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Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods

Have you been hankering for a good giggle in the dusty, depressing wasteland? With this list, KeenGamer has got your back. After scouring far and wide across the internet, we have collected our top ten funniest Fallout 4 mods available today. Remember, if it's your first time modding, some mods don't play nice together. So keep calm and mod one at a time. Without further ado, let's begin.

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods

If you're new to modding and would like to get started, familiarise yourself with Nexus Mod Manager as this is the source of all mods discussed. You can do that easily with our guide.

10. Taylor Swift Pip Boy Background

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - Taytay
To start our list off today, let’s make a shoutout to all the Swiftys out there. This oddly hilarious mod does nothing more but put the face of the queen of pop into your Pip Boy. For some gamers… that’ll be all they need. 

9. Cadbury Creme Eggs

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - Creme Eggs
In the case of the tasty Cadbury chocolate delight, yes that is how “Creme” is spelled. Never noticed that before? Well you’ll notice it a whole bunch if you activate this mod. All Mirelurk egg nests are now replaced with a delicious chocolatey offering. Much yummier than the gooey crunch of Mirelurk eggs!

8. Decapodian Mirelurks

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - Zoidberg mod

In another recent piece, discussing Skyrim’s most hilarious mods, we could see there was no escape for the humble Mudcrab. Switch over to Fallout 4 and the same story rings true in the case of Mirelurks being horribly subjected to mutations by coders for our own bitter overlord amusement…ahem. So here, all Mirelurks take on the same colour palette as Zoidberg himself, representing for Decapodians everywhere. Matt Groening would be proud. 

7. Shaun Is The AntiChrist

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - Demon child
Are you the kind of gamer with a dark sense of humour? The type of sick, sadistic giggle-haver that enjoys splattering pedestrians with a firetruck in GTA V? Well, this dark and creepy mod may appeal to your demon within. Shaun Is The AntiChrist introduces hellish screams from the underworld every time Shaun cries. You’ll be crying out SHAUN in frustration over and over as if you were Ethan from Heavy Rain in a shopping mall. 

6. Superman Outfit

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - Underwhelm simulator
We all get our inferiority complexes. “Why can’t I smash through brick walls? Why can’t I turn my boss into a smouldering pile of ash with laser vision? Why can’t I fly?”, you ask yourself turning around for the millionth time, lying awake in bed. Well, the Superman Outfit mod… does none of those things. Sorry. But hey, gearing up with a machine gun and slaughtering your foes dressed as the man himself does have an ironic sense of satisfaction to it. 

5. Darth Vader Armour

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - A loving father
Yup, it had to happen eventually, right? A modding community that doesn’t turn the moon into a Death Star or melee weapons into lightsabers isn’t a modding community, sir! In the case of the Darth Vader Armour mod, it fits surprisingly well into the game’s opening moments… Combine this one with Shaun Is The Anti Christ and you’ve got some serious Twilight Zone s*** right here. 

4. Rip A Guy’s Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - You did a good job, Sentinel. Ad Victorium!
<sigh> OK so here’s another one for you sick GTA V firetruck-driving-pedestrian-splattering type players. Should speak to your bloodlust suitably. Yes, the above subtitle is literally the name of the mod and, heck,it does what it says on the tin. 

3. Nicholas Cage Paintings

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - Nick Cage is life
Is your settlement missing that extra little flare? The kind of flare that can only be expressed with hundreds of images of Nick Cage’s delightfully elastic face strewn across the walls? I mean seriously, what more could you want? Look at the variety on display here! 

2. High Velocity Cat Cannon

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - Cattageddon
I hate cats. Do you? They just sit on the stairs waiting to trip you up and when they do, they just sit there totally calm with a face that says “what’re you lookin’ at man? I dunno”. Yes, cats are jerks. With the High Velocity Cat Cannon, like me, you can take out your frustration at the machinations of the feline world by blasting them all over your foes. They’re doing more damage than tripping someone up on the stairs so they’ll probably be happy about it too. Jerks. 

1. Bob Ross Is The Moon

Top Ten Funniest Fallout 4 Mods - Moon Ross
So you’ve just been in the dark gloomy depths of a loot filled sewer. You were down there for ages, picking up pencils and empty cigarette cartons, you mad loot junkies. It would be nice to get out into the sun now. As you approach the exit, you can see that it’s dark outside. What a shame – more gloominess for you. What better way to displace that night time disappointment with the oh so soothing face of Bob Ross beaming down upon you from his celestial throne. Ahhhh that’s better now isn’t it? Who needs the moon? Pfft.

Our only regret is that our link to the mod, at the time of writing, leads to an "under moderation" screen. If you love Bob enough, you'll check back to see when Nexus are done with that tomfoolery!