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Persona 5 Royal Coming to the West in Spring 2020

Did you see this coming? Atlus has confirmed a firm release window for Persona 5 Royal in western regions. While this updated re-release of the acclaimed JRPG will release on October 31 in Japan, it won't hit North America and Europe until Spring next year.
Persona 5 Royal Coming to the West in Spring 2020

Persona 5 Royal Coming to the West in Spring 2020

In celebration of Gamescom 2019, Atlus has confirmed a western release window for Persona 5 Royal. Although this much-anticipated title will hit Japan on October 31, it won’t release in North America or Europe until Spring 2020.

Atlus USA has prepared an official trailer to share the news. Unfortunately, the game footage is all in Japanese with little trace of localization just yet, suggesting that much work remains to be done before we’ll see the new Phantom Thieves speaking English. See the trailer embedded below.

Persona 5 Royal | Season Reveal Trailer

Persona 5 is one of the very best games on the PS4, and Persona 5 Royal looks set to improve it in nearly every way. This upgraded re-release of the acclaimed RPG is stuffed to the brim with upgrades and new content. Among these are a new playable character, added story beats, original music, more gameplay abilities, and upgraded graphics.

It’s certainly looking promising for fans of the acclaimed RPG series – but if you were hoping it would come to Switch, you’re out of luck. When it finally reaches western shores, it will release exclusively for PS4.

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