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Fallout 4 VR might be already planned

In a recent interview Director of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard sat down to speak about the future of Bethesda games like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Inevitably the topic turned to Virtual Reality and the possibility to see Bethesda games in that growing area of gaming, and Todd's answer might just surprise you.

Fallout 4 VR might be already planned
Bethesda seems to be back at it again. First it was a remastered Skyrim complete with mods for the console, and now Todd Howard, the mind behind it all, is dropping some heavy hints that we could expect Fallout 4 to make its way into the world of Virtual Reality.

'We're trying the VR thing now. We'll see where it heads.' Is the direct quote from the interview with Todd Howard and the fellows over at Glixel. When asked if Bethesda was trying to put Fallout 4 into a VR mode or create a VR accessible Fallout 4 Todd followed up with;

We definitely are. That's the promise of VR, being in a big virtual world. The core experience, meaning you put on the headset and you're standing in the world of Fallout and can go where you want, just that little bit is every bit as cool as you hope it would be.

Unfortunately nothing more concrete was given, but seeing as how the realm of VR is still taking its baby steps we can safely say that this date will be some time in the future. It's incredibly hard to tell if this would be successful or not, as Todd did admit that 'you can watch an old movie, but it's very hard to play an old game'. but it is my dream that one day to take the time from my Fallout 8 or Fallout 9 gameplay to reflect upon the classics of the franchise. 

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