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Starfield Top Ten Weapons For Beginners

Our guide to Starfield's expansive list of weapons will help you determine which ones will be best for your playstyle! Compiling a list of some of the best weapons for beginners so they can explore the galaxy with ease. Get the best knowledge of their ammunition availability, ease of access, and general effectiveness!

Starfield Top Ten Weapons For BeginnersStarfields has quite the collection of firearms and energy weapons that far exceeds even the likes of the Fallout franchise. Delving deep into the science fiction atmosphere, it’s easy to forget that some weapons are going to be inherently better than others. For this reason, it’s best to have a list of some of the best early-game weapons that can become available. No matter where you decide to go when exploring the cosmos, remember that some of these weapons may save your life!

Determining the quality of a weapon is often a question of examining its ammunition rarity in relation to the damage it inflicts. Consider a gun that uses .43 automag rounds versus one that utilizes .27 ammunition. Logically, the former will present challenges when it comes to availability. By considering the ammunition consumption, it becomes evident which weapons hold superior potential. This directly corresponds to the amount of damage you can expect to deal with, providing an efficient method to gauge the overall effectiveness of these weapons.

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Cutter – Utility Tool

The cutter is probably the first weapon you’ll encounter in Starfield as it’s part of the tutorial and introduction. Due to the fact that it helps your character collect ores and materials from the planets you visit, it will easily be a valuable tool. One advantage of the cutter is its self-charging capability, making it an excellent choice for conserving early-game ammunition. Since this weapon serves mainly as a mining tool, it will prove useful throughout your entire playthrough, especially if you engage in crafting. Keep it close for easy access whenever you need it.

Cutters can be found in most mines and most importantly, in the introduction to the game itself. Throughout your time in Starfield, you’ll have access to plenty of cutters and their modifications in order to make the item better. They don’t require any ammunition and take up four pounds in total, they can make light carry runs very easy. Ammunition is a precious resource in the vast cosmic landscape, often requiring payment for acquisition. That’s why having a rechargeable weapon is invaluable. Not only does it save you the hassle of constantly scrounging for ammo, but it also provides a reliable means of self-defense. Additionally, cutters offer an added advantage in the early stages of combat. Acting as a short-range melee weapon, they effectively deter other opponents and give you an edge. So, equip yourself with a rechargeable weapon and unleash its power in the cosmic battleground.


Cutters are a great mining tool!

Maelstrom – Pirate Special

Maelstroms are a great tool of destruction employed by the pirates of the crimson fleet; carrying the ever-plentiful 6.5-millimeter ammunition. Maelstroms are incredibly potent submachine guns that have an extremely fast rate of fire making them deadly up close. It’s perhaps because of this that they are favored by pirates who use them during the opening engagement of the game.

The Maelstrom may not pack a punch with each shot, but its rapid rate of fire more than compensates for it. It’s a versatile weapon that can effectively take down weaker foes, and its modifiability makes it an excellent choice for the mid-game. However, the true strength of the Maelstrom lies in numbers. A group of pirates armed with these guns can easily overpower a small party. Plus, with abundant ammunition and their aggressive nature, the Maelstrom is the perfect solution to deal with spacers and other threats you may encounter.

Maelstrom (modified)

Maelstrom (mofidied)

Coachman – Double Barrel Fun Gun

When dealing with short-range combatants who have a lot of health, nothing can be more effective than the double-barrel Coachman. This weapon is essentially a futuristic double-barrel shotgun which fires a mean careless shotgun shell. Early on, this weapon can utterly obliterate anything that moves in its path and can be incredibly useful against spacers. Like the double barrel shotguns of our time, the weapon is breech loaded and is terrifying to be on the other end of.

Coachman shotguns can be found in just about any shop including the UC distribution center in New Atlantis. They are relatively inexpensive, though the ammunition can be a little pricey. When it comes to firing them, the Coachman can take out multiple opponents and knock back anyone caught in its blast. This makes the shotgun incredibly powerful early in the game, and exceeds its use far beyond level 10! 



Side Star – Semi-Auto Delight

The side star is one of two starting weapons you can find that utilize the .27 caliber round; making them one of the lightest weapons in the game. Despite this, the high accuracy and critical rate of the side star make it incredibly effective against low-level combatants. Headshots made with these pistols can prove especially devastating, and their low recoil makes these shots hit the target every time. Side star pistols appear like an angled Uzi-looking device, and have the unique advantage of being quiet even when unsuppressed. What’s most notable about the Side Star is the high modularity of the weapon itself, able to become fully automatic, silenced, and even hold more ammunition. 

Along with being one of the best early-game weapons using the potent .27 ammunition, you have the option of having a highly stealthy weapon. Remember that its modularity is key, and can protect the user from being detected early on. For a sneaky build, these pistols are one of the best ones you can get early in Starfield. Explode onto your enemies through sneak attacks that are both devastating and unpredictable!

Side Star (Modified)

Side Star (Modified)

Grendel – Space P90

The Grendel takes the form of one of the best submachine guns available early on- especially using potent 7.77-millimeter ammunition. This weapon has some of the best accuracy and highest volume of fire available with an astonishing fifty-round capacity. Unfortunately, it deals Low damage in a basic configuration, making up for this with sheer fire volume. Grendels become even more potent when modified as they can deal upwards of 17 damage with an assassin build. 

Grendel can be purchased from most vendors and has a relatively easy-to-acquire ammunition type. If you are not a fan of the Maelstrom, the Grendel is the alternative to it that can be more accurate and harder-hitting. Additionally, Grendels are highly modular and can be used with great effect beyond level ten, where the Maelstrom falls short. If you want to maximize the damage you deal with these weapons, the ballistic perk can make them much better when dealing with mid-game enemies.

Grendel (Advanced)

Grendel (Advanced)

Equinox – Laser Commander

The Equinox rifle is one of the first energy weapons on this list and has a generally great time dispatching enemies. Unfortunately, due to it’s expensive and rare ammunition type, the 3kv laser cartridge, it’s more of a mid-game weapon. Keeping yourself in stock with this weapon’s ammunition will keep your character poor, but what you get is a deadly laser weapon. The multiple colored beams and high damage make the Equinox a perfect weapon if you can afford the expensive ammunition. 

The best way to acquire Equinox is to either purchase one from major vendors or find one in the sol sector. They are a favorite weapon of mid-tier opponents, and their ammunition will become a lot more available after level ten. Defeating high-level combatants can become remarkably easier when equipped with these formidable weapons. While their base magazine holds twenty rounds, some users may find it mildly inconvenient compared to the more conventional thirty-round capacity. Within the context of futuristic video games, a slight unease can arise from the twenty rounds, as it deviates from the norm. Nonetheless, these firearms remain a highly effective tool in conquering opponents on the battlefield. Despite this, the equinox is by far one of the best choices for dispatching your bounty hunters coming to collect!

Equinox (Modified)

Equinox (Modified)

Naval Cutlass – Have At Thee!

The naval cutlass is one of those weapons that you’ll find yourself happy to have once the ammunition has run dry. Being essentially a naval sword in outer space, its main purpose is to stop incoming combatants that have broken your guard. While there’s a fair amount of melee weapons available to you, the naval Cutlass has great speed and reach. Additionally, you get the rule of cool factor for acquiring a sword in the middle of outer space. You have the benefit of defending against melee combatants, though the melee system feels a bit lacking in Starfield

The naval Cutlass is a highly sought-after weapon that can only be found in the sol system. In addition to being obtainable from a few selected vendors, cunning pirates can also acquire these formidable swords by plundering their adversaries.  its early use can inflict substantial damage on adversaries, ensuring efficient ammunition conservation. Discover the unrivaled prowess of the naval Cutlass for yourself. Especially where the cutlass can prove one of the best melee weapons available to new players!

UC Naval Cutlass

UC Naval Cutlass

Lawgiver – Hard Hitter

The lawgiver is one of the hardest-hitting weapons you acquire early on, using fifty-caliber caseless ammunition. Experience the unrivaled power of this weapon as it effortlessly eliminates low-level enemies in a mere one or two shots. Surprisingly user-friendly, its exceptional control allows for precision targeting. Although the weighty ammunition poses a challenge to maintain a steady supply, the impact on the battlefield is undeniably formidable. Optimal performance is achieved by utilizing this weapon at a safe distance and replacing the clip before encountering close-range encounters. Unleash its potential and dominate the battleground.

The lawgiver can be found in the shop of most vendors, along with a good amount of ammunition. The UC distribution center in New Atlantis should have one, and this weapon is pretty good on ammunition conservation with its six shots. The lawgiver is perfect for high-strength builds, and long-range fighting, but lacks any high volume of fire. Instead, it trades fully automatic firepower for slow and steady aggression that is sure to kill any enemy of significance. Like the equinox, the Law Giver becomes more effective after level 10 where ammunition is more readily available. 

Lawgiver (Legendary)

Lawgiver (Legendary)

Rattler – Space Snub Nose

Introducing the Rattler Pistol, an exclusive .27 caliber firearm ideal for early-game scenarios. While it poses a greater challenge due to its limited ammo capacity, the Rattler compensates with its remarkable accuracy. By harnessing high-velocity shots, this weapon guarantees snappy recoil and ensures that no other pistol, not even the side star, can match its performance. Moreover, the Rattler proves to be a formidable contender at medium range, especially when outfitted with a reliable sighting attachment. Conquer your adversaries with the power and precision of the Rattler Pistol.

Rattler Pistol (modified)

Rattler Pistol (modified)

Discover the unmatched power of these highly sought-after pistols, renowned for their widespread usage across the galaxy. Prepare to face off against dreaded pirates armed with the ultimate advantage right from the beginning. Highlight their superior performance as these compact-designed sidearms effortlessly outclass all competitors. The sheer force delivered by these pistols is truly awe-inspiring, ensuring you experience an astounding level of power like never before. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire one of these extraordinary weapons that defy expectations. Despite their limited ammunition capacity, they excel at making each shot feel as powerful as a shotgun blast. No matter how you wish to play Starfield, the Rattler pistol makes sure you’re well-defended using a small caliber round!

Urban Eagle – Best Starting Pistol

The Urban Eagle is by far the best-starting pistol a player can acquire, using the ever-potent .43 auto mag ammunition. Akin to the desert eagle in modern times, the urban eagle uses a seven-round magazine that can deliver a lot of bite to the enemy. Dealing the most damage of Any starting weapon, an impressive 43, can defeat most enemies with only a few rounds. This ease of access gives the weapon availability to anyone who does just a tiny bit of side questing.

The urban eagle is probably one of the better weapons of the Starfield period. Such a unique pistol, the vanguard really does make a strong point with joining being of high value as this weapon. Once you finish the initiation for the vanguard, check your ship cargo for the weapon and a stack of automag bullets! Remember that using these pistols makes for easy endings to your enemies. The .43 automag pistol is a great reward from the vanguard, and will go you throughout most of your missions! Keeping this weapon with you for most of the game is a good idea as the further you get, the more ammo you’ll find. By far the best part of the Urban Eagle is its sleek appearance, straight out of a sci-fi novel!

Urban Eagle (modified)

Urban Eagles are the best weapon you could start off with due to their high damage to ammunition availability.

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