Heroes of the Storm – Hot(S) NEWS#5

How to solo Valla and Tassadar as Li Li, "Kill the Core" meta and more! Fifth edition of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

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      “Seven mistakes low MMR players make” 

Very valuable article written by JamesDickens from GG.net. While the name states that these are the mistakes made by low MMR players, often times I see them from my allies or foes in rank 1 hero league games. And sometimes I go check their HotsLogs profile or check their rank and I’m like WTF? Player has rank 1 in hero league or 3500 MMR by HL but he plays like he doesn’t have a common sense or knowledge of the game, I’m not talking about tournament experience at all. The weird way matchmaking works probably will require its own article to describe so let’s focus on the topic.
James provides very crucial info and with right approach to it you will be able to skyrocket your game skill and results. The knowledge given in article is basic but very important and many players tend to miss or forget about it in the heat of battle.

       Uther Holy bug!

Something wrong with supports in this patch. First it was Li Li with one of her serpent talents healing more than intended. Then it was or actually still is Brightwing with her trait healing double the amount of described. And now Reddit users discovered that Uther “W”(Holy Radiance) doesn’t damage Zagara tumors at all.
Whether it’s intended or not is hard to say for now. In comments to thread you’ll see some users sharing their experience and telling that they aren’t able to clear tumors with other spells that fly over the ground like Fastad “Q”(Hammerang).
So it might be Zagara trait that is bugged or mechanics bug or new feature stealthy introduced in patch.

       New Brightwing guide!

@KendrickSwiss posted nice in-depth guide on how to find friends with play Brightwing.
Guide consists of six parts and you will learn all the info you need to excel to high level Brightwing play.
First you will be introduced to abilities – their description and tips on how to use the more efficiently.
Then the author will guide you through common talent build(s) and its variations. After that you’ll get to know crucial info about the overall gameplay and fighting. And of course article will tell you whom to be friends with what heroes synergize well with Brightwing and who are the best counters to her. Lastly Kendric will guide you through each battleground and provide some map specific tricks.
Nice guide, I recommend it to new players as well as players that are looking to increase their skill.

       “Kill the Core” meta is back!

With ETS being most insane tournament prize money wise, some teams decide to execute insane strategies to get the qualifier slot. “Diablo Snores” just don’t want to play usual meta.
Look at them! This is hilarious! They just play their way and don’t care. They are like “First we gonna kill ur keep, then we gonna kill ur core and we don’t care. YOLO!”
In comparison to the usual meta that we often see such games are just amazing to watch )

ETS Cup #2 Qualifier 10 ||| NG vs DS ||| BO1

       Hero League solo Q tier list

So you want to be high? High in Hero League ? Well, then this video by @GetBonkd will provide some insights on what heroes to play. Very funny but at the same time high quality video guide,
will guide you through all the roles and will give basic explanation to reasoning.
At the same time keep in mind that this is a personal tier list based on personal solo Q experience.
That means that some of the points may not be valid for you and some heroes might have a different tier.
For me, for example, Malfurion is tier 1 support, but that’s because I pick him on big maps and in proper comps and I usually end up with people that know how to play with him.

Hero League Tier List - Kael'Thas Patch

       Story of Kael’thas Sunstrider

– one of the greatest YouTube WoW lore observer just posted his first part of Kael’thas story.
Video is done in a very engaging manner with tons of illustrations and jokes.
In this part author will guide you through High Elves history and the events that took place during Warcraft III, and the events that happened before Kael appeared in WoW, and became Azerothian Super Villain raidboss, and finally before he appeared in Nexus. However it’s a matter of discussion because we don’t actually know from what exact timeline Blizzard snatched Kael.

The Story of Kael'thas Sunstrider (Part 1 of 3) [Warcraft Lore]

       "Hero Academy" episode#2

Second episode of HA will touch upon the topic of the value level 10 brings in Heroes of the Storm. @Hengest will also explain the how to get to level 10 faster as well as how to efficiently capitalize on the advantage. And if you find yourself in a reversed situation video will explain how to catch back if you are behind.
This video guide is cool, approaching and is a good way of increasing your skill.

       "Science of the Storm" episode#8

HotS mechanic is bothering you at night ?
Can’t sleep because you think about a Sunfire Enchantment and Spell Shield interaction ?
Or want to know what happens if Brightwing teleports to Falstad midflight ?
Does Diablo moves through the wall with his Shadow Charge ?
And is stiches grab resumed if the target was void prisoned?
SunGlare, the Italian Gamer will answer all these questions in his 8th episode of Science of the Storm.

☀ Science of the Storm #8 - More Kae'lthas, Diablo, Stiches and Brightwing

       “Epic play of the week” episode#31

In 31st episode of “Epic play of the week” @KendricSwissh will show you how to :
Solo Valla and Tassadar as Li Li
Steal golem as Erik
Steal golem#2 as Diablo
Teamwipe with the help of Leap as Sonya
Steal golem#3 as Kael’thas
Slapathur on Blackhearts Bay

Heroes of the Storm: Epic Plays Of The Week - Episode #31


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    These epic plays are fun to watch and the music is great there 🙂

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