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Persona 5: The Royal Will Introduce a New Phantom Thief

Meet Kasumi Yoshizawa, a transfer student just like the player character. She'll be joining the Phantom Thieves in the upcoming Persona 5: The Royal. Other new features include new locations, confidants and story scenes.

Persona 5: The Royal Will Introduce a New Phantom Thief
The first day of the 2019 Persona Super Live Concert has come to a close and with it. We finally got our first real look at Persona 5: The Royal. The mysterious girl from the original teaser back in March now has a name, Kasumi Yoshizawa and it seems like she’ll be joining the Phantom Thieves when Persona 5: The Royal releases. Check out the new trailer below.

ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル PV#01

So let’s break down the new stuff we see in the trailer. I’m not gonna claim to understand anything the characters said but there’s still a ton of new things we can see in the trailer alone. Firstly we see a new hangout spot, Kichijoji. it seems like another hub-world location with places to spend time in it. Over in the metaverse we see Joker utilizing a grappling hook in what looks like Kamoshida’s castle which could suggest that the game’s main dungeons are getting some new areas too.

We also see Ann with a doctor, Takuto Maruki who will be a new confidant. Other new footage includes what seems like an All-Out Attack animation starring Futaba. At one point we see Haru riding on top of Morgana in car form while she fires her grenade launcher which suggests there might be some new team-up attack animations too.

We then see some new scenes that take place back in the real world. Makato seems to be trying to organize a large group of Shujin students all in tracksuits, the new girl Kasumi having a confrontation with somebody in public before Joker steps in. A brief tease of what seems like Kasumi’s awakening and then scenes featuring Joker hanging out with people in the new locations like an aquarium. Some brand new, pretty crazy attacking animations such as Makoto going all First of the Northstar on a shadow and then we see Kasumi in action. It looks like she uses an old carbine of some kind and a rapier in combat.

While we don’t see exactly what leads to Kasumi joining the thieves I’d guess perhaps there’s a new dungeon too? There’s plenty to look at in this trailer but they’re already set a date for more information, that being said there are a few more screenshots on the P5R website with some new information. You’ll get to experience Joker’s 3 semester at Shujin which was not seen in original Persona 5. Most notably is a screenshot which shows the twins, Caroline, and Justin outside of the velvet room. To top it off, Atlus is promising more information next month on 5/9/.

Persona 5: The Royal Will Introduce a New Phantom Thief
Otherwise, we’re not quite finished yet. There’s another day of music tomorrow and in which they’ll most likely announce the P5S. Now initially we all figured that’d be the Switch port of Persona 5 following Joker’s inclusion in Smash but Kotaku’s Jason Schreier is claiming otherwise. In a couple of posts on ResetEra, Jason has suggested that P5S is a spin-off game and not the Switch port we all thought it’d be. Here are two of his comments for full clarity.

“I’m very confident that P4 Royal is PS4-only and that P5S is something else entirely. (I’ve heard it’s another genre but am not 100% sure. No idea what platforms.) I’m sharing this because I hate to see people getting their hopes up for something that I’m pretty sure isn’t true, and it’s frustrating to keep seeing “insiders” spread rumors that turn out to be false. It’s possible that Persona 5 is coming to Switch separately, which would make me very happy, but it’s not one of those two things, despite what Twitter insiders have been telling you. “

Some of you may have seen that I was on Kinda Funny Games saying I didn’t think Persona 5 was coming to Switch. I’m afraid to tell you all that, despite Best Buy (lol), I still feel that way. I think Persona 5 Royale is a PS4 game, and I’m pretty sure that P5S is something else entirely.

I guess it’s possible that a P5 Switch port is coming separately, and it’s also possible that the people I talk to aren’t omniscient, which is why I don’t like to definitely declare “Persona 5 is not coming to Switch,” but, look, don’t let these “insiders” get your hopes up too much is all I’m saying. 

I’m just happy we finally got some real information about Persona 5: The Royal. Also, I’d be willing to bet that the western release will be shorted to just Persona 5 Royal. They did the same for Persona 4 Golden which is called Persona 4: The Golden in Japan. Until then, we’ve still got tomorrow to find out what P5S truly is. I’m kinda hoping it’ll be a new Arc System Works fighting game personally.


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