Heroes of the Storm – Hot(S) NEWS#10

HOTS launch, Honest trailer and more in tenth episode of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

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      Heroes of the Storm has officially launched!
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Finally! The game is released and that means that Johanna available for purchase and play! Let’s take a look at other features that launch has brought to Heroes.
To celebrate the launch Blizzard is introducing new content into the nexus :
XP boost event – this event will last for three weeks (2-24 June) and each week the amount of XP given by the buff will be doubled! First week 25%, second week 50% and last week will have 100% XP boost!
Exclusive player portrait – will be granted to everyone who logs in the launch week (2-9 June)
Stimpack discount – is now active and will be so until the end of this week (9th of June)


      Weekly Sale!
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Sales of this week are rumored to be awesome. In the first release week Blizzard decided to increase the amount of items in the sale to 6 up from 3. Whether it's permanent or just to increase the hype of the launch we don’t know, but what we do know is that the skins are awesome and so are the upcoming sales.
Items on sale:
Kerrigan(Queen of Pain Blades) and skin variation named Countess KerriganImage titleKerrigan – melee assassin hero capable of dealing tons of damage but has high skill cap. Countess Kerrigan is an epic skin that features different appearance and themed mount and abilities. Image titleThemed abilities are “W”(Impaling Blades) and “E”(Primal Grasp) all other remain the same, including zerglings that spawn from “W”, if you take appropriate talent.
Image titleTyrael(Archangel of Justice) and skin variation named Seraphim Tyrael
Image titleTyrael – melee warrior that is very popular in current meta game. Seraphim Tyrael is rare skin that features different appearance.
Image titleFrost Wyrm Arthas(Hero to kill in try mode The Lich King) – rare quality skin that features different appearance.
Image titleLunar tiger – this mount variation suits you if you are tired of riding carpets with your Azmodunk.


      Grandmaster rank and New Season to be introduced Soontm!Image title
With launch of the game developers also released blog explaining the current state of the game as well as their plans for future changes. In this blog you’ll see developers talk about current hero league state and what changes they plan to implement for ranking system so it would reflect skill more accurately. Also blog will briefly touch topic of Grandmaster rank – the rank above rank 1. Apart from hero league you’ll see developers sharing their thought on topics of Seasons and Team League. They plan to introduce Season One later after the launch so majority of the players can achieve all the results and meet all the requirements needed to play Hero League. Next change is kinda confusing for me at least for now – developers plan to match people that are playing in a group of 5 in Hero league with teams from Team League! This way they try to eliminate 5 man stacks playing versus lesser groups in HL but honestly I don’t see it working. Anyway we will see how it goes meanwhile check the original post by the link below.


      Return of Tychus cigar New Year bundle!
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New Year bundle and wolf mounts available for purchase in the shop again! These changes seem to be the part of the celebration of the launch. And, as stated in the official release, are for a limited time! So if you planned to buy them before, it’s your time now! Hurry up!


      Launch rewards for everyone!Image title
Cross universe launch rewards are coming for Hearthstone, World of WarCraft and HOTS!
WOW rewards – once you reach lvl 20 of account in Heroes you will be awarded by Grave Golem pet in World of Warcraft! And if you happen to have level 100 character in WOW you will be awarded by Ironside Dire Wolf mount! Both rewards should be live on June the 2nd.
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Hearthstone – all the players who reached lvl 12 of account in HOTS will be awarded by special card back in Hearthstone! And the legendary mount, looking like flying carpet – flying card back will be awarded to those who previously had 100 victories in Hearthstone or will use newly received card back from Heroes and will achieve 100 victories with it in Hearthstone!


      Epic wall show!

During the launch event of Heroes there was epic wall show! Its recoding is now available! If you missed it or want to refresh the feelings don’t hesitate to watch it! It’s amazing!


Projection Mapping at the Heroes Launch Event

      The Mayhem Begins!
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Wow! So much going on with the launch of Heroes! This time it’s the event called Mayhem Begins! The event will start on June the 6th at 12 pm PDT (21:00 CEST). Event features developers sharing the info about upcoming content, recent winners of Heroes of the Dorm event facing Cloud9 and famous community personas playing versus developers! Don’t miss it! Such events are both entertaining and insightful!


      Johanna hero week!Image title
With the launch of the game and addition of Johanna, of course her hero week was announced! The blog post will introduce you to this new hero. You’ll get know her lore, role in the game and tons of community and developer created content. If you are fan of Johanna or want to be more familiar with her this blog will be very enjoyable and knowledgeable for you. It’s very informative and insightful and I personally love the approach of hero week blogs that Blizzard been doing for a long time now. 


      Johanna Spotlight!

So much love for new hero! This VOD in very approaching and informative way will guide you through abilities and talents – it will be demonstrated how they work and interact with heroes and minions. And of course they will one-shot everything). Video will also show you her Diablo based lore – some awesome movies and concepts from the universe. Finally you’ll be given tips on overall gameplay strategy and positioning. Very good content from devs to help hew players get a grasp of the hero!

Johanna Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm


      Nexus Weekly#5

Fifth edition of this weekly article by GosuGamers features jokes about free week hero rotation, news about upcoming ETS playoffs and changes in rankings due to recent results. Oh! And don’t miss Stylish Starcrafts and Dapper Diablos together with Storm Stream of the week!


      Documented UI changes

Reddit user named Swook posted an amazing retrospective of the UI changes from Alpha to Release. The discussion and image gallery linked below will allow you trace the evolvement of the UI and refresh your memories if you happen to be Technical Alpha or Closed/Open Beta player!




      Advices for new players 

This basic article will share GosuGamers editiorial crew opinion on best advices for new players.
Read why you shouldn’t be mad or upset when you lose. Get to know what makes playing as a team much stronger then solo play style. Discover the strength of map awareness and gold management. And lastly improve your win rate – never surrender and play till the end!


       Are map objectives so strong as they are considered to be?

This game overview by will show us different approach to the gameplay strategy on the Blackheart’s Bay.
Cloud 9 Maelstorm – one of the best teams in NA HOTS scene, have tried to play ignoring the coins and just pushing the enemies with their strong pushing comp. Read the article to know whether this strategy is viable and what are the consequences! 



      Ranked Game versus Pros – Anub'arak

New gameplay video was released by HeroesForecast! This VOD features author playing as Anub’arak on Garden of Terror map. Match is highly competitive as the opposing team is professional team named Stellar Lotus! You’ll see author trying his best in this hard match with one of the most picked warrior heroes in the current meta-game! VOD shows the strength of the beetle build and the weakness of current matchmaking system – the opportunity to be matched against pro team when you are soloing!

Heroes of the Storm Ranked Game vs Pros - Anub'arak - Garden of Terror

       Ranked Gameplay – Johanna Heavy Tank Disrupt Build 

Map is Sky Temple and the hero is none other than Johanna – recently released warrior from Diablo universe. Video starts with author picking Crusader of Zakarum in the Hero League match and explaining her talents afterwards. Game features high sustain build for Johanna with Blessed Shield as ultimate.

Heroes of the Storm Ranked Gameplay - Johanna Heavy Tank Disrupt Build - Sky Temple


      Hero Guide : Kerrigan | Heroes of the Storm Tutorial | MFPallytime | TGN Squadron

Quick guide for Queen of Blades by TGN. VOD provides basic overview of abilities, talents and ultimates. After you are familiar with basic kit of hero MFPallytime will provide you with some gameplay moments and explain general mindset behind Kerrigan abilities and play style. Video will also help you decide which ult is best to use in different scenarios


       Team Liquid vs. Na’Vi 

The future Blizzcon caster – Khaldor presents superb match played in the grand finals of ZOTAC Cup. Match features two best teams in Europe facing each other in bo3 series. You will see everything you would expect from a professional match – clutch plays, interesting hero compositions and insane micro and macro skill. We won’t see the drafting process for the first game, but all the other games will have it. The drafting is very vital part of success and these teams they are incredible when it comes to it! 

► Heroes of the Storm Pro Gameplay TeamLiquid vs. NaVi - Grand Final

      Epic game between SK and CBT!

VOD will show us scrim match between SK Gaming and CBT. Match features game on Garden of Terror with very interesting hero comps – SK drafted very late game oriented poking comp with Kael’thas, Tassadar, Anub, Azmodan and Uther while CBT responded with comp based around Illidan and apart from him picked Sylvanas, Brightwing, Tyrael and Jaina. Will SK Gaming be able to stall the game till the point when Azmodan and Kael will unleash their full potential or CBT will be able to prevail with their jumper comp? Find out the answer and see the epic ending in the VOD below! 

► Heroes of the Storm Gameplay - The closest game EVER! - Epic Ending


      Heroes of the Storm Gameplay | EU Brawl With The Bros 31 | Rurikhan & Hengest | HoTs | TGN 

Bros from TGN really like to brawl! This time Hengest will be joined by Rurikhan. They both will be playing custom games in this two hour long video. Watch them discussing launch event plans and going completely off topic! This time show goes on the EU servers, TGN dedicates beginning of each month to EU viewers!


      HEROES OF THE STORM – Honest Game Trailer

Oh no! They got their hands on our beloved game! Please no, don’t do dis! I’m very Blisard fanboi! I don’t want to know the truth about the game or company. Nooo! The guys from Honest Trailers will uncover the truth we couldn’t see all this time! Be careful! Don’t take this video seriously! 

HEROES OF THE STORM (Honest Game Trailers)

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