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Starfield Siren Combat Guide

Our guide to Sirens will help you fight one of the scariest creatures in the wolf system! Including their combat patterns, and best tips and tricks on how to defeat their four-legged tanks. No matter how destructive they may be, the right know-how will see you defeating these menaces of the toxic atmosphere!

Starfield Siren Combat GuideWhen visiting the Wolf system in search of the robot Kaiser, you may come across one of the deadliest creatures in Starfield, the Siren! These four-legged beasts resemble lions with their large armored frills that surround their head like a dragon. Like dragons, they are armored and able to move quickly, resorting to biting and slashing to make short work of opponents. Unfortunately for these beasts, they aren’t nearly as powerful of a jumper as your boost pack is. So, with the proper technique and height advantage, you can make short work of these armored tanks of toxic wastes!

Some of the essential things you’ll need to keep in mind when dealing with these beasts is that they are large armored aliens, and incredibly deadly. Each strike deals a massive amount of damage, so keeping your distance is often your best chance of survival. When dealing with a Siren you must keep in mind that there will be at least two others willing to ambush you, making your environment perception essential. Finally, you must always keep in mind that these tanky creatures are incredibly resistant to ballistic firepower, making energy weapons a must. 

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Siren Slaughter House

Dealing with Sirens is like dealing with wolves, hyenas, or big cats in the way they fight and how they resort to pack tactics. Like these creatures, the Siren is incredibly capable of ambushing their opponents and trying to take them down in numbers. To help with this mode of attack, the Siren is incredibly armored and thus resistant to the harsh environments they exist in. These creatures are incredibly powerful and fast, however, they are unable to leap, instead climbing like a cat.

Sirens are a lizard-like species of creature with a large armored mane of scales that create a shield-like appearance. These creatures use brute force and cunning tactics to try and lead their opponents into traps where they hold the number advantage. Keep in mind that these creatures are intelligent enough to run away into cover when harmed, but will keep attacking through ambuses. In this way, they are similar to death claws where enough force from energy weapons will put them down.

Siren Strengths

The main advantage of the Siren is their large armored body, and the ability to move very quickly on land. Besides this, the siren is an incredibly resilient creature, able to sustain a large amount of trauma and can retreat and regroup. To a degree, sirens are incredibly intelligent, choosing to lead their opponents into traps. These traps often include the creature leading Potential threats to others lurking in the distance. One important thing to note is that these creatures seem to have adapted to hunt humans in particular as they avoid bullets and energy blasts. 

Sirens can be found on multiple planets with their usual tactics

Sirens can be found on multiple planets with their usual tactics

Beyond this, the siren holds its strength in numbers, and in the environment it dwells in; able to wear down its threats until they die. The awful environment in which they hunt is filled with toxic gasses and debris which forces such habits. They are fast and proud hunters, taking their threats on until they need to preserve themselves making the siren an interesting threat. Beyond this, they are respectable for the world they thrive on, as they seek to wipe out the humans they hunt for food, not sport. 

Attack Patterns

The siren uses its large armored frame in aggressive charges where it will either swipe at its opponents or bite at them. Either case can be a deadly interaction as these beasts are far larger than the average human being. If you’re dealing with sirens, keep in mind that they lack the ability to climb, so they’re very easy to overcome. As a result, they can easily overextend an opponent who gets too cocky by retreating and regrouping. In this sense they are one of the deadliest fauna you will come across, being intelligent and well-armored.

When dealing with Sirens keep in mind that they enjoy ambushing their opponents, so constantly keep in mind your GPS. Your tracker will let you know when you have enemies that are approaching, making this ambush feature a little less useful for the siren. That being said, these creatures have the stealth and the power to overcome their opponents like a big cat would. For that reason, you should always keep yourself aware of your surroundings and prepared to get out of harm’s way. Finally, never forget that they will always retreat behind cover when they’ve taken some damage. This is always a trick. They will consistently make their way towards your position, often regrouping with others. 

Sirens will resort to flanking and ambushing whenever they can

Sirens will resort to flanking and ambushing whenever they can

Damage Types

The siren uses a couple of different damage types to its advantage, all of them being physical. For starters, the siren enjoys using biting and striking attacks as well as charges in order to try and knock the opponent over. In this sense, they fight very similarly to most fauna of their dimensions. On this note, they also enjoy short leap or pounce attacks which are meant to try and grapple the opponent, though this hardly works. It’s important to note that their bite is strong enough to damage bone and can sprain or break limbs. Additionally, these creatures attempt to wear the opponent out by constantly reinforcing their ranks with new numbers. 


Sirens have some of the better physical resistances early on due to their innate armored scaling. This scaling makes them perfect for resisting your ballistic weapons and melee attacks, as well as the environments they thrive. Naturally, these creatures have a resistance to fire and heat because of the toxic wasteland they exist in, making them quite deadly. Most importantly, these creatures have the patience to fight in numbers which makes them resistant to being lured or trapped on their own. The siren will notably avoid landmines and explosives, unlike creatures like the Terrormorph.


Sirens are a particularly challenging threat that could see you needing to end them with a high expenditure of ammunition. Luckily, by focusing on weapons that are anti-alien and heavy-hitting in nature you can make short work of them. Sirens are also susceptible to being overcome by using the high ground against them. In this sense, you can easily use your boost pack and other jumping methods to avoid their massive damage. Finally, energy weapons are a great means of defeating these powerful foes along with explosives!

Exterminator Weapons

Exterminator Weapons are the best way of dealing with Sirens and other alien threats

Another one of the major weaknesses of the siren is that they will seek to run away from their enemies any time they are damaged. Usually, this implies that they will be fleeing behind cover or towards other sirens but this gives you a fair amount of time to escape. If you have the firepower, this major weakness also allows you to overcome them while they turn around and disengage.

Quest Line – Finding Kaiser

When interacting with Sirens, you will most likely be playing the Anti-Xeno quest line for the U.C. This is one of the two branches you can take after completing your initial assignment for Vanguard. Taking this into consideration, there’s a chance you’ll be between level ten and twenty when interacting with these creatures. On the lower end, sirens can prove incredibly deadly and a problem for most individuals with ballistic weapons. In these cases, try to bring as many energy weapons as possible, as even the NPCs themselves warn you of the planet’s hostilities. 

When doing this quest line, you will be searching for the robot Kaiser, who was tasked with dispatching xeno-weapons on the planet. This can be difficult due to the large quantity of Sirens in the location, as well as the toxic environment of the planet itself. While doing this quest you will come to some of the many deadly bioweapons that were dispatched on the planet. Remember that finding Kaiser will bring you one step closer to the Anti-Xeno armor which is great against alien threats!

Kaiser essential for the anti-xeno armor questline where Sirens can be found

Kaiser is essential for the anti-xeno armor questline where Sirens can be found

Best Approaches To Sirens

Sirens can be dealt with by using energy weapons from a distance, preferably on high ground. With a boost pack, there are a lot of similarities between them and Terrormorphs. Be aware of your surroundings since these creatures like to ambush and flank you. Luckily if you can stay highly mobilized and never in one place, you can overcome their charge attacks and ambushes. To this end, simply outsmarting your enemy is enough in most cases, especially with omnidirectional evasion kept in mind.

A great way to deal with Sirens is to take advantage of their tendency to run away after sustaining damage that’s about a quarter of their health. You can easily succeed during this time by launching landmines and grenades at your enemies. These tactics should keep you safe, but medpacks and bandages will be key to surviving. Their bites are strong enough to damage bones, so bandages are especially important if you get hit!

High Ground Advantage

By staying on the high ground of a Siren via the many rusting mech husks and trash mounds, you can stay away from their attacks. Unlike the Terrormorphs you’ll have encountered beforehand, Sirens have absolutely zero means of attacking you from a distance. So using heavy single-fire weapons or energy attacks can quickly dispatch your opponents with ease. The high-ground advantage also lets you see where other Sirens are hiding in case they want to ambush you. In addition, you’ll be able to see where the creatures run and hide, giving you clear follow-up shots.

Novablasts and other energy weapons are great against Sirens

Novablasts and other energy weapons are great against Sirens

Omnidirectional Warfare

By using your boost pack, keeping away from your opponent, and constantly mobile you can resist close encounters with a Siren. These creatures resort to pouncing, charging, and chasing which are all one-directional attacks. So by maintaining bursts of flight, and high speeds, you can easily stay away from the brunt of their damage. Because of this, Sirens are significantly weakened by a jump pack, no matter how tough they are. Because of this, at least one rank in the boost pack training perk should let your character take advantage of the planet’s low gravity.

Energy Weapons and Explosives

Due to the fact that Sirens have incredibly tough armor in the form of their scales, it’s important to kill them via whatever can crack through. In this case, explosives and energy weapons would be significantly better than using ballistic weapons or melee. This can be said about a lot of the alien enemies in Starfield, however for Sirens, they seem to be explicitly designed to be bullet dumps. Instead, the clever use of landmines, equinox rifles, and solstice pistols can make short work of the enemies. Another great weapon for dealing with Sirens is the ever-powerful Nova energy weapon system, both in rifle and pistol formats.

These weapons can both knock the Siren back as well as make mince meat out of their otherwise impressive armor. In this regard, keeping a high amount of energy cell ammunition will be vital for doing this part of the storyline with any efficiency. In cases where you run out of ammunition, .43 auto mag, and .12 gauge works perfectly fine!

Boost Pack Training

Boost Pack Training is a great way of avoiding damage by making omnidirectional combat available!

Anti-Alien Weapons

Items that have the Anti-Alien or Exterminator perk will have the ability to clean up Sirens and other Xeno opponents with relative ease. The bonus percentages can vary, making these weapons different in how reliable they’ll be in this situation. The ideal situation is having an energy weapon like a solstice with the exterminator perk to make the most of the damage bonuses. In this regard, keeping these weapons around is just as useful as having something used against humans or robots.

Siren Loot

Sirens don’t carry much in the form of loot, though what they do drop is notably high for crafting materials. These creatures drop bone, fangs, credits, and xeno material which can be used in research projects or sold. They aren’t particularly expensive, however, the added bonuses of these materials will save you a few credits in research projects. This is especially important since better modifications and items can be unlocked with many of these materials. In the worst-case scenario, you can turn the biological material into xeno jerky for a few extra health points.

Siren Lore

Both Sirens and Terrormorphs served as xeno-weapons. It’s a huge problem considering these creatures kept stalking the world after the war ended. The idea of them being intelligent and highly resistant is terrifying. They’re a united pack that exterminates the native life forms on the planets they visit. As a result, the Siren might be the scariest weapon the U.C. uses against Mecha pilots. 

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-source: ZelexFPS

In their current state, the Siren species are offspring of the initial xeno-weapons that were released on the planet’s surface. As a highly invasive species, they leave the worlds they touch empty and silent, acting as an apex predator. It’s notable that they were chosen in order to fight mecha robots, making them especially terrifying.

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