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10 Essential Fallout 4 Terms and Lingo Guide for New Players

New to Fallout 4 or the Fallout series as a whole? This terms and lingo guide is the prefect place to start. From items to species and general terms, these ten entries are vital to having an enjoyable Fallout experience.

10 Essential Fallout 4 Terms and Lingo Guide for New Players
If you’re new to Fallout 4 or the Fallout series in general, then this terms and phrases guide is the perfect place to start. While this list is based on Fallout 4, many items and phrases are the same throughout the entire Fallout universe.

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While some items and phrases in the game are self-explanatory, some gamers (like me) often skip all the text and get right into the action. If you’ve done the same then it’s likely you may have missed the explanation of some key aspects or terms in the game. Don’t worry, this terms and phrases guide for Fallout 4 has got you covered.

1. Stims

What are stims or stimpaks in Fallout 4?
Stims or stimpaks are injections or syringes filled with medicine to recover the players health. Stimpaks are one of the most useful health items in the game

2. Blood packs

What are blood packs in Fallout 4?
Much like stimpaks, blood packs are another health recovery item im Fallout 4. However, blood packs are much harder to come by.

3. rads

10 Essential Fallout 4 Terms and Lingo Guide for New Players

What are rads in Fallout 4?
Rads, short for radiation, refers to the strength of radiation in an area or the strength of radiation damage a player has taken or is currently taking. How to remove or cure radiation (rads)? Rads can be cured by taking a radiation cure item known as radaway.

4. Fallout

What does fallout mean in Fallout 4?
While it may seem like common knowledge, the word Fallout is not merely the title of the game but also a term used to describe the remnants of a nuclear disaster. It is also colloquially used to refer to the damage of a non-nuclear catastrophe or event

5. Overseer

What are overseers in Fallout 4?
The title of overseer is given to the director or leader of a vault or fallout shelter. In the mobile game, Fallout Shelter, the player takes on the role of overseer

6. The Institute

What is The Institute in Fallout 4?
Throughout the game, especially in the early stages, players will hear civilians and other NPCs talk about "The Institute" in fearful, hushed voices almost as if they were in the world of Harry Potter talking about "he who must not be named". While The Institute starts out as a mere rumor, soon the player will find out that the sci-fi, robot-making, Blade-Runner-esque, company does indeed exist and is a major part of the Fallout 4 main storyline.

7. Synth

10 Essential Fallout 4 Terms and Lingo Guide for New Players
What are synths in Fallout 4?
Synths, short for synthetics, are a species in the game which refers to robots created by The Institute. Some synths can either look completely robotic in appearance while others have been coated in material resembling human flesh and are otherwise indistinguishable from other humans.

8. caps

What are caps in Fallout 4?
If you haven't been picking them up you damn well should be. Caps are the currency in Fallout 4. Why a civilization surviving a nuclear cataclysm would choose bottle caps as their new world currency is beyond me. However, caps can be found, traded or received when drinking numerous nuka-cola beverages in the game.

9. Pip-boy

What is the pip-boy in Fallout 4?
See that giant oversized smartwatch taking up half your forearm? That's a Pip-boy. While the Pip-boy is obviously the source of the player's in-game menu, it is also a tool used in the wasteland for various purposes. For example: map and GPS function, radio, holotape player, vital signs monitor and more.

10. Deathclaw

10 Essential Fallout 4 Terms and Lingo Guide for New Players
What are deathclaws in Fallout 4?
Deathclaws are one of the most ruthless and most overpowered enemies in the game. They are fast, huge and powerful, making them an enemy difficult to run from and even more difficult to defeat. One or two strikes from them are enough to put you down hence the name, Deathclaw.

That's it for our 10 essential Fallout 4 phrases for beginners. Did you already know them all? Have some must-know terms and phrases that we missed? Let us and our readers know in the comments below!

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