Heroes of the Storm – Hot(S) NEWS#8

Madeon at launch event, Sylvanas in Dota2 and more in eighth episode of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

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      “Design-a-Hero” contest has finished!

The epic contest is finally over and Blog of the Storm has announced winners. All of them won $20 Battle.net card and crowd allegiance. Organizers were swarmed with tons of cool concepts so they decided to randomly pick two winners and select only one manually. Contest provided some interesting stats – in total users submitted over 200 ideas with some similarities among them. For example there were 7 concepts of Anduin Wrynn and 4 concepts of Leroy Jenkins. Also the distribution of roles were very balanced with only supports prevailing a bit.
To see winning entries and more detailed statistics head on to the original post –


      HOTS Logs getting better and better!

This night HL was updated with nice features –
You can now filter player profile by the game mode and player profile now shows hero role statisticsImage title
Win rate versus other heroes now available in player profileImage title
You can now view site-wide team compositions by hero roleImage title
User profile now is more customizable (Time Zone, Default Game Mode, Switch to Account in Different Region)
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These changes are awesome addition to already useful statistical tool HL was.
Use a links below to discuss recent changes on Reddit or visit the site itself to check the changes or make an account if you haven’t done that yet.



      Biggest HOTS tournament prize pool to date!

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DreamHack one of the most well know and exiting tournaments now welcomes Hots to the pool of the official games participating in the events of this summer.
DH features two events – one named Turtle Beach DreamHack ALL-Stars as a part of DreamHack Summer and will commence at 14th of June with 4 teams participating, bo3 format Double Elimination, 10000$ prize pool, 3 invited teams and one BYOC qualifier.
And second one named Turtle Beach DreamHack ALL-Stars as a part of DreamHack Valencia with 4 teams participating, bo3 format with Double Elimination, 15000$ prize pool, top 2 teams from DH Summer and 2 teams that will be announced.
With this summer edition tournaments DH just raised prize pool of HOTS tournaments to the biggest to date – 10000$! That’s amazing how quickly HOTS grows as E-Sport!
More info about the event as well as BYOC qualification by the link below –


      Madeon will be performing live at launch event in London!

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With launch just 4 days away blizzard are increasing the hype! Recently it was announced that on June the 1st launch event will commence starting at 21 30 CET in London! Now developers announced that as a part of the launch event there will be an epic live show by Madeon! 

      Brawl With The Blues: Launch Edition!

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Moar, moar launch HYPE! Brawl with the Blues – twitch event that often starts next day after patch and aimed to introduce player base to new patch. Event will have launch edition at http://www.twitch.tv/blizzheroes on Wednesday(3.06.15), June 3rd at 11:00 a.m. PST. Apart from usual host Trikslyr there will be guests –  
, MFPallytime, DunkTrain and ZP. During the event you can see them playing different game modes interacting with audience and answering questions!


      Tips for new players!

Reddit community been always creative and helpful and r/HeroesoftheStorm is no exclusion.
DbarTantalus created small but very useful article with general tips for new players.
These tips are more about the in-game behavior and in-game mood. While game knowledge and skill are vital parts of the game result, the approach and mood you use are also factors that contribute to the game result a lot. Especially in a very team oriented game like HOTS. While this guide won’t provide you with tips on how to 1v4 with Kael you will get insights on “out of the game” aspects of HOTS gameplay. 


      Guide on how to ROCK by BlizzMythics!

This neat E.T.C guide will describe the play style for one of the most picked warrior in previous and this patch. Article contains introduction to abilities and viable talent picks. After you are familiar with abilities and talents guide will explain basic gameplay strategy and will give some map specific advices and tips. 


      Top 5 Heroes of the Storm plays – Episode #1 by GGnet

GosuGamers now also has its own top 5 series for HOTS! In this first episode by Snuggi3 we will see gameplay footage made exclusively from tournament games. Video features many pro teams like C9, Well Met, IMG and others. MVP of the video is of course E.T.C. Bot. If you haven’t seen him in action yet it’s your best time to catch up!


GosuGamers Top 5 Heroes of the Storm plays - Episode #1

      Entertaining gameplay footage by Squadron crew!

  – one of the best HOTS gang didn’t waste their time and created another awesome peace of content. This 2 hour long video will provide you with tons of excitement mixed up with game discussions, analysis and ways to waste your time in HOTS with friends and have fun doing so! 

      Stealth Assassin style gameplay by HeroesForecast

This Dragon Shrine match will showcase power of Zeratul. Game played in Quick Match mode with author soloing, yet it provides competitive match with clutch plays and epic team fights. Footage will provide useful knowledge not only on how to play as mighty Protoss Assassin but also how to play on this map in general and what to do in particular situations. You will see how important laning stage can be and how diversified Zeratul builds are. 

Heroes of the Storm Ranked Game - Zeratul Master Assassin - Dragon Shire

      Falstad gameplay – “Learning to Fly” build!

Nice Quick Match gameplay footage on Sky Temple opens up with ability discussion and theory crafting.
you’ll see DFxVader testing the limits of the Falstad while he has mirror laning phase. Author will provide you with commentary on the talent choices and gameplay decisions. Cool match to watch if you are looking to know more about Falstad and want to receive some experience on how to play him in general and in particular.

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Falstad Build, Learning to Fly

      “One-stop” Rehgar guide by Grubby!

 – one of the veterans of the E-Sports scene, played some awesome games like Warcraft III and Starcraft II on the pro level is now kicking ass in HOTS! “One-stop” is name of series of video guides devoted to in-depth hero overview. This video will introduce us to the Rehgar. First we are to hear his Lore and games he appeared in before HOTS. Then Grubby will talk about talents, abilities and hero characteristic in general. And of course some torturing of Arthas in Try Mode will be shown. Different builds and their viability will be discussed after Try Mode and lastly author will show us Hero League gameplay with commentaries and explanations of talent choices as well as decisions. If you were healing puppy before, this guide will turn you into fearsome Feral Wolf! 

One-Stop Rehgar Guide

      ESL GO4Heroes : LDLC vs. Na’Vi!

If top 5 from GGnet wasn’t enough for you then Khaldor is ready to kick in with awesome semifinal match between Team LDLC and Na’Vi that happend at ESL GO4Heroes last weekend! Watch two teams battle each other on Cursed Hollow for the Final spot in the tournament. Na’Vi banned Sun King and picked The Lost Vikings together with Jaina, Valla, Anubarak and Brightwing while LDLC responded with High Priestess of Elune ban and picked Sylvanas together with Muradin, E.T.C., Zagara and Malfurion. Which hero composition is better ? Who won ? You’ll find answers and get adrenalin dose from Khaldor’s energizing cast in the video below!

► Heroes of the Storm (Pro Gameplay): LDLC vs. NaVi

      Sylvanas model ported into Dota2 engine!

“So I was stacking creep camps for my Anti-mage and then BAM! Enemy Sylvanas appeared and killed me” said Chen.
“Dood what are you talking about? There are no anyone named Sylvanas in enemy ranks!” replied Ogre Magi’s left head, while right one was busy drinking.

      Easy Zagara tutorial!

Well I don’t know what to say. Probably the easiest tutorial for Zagara. Oh and this vid also explains how to jump with Zagara and how to one-shot Arthas in Try Mode)