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Starfield Terrormorph Combat Guide

Our guide to dealing with Terrormorphs will help you keep a solid edge over one of the deadliest threats in the galaxy. Early on they may seem exhausting, but with the right know-how, you can make short work of them! Between clever boosting and heavy firepower, you'll have everything you need to defeat the Terrormorph threat.

Starfield Terrormorph Combat GuideIt can be tough to fight terrormorphs early on because of their odd attack patterns and high damage. Fortunately, when designing these abnormal horrors, they gave the Terrormorph a few very clear weaknesses and strategies. Once you figure out the Terrormorph’s patterns, they’re just another fauna with high health! Their high damage output and ability to leap can very easily close the distance between you and them.

No matter where you encounter the Terrormorph, your best friend will be the boost pack. It’s important to take advantage of their limited reach in order to defeat them, but you also have to keep in mind their many strengths. You can easily turn your allies against you, and they have a leaping ability that’s better than yours. The Terrormorph can also be seen as an indiscriminate threat as it cuts down starfield NPCs with little restraint. They are the equivalent of a mutated monster, and though they come from a simple source, Terrormorphs are deadly. 

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Terrormorph Menace

The Terrormorph is an interesting specimen that has evolved to destroy entire civilizations. When left alone for too long, they will mutate and become a rabid monsters capable of cutting down an entire civilization. This fate has occurred in multiple cases where the Terrormorph’s have gone unnoticed for long periods of time. That being said, in some cases, it happens quicker, as one gene of Terrormorph becomes more rapid-acting than others. Excusing the fact that most civilizations afflicted by them are permanently scarred, they are considered the lucky ones, everyone else is easily pushed away.

For all intents and purposes, the Terrormorph operates via a deadly appetite that fuels its ravenous actions; they have no sentience and hold no morality. That being said, they are merely a fleshy mound of bone and parasitic mass, having little in the form of armor. Compared to some of the other fauna you’ll meet, the Terrormorph can be easily taken down so long as you have enough ammunition. When dealing with these monsters early on they can seem incredibly overwhelming, especially when first interacting with them. Using weapons with precise shots, energy weapons, and boosting to new locations will keep you safe against them. 

Terrormorph Strengths

The Terrormorph’s primary strengths lie in the physical ability to jump from place to place and to use extreme brute force. They attack with their large arm-like appendages, and spring around on these same appendages to overwhelm their prey. Primarily these creatures are abnormally fast and able to attack in multiple pairs which has a pack tactic effect. They are extremely tough, and able to withstand a large amount of bullets as their parasitic mass seems to absorb most bullets and energy shots. Finally, they have a never-ending hunger which allows them to be unrelenting in their fury, attacking even when heavily damaged.

Terrormorphs are resistant to ballistic damage

Terrormorphs are resistant to ballistic damage

Even besides their powerful physical form, the Terrormorph has the ability to use pharaonic control on their enemies. This control turns people into unwilling puppets that they send after those they have yet to take under their control. Widely it is believed that this pheramonic control works better on those who are susceptible to the fear of these Terrormorphs. This control can make dealing with a group of creatures quite difficult as they send innocent civilians and fauna after their prey as a means of chaos. It is this form of intelligent control over others that makes these creatures such a cruel and calculating enemy.

Attack Patterns

The Terrormorph will attack using long swiping strikes with its park-like appendages, or leap forward in a type of biting attack. Both of these are typical of a creature of its shape and size, making the creature typical among predatorial fauna. The problem comes in when these creatures have an abnormally large leap, and the ability to use screech attacks that disorient their prey. This is an interesting addition to their arsenal as it implies the creatures are able to use ultrasonic waves in a weaponized fashion. 

Terrormorphs will attack their prey in numbers if they have the ability to, trying to force them into an immediate retreat. It’s curious in the fact that Terrormorphs seem to exhibit this pack tactic despite being a parasitic creature, being the opposite of their usually asymmetrical mindset. Instead, they show multiple signs of having a higher consciousness that could even be interconnected with one another. In this sense, it would explain most of their attack patterns and give them a more gestalt look at combat. 

Terrormorphs can be found in any environment

Terrormorphs can be found in any environment

Damage Types

Terrormorphs have the strange and useful ability to wield multiple damage types in a similar attack chain. In this sense, they are able to use overwhelming physical damage in tandem with acidic ooze, and sonic attacks. Additionally, they use pheromonal strategies to try and invade their opponent’s mind. All of this together makes them one of the most interesting fauna you’ll come across early on, and one of the most difficult ones. They will almost always resort to their physical attacks and sonic blasts when dealing with the player as the pheromones only disorient. It’s important to note that they also deal a large amount of damage should they land or unburrow near the player.


Despite the fact that Terrormorphs are considerably fleshy masses, they can take a lot of physical damage, similar to bears. They have an extremely durable frame that can resist EMP blasts to a point and can be especially resistant to acid and electricity. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Terrormorphs are also fairly resistant to heat and fire. To this extent, there are only a few ways that you can defeat these creatures as the numbers game will lead to them enacting their pheromonal control! 


While the Terrormorph can be a real pain to deal with, they aren’t entirely resistant to everything. Despite being able to take a lot of them, energy rounds do more than sufficient damage to the creatures. Terrormorphs are also a form of alien which means any form of alien slaying weapons will have their innate bonus against these tanky nightmares. Another option is to use explosive force like mines and grenades against these abominations as the knockback will send them away from you. Finally, using constant movement changes will keep you out of the way of most of the Terrormorph’s most deadly attacks.

Terrormorphs in all their might can be found on display later in the game

Terrormorphs in all their might can be found on display later in the game

Quest Line – U. C. Oriented

Engaging with Terrormorphs mostly involves going to New Atlantis and doing the Vanguard quest line. You’ll end up on Mars, where you’ll meet the red devil, and eventually get your passport. You’ll also get Anti-Xeno armor, and maybe even a house. All of this is related to the Vanguard quest line, which can be great for achieving some rare Steam achievements! You can also turn in a few stories to the SSNN for easy money in the long run by doing this!

Best Approaches To Terrormorphs

Keep a solid distance from Terrormorphs, melee combat isn’t a good idea. If you’re facing a powerful threat, you’ll need a boost pack, some explosives, and knockback weapons. If you’re running out of supplies, just remember this; Terrormorphs are weak at a distance. Your environment, especially high places can be one of the best assets when dealing with these fearsome creatures. Just remember that keeping to one place isn’t wise as Terrormorphs can and will jump towards you.

Ranged Combat

Ranged weapons such as guns, grenades, and energy weapons will keep you away from your Terrormorph friend as long as possible. The problem will come in when the creature scrambles or leaps in your general direction. Using your ability to boost or dash out of the way will be the best way of keeping your character alive. Especially with the fact that these creatures only have a disorienting sonic blast when fighting at a distance. While doing this, make sure you keep your environment and your boost ability in mind as everything can fall apart if you run out of ground!

Explosives and Terrormorphs

Explosives work well to dispatch Terrormorphs so make sure to stock up on grenades, land mines, and other essential goodies!

Boost Packs

Jump packs, or boost packs, are going to keep you safe from the damage Terrormorphs can do. Terrormorphs can’t do much when you boost out of their immediate attacks, especially when you boost behind them. You can aim your gun and get a few shots in while boosting away with this strategy. Try to channel your inner Jango Fett as you blast the Terrormorph in a fun game of keep-away. When you get the boost pack training perk, each boost lasts twice as long, like a double jump.

You can also get to high places with the boost pack if you keep your directions straight. If you jump in the same direction as the blow, you can negate damage even if you get hit. As a Mandalorian, this form of mitigation also lets you counterattack the enemy, and isn’t that what jetpack warfare is all about?

EMP Weapons

While the Terrormorph may be resistant to EMP weapons, they are not completely immune. If you can manage to put enough shots into them, they can drop for a short time temporarily immobilizing them. Because of this, EMP weapons should be used whenever you’re able either by yourself or a companion. They’re also great for temporarily throwing them to the ground, so switching to a more effective weapon should be your next step. Also, be prepared to spend a lot of ammunition on these EMP weapons since they’re generally weaker than most guns.

Terrormorph Loot

Terrormorph Loot

Mines and Grenades

Despite being relatively resistant to heat and ballistic force, the impact of grenades and landmines leaves Terrormorphs on the ropes. These explosive tools will keep the creatures from hitting you, and at a distance. Unfortunately, you’ll have to time your explosives if you want the most effect out of them, focusing on when the creature lands. In doing so, you put it off of its feet for longer. Another great way of using grenades and explosives is to drop one as you’re boosting away, leaving a surprise for your would-be attacker.

Alien-Hunter Weapons

A weapon with the Alien-Hunter modification is one of the best ways to take down a Terrormorph. These grueling fights can be made a little easier by dealing an extra percentage worth of damage. Usually, these weapons can be found on higher-hit box opponents or those that have winds. Additionally, they are common throughout vendors on various worlds, and can even be rewarded from random quests. The anti-alien status effect can also be researched at a research station to be added to your personal weapons.

Terrormorph Loot

Terrormorphs typically drop alien material along with a form of bone and fang combination that can be sold or used in crafting. Additionally, there’s a strong chance that the Terrormorph will have credits, ammunition, explosives, and rare items on their person. By collecting all of these items you can make a fair profit off killing just one of them let alone a group. Just make sure when you kill them that you have enough space on your person, as they can take up a lot of mass when looted.

Terrormorph is Terrifying! Starfield

-source: Gamelisk

Terrormorph Lore

The Terrormorph is a creature that is born from the adaptation from space to planetary conditioning. They are a byproduct of human space travel, and when left unchecked can quickly render a human population useless. They are black oozing masses of arm-like appendages and parasitic masses that will do anything they can to feed. As extremely aggressive faunas in the galaxy, terrormorphs are something to be feared by any character! In places where pirates and spacers haven’t taken over the settlements, they prefer to burrow underground around destroyed settlements. At the first sign of their presence, terrormorphs are an abysmal horror that can strike anywhere, at any time!


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