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Persona 5: The Royal Announced, More Information to Come

After months of speculation, Atlus has finally confirmed the existence of Persona 5 R. The official title is Persona 5: The Royal and the trailer gave us a glimpse of a new female character not featured in the original Persona 5. More information is promised to come.

Persona 5: The Royal Announced, More Information to Come
Come on, Atlus. Back in December, you announced an announcement related to Persona 5 would take place in March. Now it's March, and you've finally given us a little bit of information in the form of a 45-second video. Then you've given us another announcement date, April 24th to be exact. It's when the next Persona: Super Live concert takes place. Persona Super Live is a live performance of music from across the Persona franchise and it's not too surprising that they might be saving the full reveal for then since it's when they usually announce new Persona projects anyway. During the last concert in 2017, they announced Persona Q2 as well as the Persona 3 and 5 dancing games.

Persona 5: The Royal Announced, More Information to Come - I see you
The other big piece of information from the latest video showcased a new female character not seen in the original Persona 5. Right now, the common theory is that she might be a female version of the player character kind of like the female protagonist exclusive to Persona 3's PSP port, but others are not so sure. Many have noted that the female character from the trailer is most likely a first-year student while the player character is a second-year student. According to one Twitter user, the female character is heard saying something that implies she might not be an ally.

"I don't like the Phantom Thieves. I think their method doesn't really help people"

So it's kind of hard to tell what role she might play in the game's story. At the bottom of the website for Persona 5: The Royal, there's a PlayStation logo, but no sign of any Nintendo Switch-related imagery yet, so we can't say if it'll come to the Switch. Hopefully, we'll get a full reveal of Persona 5: The Royal at the Super Live concert next month.

For the full reveal trailer, check out the video below:

「ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル」ティザーCM

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