Persona 5’s Launch Edition Artwork Revealed

The highly anticipated JRPG sequel's steel book artwork has been revealed today courtesy of publisher Atlus. Featuring the main cast of characters outside and within, the case will be bundled within "Take Your Heart" editions of the game as well.

Persona 5's Launch Edition Artwork Revealed
Publisher Atlus updated its listing for the launch edition of Persona 5 today, revealing the artwork shown inside and outside the game's steel book case.

Found below, each features the JRPG's unique cast of characters wearing their school uniforms on the cover and their thief outfits within the inner-case. These designs will be included in the "Take Your Heart" edition of the game as well.

Persona 5's Launch Edition artwork outside and within the steel book case
Persona 5 launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on February 14 for North America and Europe.

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