Heroes of the Storm – Hot(S) NEWS#3

How to pyroblast the core, Global play in Hots and more! Third edition of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

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“Global play” has arrived to Heroes of the Storm!

“Global play” allows you to play in any region. Regions can be switched in Battle.net launcher, Hots main menu or login screen. Please note that the progress from home region won’t be transferred. However items that you bought will and you’ll also have home region pricing.
For example if you have home region in Europe and you have bought carpet mount and switched to other region, you’ll have that mount available to you in other region as well.
More info –

Global play support –

       New player live stream – Friday may 22

Blizzard continues new player learning curve with the introduction of the Battlegrounds topic in today’s edition of “New player live stream”.
This interactive starter guide is hosted by @Qelric and will start at 21:00 CET on http://www.twitch.tv/Qelric.

      Starter guide by BlizzMythics(www.blizzmythics.com)

Good in-depth guide for new players. It will explain basics like hero roles, battlegrounds, talents and much more. Has nice content table that will allow you to quickly navigate through the whole article and find whatever you need. Guide also features nice interface explanation with pictures and advices to new players. If you’re new to Heroes of the Storm or MOBA’s in general that’s a thing to start with!

       McDonalds Hots promotion in China

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In China you can buy a chicken set and get a special card, if you collect 3 you can unlock a golden tiger mount for free! Each store only has a few cards though.
It appears that chicken sets and Heroes have so much in common 🙂

     Tempo Storm signs E.T.C. bot as their fifth member 🙂

Recently Zoia(manager of TS Hots squad) talked about past events and removal of the Glaurung(previously shot-caller and member of TS Hots team), you can find this video here.
Guys at Blog of the Storm have had an exclusive opportunity to make an interview with newly signed player – http://blogofthestorm.com/tempo-storm-signs-etc-bot/
And if you’ve missed the game that is mentioned it the interview – here it is(starts at 2:00).

      Video guide about the map awareness

Nicely done, practical guide on the map awareness topic by FocusFire. In this video narrator will show you many in-game situations and will explain the thought process behind every decision. Decision making, in general and based on the map awareness, in particular, is very strong and vital part of good gameplay. If you’re looking for a ways to improve your skill and game knowledge this guide is for you.

Gameplay Guide #3 - Map Awareness

       ep. 64 of “Town Hall Heroes”

Guest of this episode is @MadTimmy from team Zeveron. The topic of the show varies from Town Hall Heroes Invitational tournament to the upcoming hero and Promote talent. As always show is hosted by @SolidJakeGG, @SchAmToo, @Cooby and @Zoia.

Ep.64 Town Hall Heroes

       Epic plays of the week#30 

30th edition of Epic plays of the week will teach you how to kill core with Pyroblast, how to be rich on Blackheart’s Bay and finally how to win a fight 1×4. Oh almost forgot to mention – it will also explain what Grim Patron has to do with Hots 🙂

Heroes of the Storm: Epic Plays Of The Week - Episode #30

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