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How to spend your time effectively Persona 5 cover

Persona 5 Royal: How to Spend Your Time Effectively

Persona 5 Royal offers well over a hundred hours of content. Avoid wasting time in this spoiler-free guide! Given a limited amount of time getting to experience all that Persona 5 Royal contains can s...

Persona 5 Scramble Western Release Confirmed

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers finally gets a confirmed western release according to a Koei Tecmo financial report. A localization has been long awaited ever since it released in Japan back ...

persona 5 scramble localization

Persona 5 Scramble Fans Continue To Hope For A Localization

As the year goes on, fans of the Persona series continue to hope for a Persona 5 Scramble Localization. Sadly, there hasn't been any certain news on if it's coming to the West or not. After their sale...

Persona 5 Royal Confirmed for March 2020 Release

Persona 5 Royal’s Western Release Confirmed for March 2020

Wake up. Get up. Get out there. Since Persona 5 Royal released at the end of October 2019 in Japan, Western Persona fans have been eager to find out when they'll get their own chance to play the enhan...

Persona 5 Royal Coming to the West in Spring 2020

Did you see this coming? Atlus has confirmed a firm release window for Persona 5 Royal in western regions. While this updated re-release of the acclaimed JRPG will release on October 31 in Japan, it w...

Atlus Has

Atlus Has “No Plan” To Release Persona 5 Royal On Nintendo Switch

Persona 5 Royal won’t get up and get out there on the Nintendo Switch or any non-PlayStation platform. While many were hoping that the acclaimed Persona 5 would finally go multiplatform with this upgr...

Persona 5: The Royal Will Introduce a New Phantom Thief

Meet Kasumi Yoshizawa, a transfer student just like the player character. She'll be joining the Phantom Thieves in the upcoming Persona 5: The Royal. Other new features include new locations, confidan...

Persona 5 S Teaser Site Revealed

Atlus has set up a teaser site for Persona 5 S. The site points to an announcement that many expect will be be the awaited Persona 5 port for Nintendo Switch. On April 2nd Atlus put up a teaser that r...

Persona 5: The Royal Announced, More Information to Come

After months of speculation, Atlus has finally confirmed the existence of Persona 5 R. The official title is Persona 5: The Royal and the trailer gave us a glimpse of a new female character not featur...

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