point when Garvey will ask you to help him complete the Companion Quest. This is a point after which you will have maximum reputation earned with Preston. But before that, as his affinity will grow he will be willing to talk with you few times. During the chat, he will tell you a history of Minuteman. To earn some positive reputation from that chat, and not to lose any, you would like to be as supportive, of him, as you can. These Companion chats can be delayed and started at the moment you would like them to, so I recommend to save before the chat and squeeze the maximum positive reputation possible.

The Companion Quest

Once you are almost the best friend of Preston Garvey he will tell you that he thinks it’s the best time to rebuild the Minuteman and retake Minuteman castle. You don't need to accept the quest. It can be delayed. You can tell that you aren't ready and want to prepare. And that is actually what you are going to do because we are going to cheat a bit! We won't be retaking the Minuteman castle, as it features nasty fights with Mirelurks and their Queen! If you are fond of fighting those creatures you can go, however, I find fighting them completely unrewarding. That is why we are going to earn max affinity by saving person’s life!

The quest we are going to do is about saving a life. The life of a girl. The girl's name is Amelia Stockton. She is being a held prisoner in the secret object and is a part of the quest named "Human Error". The quest begins in the small town named Covenant and ends in the superb, mega, high-secret place called Compound. If you haven't completed the quest before or want the full story, you can start by going to the Covenant. Here it is:

Covenant map

If you don't want to know the whole story about the quest, I propose you to finish it quickly and go directly to the superb and highly secret object named Compound. You can find it here:

Compound map

The place doesn't have its special marker on the map. However, it is situated near the town named Mystic Pines. Once you are in the town, head East, past the town. This way you will be on the left of the river like it is shown on the map, on the picture above. Once you are on the left bank of the river, and past the town, search for the tree water pipes, just like on the picture below. They are the only ones around, you won't miss them.

Water pipes

The entrance to the Compound is in one of the pipes. As you will be clearing the whole place out, you will eventually meet doctor Roslyn Chambers. She is in charge of all these human tortures and experiments. She is an anti-Synth fanatic and thinks that Amelia is a Synth. She will propose you to torture the girl to find out who she really is. Here you want to be and act carefully, as this quest is the key to Preston. Save before, or during the chat. You want to be as much humanistic as possible in your answers. Of course, you want to save the girl and kill the doctor. If you save the girl and choose the right answers in the dialogue, you will earn max reputation with Garvey. You will see in the top left corner that Preston loved your decision making. After that, he would like to talk with you. Upon dialogue completion, you will earn his Companion Perk and maximum level of affinity.

I hope this guide will help you become friends with Preston, and I wish you to get much use of his bad-ass Perk.


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    This is incorrect. Much of the mission requires you to do things that are negative rep for Preston. By the end, I was only able to reach the secon-to-last leve of rep for Garvey

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    Bull, he starts off with you after that he just keeps giving you quests. When you’re done with those he will only make comments and not be your companion any longer, and the patch that says it fixes it doesn’t change anything. It is very late in the game when after you get banned from, and escape the institute that deffend the castle starts and you must also be enemies with the BOSS, these start the nuclear option and only after you complete that will Garvy be your companion again


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