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Heroes of the Storm – Xul impressions and overview

The developers have released the Necromancer class from Diablo 2 in Heroes of the Storm! There has been a lot of hype around the hero. From a lore perspective, he is a fan favorite; many Diablo 2 players enjoyed playing Necromancer when the...

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My impressions and analysis of Li-Ming patch

What a great deal this Li-Ming patch is! The developers have managed to get rid of the stale Meta-game and introduced tons of game changes. Some hero remakes and changes that have influenced not only the casual environment but also many com...

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Skalpei’s quick impressions on the new hero, Li-Ming

Due to hero reworks, February patch have brought many new heroes. I've already talked about heroes that were changed, so, it is time to talk about the "really" new hero, Li-Ming. The Rebellious Wizard from the Diablo 3 universe looks promis...

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Heroes of the Storm – My impressions of Nova after the patch

Nova is one of the heroes that have been completely reworked. Probably, she received the biggest talent overhaul. In her kit, there are a lot of talents that were removed completely and there are a lot of new talents. Now Nova is a new hero...

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Heroes of the Storm – Last CBT patch!

Overview of the Last CBT patch. Take a closer look at important hero changes! While recently introduced member of Azerothian Super Villain crew is on his way to conquering the world matchmaking, dozens of Heroes of the Storm players on the ...

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