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Persona 5 Sells Half a Million, DLC to Follow

In the wake of fantastic sales, the hottest new JRPG is receiving cosmetic DLC of both the paid and free varieties later this year.

Persona 5 sells fantastically amid a tepid climate towards JRPG games
While some other JRPGs released in recent memory have struggled to achieve financial success, like "Xenoblade Chronicles X" and I am "Setsuna," "Persona 5" blows them out of the water in just it's opening week. Releasing just about two weeks ago, it's already garnered 550K in sales and doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. These numbers only represent the Japan's audience, as the game has yet to release in any other countries, however with their time coming later in February, we can only imagine the sales will grow ever higher as time goes on.

Following this announcement, the developers went a step further and announced two new sets of DLC to come out later this year. The first of which is a swimsuit outfit set for the cast which will both be free and releasing very shortly on October 5th. The second DLC pays homage to another great Atlus title, "Catherine." It includes an additional costume set for the characters effectively changing them into the cast from the game. The Katherine pack also comes with two additional tracks of background music and a special accessory, which explains the 800 yen price tag on it. That said, it will also be free for a limited time, so purchase isn't necessary depending on when users get their hands on the game.

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