Heroes of the Storm – new CBT phase

Heroes of the Storm - new CBT phase, new Hero and game features.

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HotS has entered another closed beta testing phase and there are several news to pleas players. 

Watch the Beta Walkthrough:

Closed Beta Walkthrough

New features:

  • Sky Temple

    • Sky Temple Battleground Page

    • BlizzCon Preview

    • Sky Temple Developer Insights [Coming Soon]

  • Thrall

    • Thrall Hero Week

    • From the Bullpen: A Tale of Two Shamans

    • Developer Insights [Coming Soon]

Thrall - New Hero [Heroes of the Storm]

  • Coming Soon: Hero League and Draft Mode

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Also Community Tournament Guidelines were updated and you can be sure that the game is still being developed and is only in beta. Changes to the game and Heroes are often and you must count with them.

Below is "an amazing build" for Thrall.

Heroes of the Storm - Thralls Balls!!!

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