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Eternal Conflict is about to begin in Heroes of the Storm! Mayhem Begins and Twitch All-Star Brawl events and more in 12th episode of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

Eternal Conflict is about to begin in Heroes of the Storm!

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Finally Blizzard announced new amazing content! I'm kinda confused why they didn’t do it earlier on the launch event. Would have been such an amazing hype for all the fans – both new players and players that have been there from Alpha/Beta stages of the game. Duno how the launch felt for the newcomers but for players that have been with the game for a while it felt very empty and a bit frustrating. But that’s discussion for the separate article so let’s get to the topic!

Recently on the event called “Mayhem Begins” developers announced tons of new and exciting content! If you happen to have missed the event you should definitely check it out! Apart from upcoming release event also provided epic matches between different community members of different skill levels – from newcomers to recent champions of Heroes of the Dorm and WCA Americas finals!

So yeah! New content! The Eternal Conflict event! Event itself is rumored to last for few month and be Diablo themed – with new heroes, mounts, skins and new map. Map is called Battlefield of Eternity and is a two lane map with unique objective in the middle – the Immortals. Immortals are two bosses that are fighting each other all the time and players can kill one of them so the other one will join them. Judging by the preview map seems to be a bit bigger then upper part of Haunted Mines.

Map is Diablo themed and mixes the design of Burning Hells from Diablo 3 Act III and Heavens from act IV. Apart from Immortals it also has camps. Camps are also Diablo themed – they consist of various creatures that Nephalems have met during their journey in the world of Sanctuary.

Now that we are done with the map lets look at new hero – the Butcher himself. Butcher has been the iconic boss for all Diablo series so it’s great pleasure to finally see him in the Nexus.
Whether he will be available for all the maps or only for the event map is not clear for now. But what is clear for me is he looks kinda Thrall’ish in terms of damage output – he’s meelee assassin and judging from the preview his abilities seems overpowered. But we can’t tell for sure until we can actually play him.

Skins and mounts – it’s announced that the event will feature Diablo themed skins and mounts, no specifics were given though. But if we are to take a look on the art and media provided by the developers we can guess that there will be tons of new skins – at least, for Nova, Tyrael, Tyrande, Murky and probably Diablo! Also we see new hero there – King Leoric. But Blizzard can delay his release for further event patches!

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Lastly lets talk about PTR. The addition of PTR to HOTS means that the releases will be more polished and less buggy – first the new content will be released on the PTR servers, that are accessible to everyone, the week before actual release date so the developers will have time to change some stuff as well as receive additional feedback from players.

Also so check out nice press event recap from HeroesNexus – there were a lot of developer insights provided in terms of content release rate and some issues community been buzzing about like matchmaking or latency issues. Developers also vaguely shared their future plans and ideas in terms of game development.

The Mayhem Begins – YouTube Launch Event

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This fascinating event happened on 6th of June at 21:00 CEST and brought tons of new exciting stuff to Heroes of the Storm! Apart from cool content mentioned above the event also featured Heroes action – there were four teams invited to play in the event – one of the best NA teams – C9 Maelstrom, champions of the Heroes of the Dorm – UC Berkeley, The Challengers and Team Low Expectations! If you are a fan of art of the Heroes the event featured awesome drawing from Luke Mancini, done live for the duration of the event and also cool Heroes themed graffiti! If that is not enough for the event to be awesome, the developers showed first ever game with Butcher as well as gameplay footage of the Eternal Conflict map!

Twitch All-Star brawl

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Oh my! If there were not enough action on the launch day and  launch event Blizzard has done amazing job to compensate this flaw! Twitch All Star Brawl is incredibly action packed tournament that was broadcasted live on June the 7th by SolidJake and Cooby. Event features lots of personalities ranging from professional gamers to community personalities. They all formed up teams and clashed in the 10 hour long HOTS action. Check out the VOD to see tremendous amount of Heroes action!

HeroesHype NA Amateur Series

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This week’s edition of Heroes Hype Amateur has been recently announced by HeroesHype. Tournament is weekly based and is aimed to increase HOTS competitive scene by providing semi-professional and amateur tournaments! Event starts every Wednesday at 5pm GMT -8 and is free for registration. Professional teams are not allowed to participate! And by professional organizers mean the participants of ESL Major tournaments or Enter the Storm playoffs.

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