Fallout 4 – a season pass and approximate weight of the game

New information from developers about season pass in Fallout 4.

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Developers from Bethesda Game Studios have told to the public about the minimum number of large additions that will be available to players for the purchase of Season Pass – a seasonal passes to downloadable content for Fallout 4. For the game will be at least 3 large add-ons from studio developers  and all of them will be included in the seasonal pass.

Among other things, if the developers will release 4 or more DLC, they will also be included in the season pass. It is also likely that the company will resort to the help of other studios to create new add-ons, like it was with Fallout 3. And also, all small add-ons and patches for the new part of the Fallout series will be free.

Pre-order of Season Pass is already possible to draw on the official Xbox Marketplace Store separately or as part of the publication Digital Deluxe Bundle. In the first case, the players will pay $ 30, and in second – $ 90.

Also, thanks to the Xbox Marketplace Store now is known the exact weight of the game on the Xbox One. The weight of the game on console will be 28.12 gigabytes, about the same weight expected on other platforms, PlayStation4 and PC. The weight of the game, compared to other games of the new generations quite reasonable – many releases now are rarely require less than 30 Gb.

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