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Atlus Has “No Plan” To Release Persona 5 Royal On Nintendo Switch

Persona 5 Royal won’t get up and get out there on the Nintendo Switch or any non-PlayStation platform. While many were hoping that the acclaimed Persona 5 would finally go multiplatform with this upgraded re-release, Atlus has confirmed that that won’t be the case.
Atlus Has

Atlus Has “No Plan” To Release Persona 5 Royal On Nintendo Switch

When Joker from Persona 5 was revealed to be the first DLC character in the Switch-exclusive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many fans thought that this was a sign that the critically acclaimed Persona series would come to Nintendo’s hybrid console. This wouldn’t be too surprising, since Atlus has a history of revamping its home console Persona games for portable platforms. Soon after, Atlus announced a re-release of the game called Persona 5 Royal, which only added fuel to the fire. However, the company confirmed today that Persona 5 R is only planned to release on PS4.

This news comes from the Japanese site for the Persona series, which just uploaded a new FAQ for the upcoming game. Among these questions is one regarding the platforms that Persona 5 R will release on.

Q: Is there a release on platforms other than PlayStation®4?

A: There is no plan at present.

This is disappointing news for anyone without a PS4 who wants to experience this celebrated RPG. At least Nintendo fans aren’t left completely empty handed when it comes to the Persona series. The dungeon-crawling spinoff Persona Q2 was recently released for the 3DS, and Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, a hack-and-slash take on Persona 5, is also planned for release on Switch.

Persona 5 The Royal - Official Japanese Trailer

Were you hoping that Persona 5 Royal would come to the Switch? Let us know with a comment below.


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Not surprised. Atlus’ marketing strategy is “Let’s make our games as unavailable as possible, do limited printings, never go multi-plat, never do re-releases on Modern Hardware, and if the fans aren’t in Japan they don’t matter.” I mean heck look at Puyo Puyo 2 on Switch… No English Translation, and no Kirby’s Avalanche. You can taste how much they hate American Fans I mean when they said they’d cave and so Steam games they basically went “Here’s a broken version of the older version of Catherine, never ask us for anything again.” So this is business as usual for them.… Read more »


I was REALLY hoping to have P5R on Switch. I mean, having Joker in smash would be the perfect marketing stunt if P5R was coming to Switch. Smash is actually what got me into Persona. After buying the Joker DLC, I watched Persona 5 The Animation, and I recently ordered Persona 3 FES since I have a PS2 sitting around at my house. There’s no way I can afford to spend my money on a PS4 and then P5. That’s why I really wanted to see Persona 5 on Switch. I already have a Switch, so I can afford just… Read more »

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