Top 10 Powers in Starfield

In this list, we'll rank 10 of Starfield's Starborn powers based on usefulness and cost efficiency. Starfield is all about the wonders of space and the adventures that await. That includes game-changing powers granted by the mysterious temples guarded by the Starborn.

Starfield Top 10 Starborn Powers

In Starfield, most of the methods of building your play style are utilized through skill trees and various weapons you’ll find during your space odyssey. However, one mechanic that is introduced as you progress through the story is Starborn Powers. These powers are found by traveling to randomly assigned (save for a specific few) remote planets and going inside the temples left behind by an ancient space race referred to as The Creators and currently guarded by the Starborn. The player will first encounter a temple during the Constellation quest line and, after that, can ask Vladimir Sall for more temple locations.

As I ranked these, I considered the usefulness of the power within the scope of the gameplay and how much power it costs to use it. Starborn Powers can differ in application. Some are for combat, while others help enhance your exploration or expedite the resource-gathering grind. Keep in mind, a few of the powers are kind of gimmicky, but most of the ones in this list can be highly beneficial, especially when playing on a higher difficulty. 

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Anti-Gravity Field

Anti-Gravity Field is the first power you will get in your playthrough. It is locked into the main quest line and is unavoidable. That’s not a bad thing though, as it’s a useful power at the beginning of your run.

When you cast this power, you will create a field of intense low gravity in a small area around you, which will paralyze enemies and give you an opportunity to deal damage unhindered or grant a reprieve should you be in a desperate position.

At 45 power, it’s pretty expensive and, therefore, only just makes the list, but it is an excellent enhancement to your combat abilities. 

Gravity Wave

This power allows the player to launch a conical wave of gravity that can stagger or knock back enemies. It can be incredibly useful in combat, especially when facing those singular elite enemies that can soak up damage or enemies that quickly close in on you. Outside of that, I found it cumbersome to use this power when faced with a group of enemies or when trying to fight at a distance, so its usefulness was only significant in certain situations. Although, at 25 power, it is a cheap option for those who don’t have a better power available.

Gravity Wave is a good power to use to knock down tough enemies

Gravity Wave is a good power to use to knock down tough enemies

Elemental Pull

This power is a great time saver if you’re looking to quickly gather up resources for crafting or outpost development. At just a cost of 25 power, you can run along and periodically cast this power to gather heaps of resources as you explore.

A strategy I recommend is to land on a planet and look for as many caves as possible. This power will make clearing the resources from those caves a breeze, and after a while, you’ll have a nice haul that you can use to create whatever you desire. Keep in mind though, that it does not work on areas you would need to mine for resources.

Elemental Pull can help speed up the resource gathering grind

Elemental Pull can help speed up the resource gathering grind

Phased Time

One of the coolest powers in Starfield, Phased Time, will slow enemies drastically while the player retains full speed and mobility. If you wanted to reenact the Quicksilver scene from X-Men First Class then this power would certainly help you do that.

However, while Phased Time is an incredibly cool and practical power, it is only available near the endgame after completing the Revelation quest and thus falls lower on the list. I recommend completing the main quest as soon as possible and saving all side quests for after the endgame to fully enjoy the use of this power. 

Solar Flare 

Some people may instantly think of the classic Dragon Ball Z Solar Flare, but in this case, we’re talking about a ball of intense solar energy that the player can emit toward their foes and potentially set them ablaze to attribute even more damage. Visually, it’s awesome to practically throw a mini sun at your enemies, and it’s also quite useful at damaging those who cluster together in tight quarters. This power also comes relatively cheap to use at 25 power, so its efficiency is better when compared to others on this list.

Casting Solar Flare can potentially light enemies ablaze for more dmage

Casting Solar Flare can potentially light enemies ablaze for more dmage

Particle Beam

Particle Beam is, without a doubt, one of the best powers in the game in terms of damage output… eventually. It takes a couple of upgrades, which occurs when you find a temple that gives you Particle Beam again, but once you do that, it becomes an incredible weapon in your arsenal.

It is a bit costly at 45 power per entire cast, but it’s unparalleled in the amount of damage it will inflict upon strong foes. Plus, who doesn’t want to go around space launching beams of pure energy out of your hands?

Parallel Self

As the name suggests, this power involves you pulling an alternate dimension version of yourself to assist you in your combat endeavors. This power is really helpful when you find yourself stuck against an opposition that is too much for you to handle alone (and you left your companion back at the ship). At 45 power, it’s another one of the high-cost Starborn Powers, but its effectiveness at getting the player out of a sticky jam can’t be denied.

This power can also be found by doing Barrett’s companion quest, where he will acquire the power with you and even use it to summon an alternate Barrett who lives a much different life from your Barrett.

The Parallel Self Starborn Power can help you out of a jam

The Parallel Self Starborn Power can help you out of a jam

Reactive Shield

There’s been more than one occasion in Starfield when I found myself low on health, and I didn’t realize I was out of med packs until it was too late. However, with Reactive Shield, I’ve found that I don’t get into that situation nearly as frequently, and that’s a testament to the usefulness of this power. Casting it will form a shield of pure cosmic light in front of you, boosting your resistances and possibly reflecting enemy projectiles back at them. Reactive Shield costs 35 power, so while it’s higher than some other powers, it’s more efficient than Parallel Self or Particle Beam.

Reactive Shield creates a shield made of cosmic light in front of your character

Reactive Shield creates a shield made of cosmic light in front of your character

Creator’s Peace

You might read the name of that Starborn Power and think I would elaborate on how it’s an excellent power for a pacifist run, and it certainly is for those who prefer to play that way. However, it’s the contrary that I want to highlight. Creator’s Peace, when cast, makes all enemies in the affected area drop their weapons and cease any aggression towards you for a short period of time. That’s when you unload into them while they stand there, unable to lift a finger to resist your attack. It might seem a bit cruel when phrased that way, but then again, they probably started the conflict to begin with.


Supernova is, in my opinion, the best Starborn Power in Starfield. A supernova is a cataclysmic event within the realm of space. If one were to occur within 25 light-years of Earth, all data points to our atmosphere deteriorating and life on Earth perishing as a result. So, with that connotation, Starfield’s Supernova releases a huge blast, causing massive damage to all enemies within the blast radius. It is, put simply, the best option when dealing with a large swarm of enemies and an overpowered tool when focusing on just a few.

At 45 power, it joins the group of most expensive powers and should be used sparingly, but it’s without a doubt the best bang for your buck.

TheUntouchableWolf uses Supernova against the Crimson Fleet

TheUntouchableWolf uses Supernova against the Crimson Fleet

SOURCE: TheUntouchableWolf

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