Top 10 Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game

Fallout 4 is ripe for the modding. Whether your PC is a high powered god machine or a humble older model that struggles from time to time, there’s bound to be a set of mods out there to your liking. Fallout 4 is a great game but it is not without its failings here and there. In this top ten list, we’ll break down the best Fallout 4 mods to completely reinvent your experience of the wasteland. If you are new to Nexus Mods, please be aware that some mods don’t play nice together! So experiment one at a time to ensure a smooth modding experience.

10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game

If you’re new to modding and would like to get started, familiarise yourself with Nexus Mod Manager as this is the source of mods discussed. You can do that easily with our guide.

10. True Storms

That moment has dawned upon many of us, while roaming the wasteland. Why isn’t there more… weather? Everything is so grey and drab and sure, it’s a wasteland. But a little more energy wouldn’t go amiss. 

10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - True Storms


That energy is best found in uploader, fadingsignal’s True Storms – Wasteland Edition. This mod does more than just create immersive rain scenes. It adds sheet lightning, fork lightning, dust storms and even includes twenty different sound effects for the thunder above! Enhanced visuals and fresh new textures can be expected.

If you don’t own the game yet, you can buy it on Amazon for PlayStation 4, or Xbox Oneor PC.

9. Lowered Weapons

Say you’re carrying a Junk Jet or a Big Boy launcher. These weapons are hefty and tend to take up a large portion of the screen. Perhaps your fully modified Laser Rifle now pokes just a little too much into your field of view.

10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - Lowered Weapons


With lesma666’s Lowered Weapons mod, this problem is soon resolved. It’s a simple mechanic that admittedly most games have. Now your wastelander will lower that bulky death machine when not in use. Just a little touch for that added immersion! 

8. Seasons Project

We all know that Bethesda and their studios make great open world games. Heck, it’s what they’re predominantly known for. Yet I think we can all agree that Fallout can become a little too “gun metal chrome” and “gravestone grey” from time to time. The fact that Diamond City is the most colourful part of the game says it all! Seasons Project simultaneously adds a little colour to you daily wasteland roaming, as well as inject a little life and immersion into the game.  
10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - Seasons Project 


This mod by GameDuchess, adds a Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer to the wasteland of Fallout 4. Each season has its own palette of colour vibrant textures. What will be most noticeable to the player is how the ground changes. Is it lightly smattered in snow or carpeted with autumnal leaves? 

7. More Where That Came From 

Since Fallout 3 arrived on the last generation, the franchise has become renowned for its great thematic music. A world trapped in the 50’s, we’ve all grown to know and love the familiar jingles of the wasteland, wonderfully contrasted to Fallout’s staple violence.

10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - More Where That Came From


But there’s never enough of it. We eventually hear the same tune too many times and turn our Pip Boy radios off. Thanks to OldManMose76, this problem is alleviated massively with his mod, More Where That Came From. It adds one hundred and eleven new tunes to Diamond City Radio. DJ Travis will be no more as his lines of dialogue would not match up to the songs we’re about to hear. It’s probably a safe bet he won’t be missed. 

6. Armorsmith Extended

Many may consider the wardrobe of Fallout 4 a little lacking. Some may even feel certain combinations of wasteland style just aren’t available to them. We’ve all been there before and found that special armor that makes no sense visually but has great stats and we remain protected regardless. Grognak The Barbarian’s armor set springs to mind. 
10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - Armorsmith Extended


Modder Gambit77 has ensured that this is no longer a rare thing. In Armorsmith Extended, players can now get really creative with their post apocalypse style as any armor piece can be worn over standard clothing. Vanilla armor sets are so last year!

5. Better Settlers

So you’ve built your settlement. You spent hours questing for resources and getting the place looking just the way you want it. Inhabiting it are… A bunch of dummies. That’s right! It goes without saying that, as a general rule, Bethesda’s NPCs are a little dumb. Perhaps even frustrating when trying to maximise the efficiency of any one settlement.

10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - Better Settlers


Thom293 has created Better Settlers to spice things up at your settlements. With this mod, players can expect two hundred and thirty new settler characters to come and make a home with you. Choice is at the forefront here, as lore friendly equipment, mortality rates and stats can all be affected by the player. It certainly freshens things up after seeing the same faces over and over no matter where you turn! This mod is also wonderfully compatible with Sim Settlements, discussed further down this list!  

4. Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

Staying on the topic of settlements, it’s safe to say we’ve all lost many hours constructing our beloved labours of love. Although, after a while, we’ve seen and built just about everything that is possible with what Bethesda have given us. 
10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - Homemaker - Expanded Settlements


If building and expanding on what you already have is your thing, NovaCoru’s Homemaker – Expanded Settlements is definitely for you. With over a thousand new items ranging from cars to lamp posts, to reworked vanilla borders all the way to huge new tilesets based on The Institute, this mod is guaranteed to soak up many more hours of your time! 

3. Conquest

Camping pops up from time to time in videogames. Perhaps you did a little back in the days of the original Monster Hunter. Maybe a little more recently in Final Fantasy XV. In any case, camping is videogames is always oddly relaxing. It’s a time to gather your thoughts, deal with any issues that need clearing up in your inventory and heal up.

10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - Conquest


Chesko’s mod, Conquest, now allows us to do much the same in Fallout 4 and we think it fits just perfectly. More importantly, Conquest allows the player to expand on their campsite and turn it into a brand new settlement. This can open up avenues for trade and wasteland city building, the same as any other settlement. Who’s up for turning their Fallout 4 into Coruscant from Star Wars?  

2. Sim Settlements

In our final building related mod, we have kinggath’s Sim Settlements. Building up settlements the way Bethesda intended can be absorbing and rewarding. After a while, however, it can sadly get a little tedious. 

10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - Sim Settlements  


With this wonderful mod, the player can set down plots of land and assign them as residential, agricultural or retail. From there, the player need only wait and watch as settlers arrive and do all the building for you. With previously mentioned mods, there is massive scope for organically growing settlements while the player kicks back and watches it grow. Basic needs like water, food and defense will still need to be handled by the player. So you don’t get a full vacation from settlement building, lazy! 

1. Fusion City Rising 

Perhaps you love Fallout 4 so much that there’s literally nothing left to do? It’s possible and you crazy completionist gamers are out there. Thirsty for more adventures or rolling your eyes at the thought of how long we must wait for Fallout 5?

10 Best Fallout 4 Mods To Reinvent Your Game - Fusion City Rising


Well, Fusion City Rising is a great quest mod by Recluse and Thuggysmurf that can quench that thirst for anywhere between ten and twenty hours. It contains several quests, new locations and even fresh new factions to familiarise yourself with. Fusion City will be found underground in the form of a massive metro system. It has every kind of vendor you can imagine and all kinds of diversions ranging from shooting ranges, a mall and a new player home to name but a few. Definitely check this one out if your Fallout 4 experience is starting to dwindle. Keep the flame alive!


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